Trump issues sweeping executive order against TikTok's parent company ByteDance

In another escalation of the White House's vendetta against popular video sharing app TikTok, President Donald Trump has signed an executive order against its parent company ByteDance. This means that, starting 45 days from today, everyone in the U.S.

Netflix's emotional 'Social Distance' trailer almost romanticizes quarantine

TV is really in the business of archiving the present these days. Often, it feels like events are nowhere near over before we get to watch them fictionalized for TV.

Google’s new Chromecast puts all your streaming apps into one slick interface

Google's Chromecast product line has stood out for years among streaming hardware because, unlike Roku or Apple TV, it's never had remotes or real user interfaces. That changes now.Google announced the 4K and HDR-compatible Chromecast with Google TV during its "Launch Night In" event on Wednesday.

Google announces its new $99 smart speaker, Nest Audio

It only took four years, but Google has finally released a successor to the Google Home smart speaker. At its hardware event on Wednesday, the company announced the all-new Nest Audio for $99.The smart speaker comes equipped with a 19mm tweeter and 75mm midwoofer,

These sunglasses are designed to be recycled –Future Blink

Lazlo sunglasses are made to be circular, meaning they're made from waste, but are also made for disassembly. When you no longer want your pair of Lazlo glasses, they can be shipped back to the factory to be turned into a new pair.  Read more...More about Tech, Fashion, Mashable Video, Environment,

Listen to what the Earth is saying with this app — Future Blink

Earth Speakr is an app that lets kids record messages about the environment and put them in the mouth of objects in the real world using AR animation. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Nature, Ar App, and Future Blink

These states saw an increase in internet speeds during the pandemic

The speculation was that during COVID-19 the internet would suffer a slowdown as most of America was forced to stay home. Despite these fears, many states have actually seen an increase in their internet speeds.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Internet Speed, Isp, Covid 19, and Tech

Brooklyn pizzeria offering 'comforting words' as delivery menu item

One pizzeria in Brooklyn is taking comfort food to an entirely new level. For just one buck, a Vinnie's delivery person will offer comforting words (you know, in these uncertain times) to go along with whatever else you order. The pizzeria,

'Judas and the Black Messiah' trailer is intense and incredibly relevant

The official trailer for Judas and the Black Messiah is here, and it looks like an intense, gripping story made all the more upsetting by the fact that it's true.Produced by Ryan Coogler and directed by Shaka King,

Cadillac's first electric vehicle goes after Tesla

Cadillac introduced its first all-electric vehicle Thursday evening and it's a luxury crossover SUV. It's taking on both of Tesla's SUVs: the new "budget" Model Y and the pricy Model X. The LYRIQ (yes, all caps officially, but we're calling it the Lyriq) was supposed to launch back in April,

Easy cocktail recipes for people who aren't ready to go to bars just yet

It feels like a lifetime ago that we were sipping a lukewarm pint in a sweaty pub on a week night. While pubs, bars, and restaurants are starting to reopen in many places, not everyone feels comfortable venturing out just yet. Just because you don't feel ready to paint the town red,

“文章体”蹿红 已成悔过书范本


Ancient Europeans Kept Animals for Cheese, Not Milk

The DNA from ancient human bones is shedding new light on the prehistory of Europe, such as when changes in skin color and lactose tolerance occurred, researchers say.

特斯拉布局中国:充电桩总数全球第二 仅次美国

近日,特斯拉(TESLA)官方充电设施统计数据显示,特斯拉中国区超级充电站(Super Charger)及目的地充电桩(Destination Charger)的建设总量快速增长,特斯拉在中国积极建设更多充电桩的举措,已经使中国成为特斯拉在美国本土之外拥有充电设施最多的国家。



Automated Savings Startup Digit Opens Up To All

Digit, the startup that automatically saves users’ cash so that they don’t have to think about it, has been operating in a kind of invite-only beta over the last nine months or so. Thanks to a banking partnership with Wells Fargo,

没了手机就恐惧是种病 叫“nomophobia”


下市前的最後一眼 PLEXTOR M6S 128GB SSD 入門款 MLC

最近也一口氣累積了各式各樣品牌的 SSD 開箱介紹文章高效能 大容量 美光 Crucial MX200 1TB 開箱小聊TOSHIBA Q300 120GB TLC 入門級 SSD 採購紀錄Intel 730 240GB SSD (MLC) 劍靈包裝版 In Windows 10 效能解放實測閱讀全文

Who Wouldn't Want a Lego Cheerios Machine to Make Your Breakfast?

Getting up in the mornings can sometimes feel like a daunting task—sometimes preparing yourself breakfast, even just a simple bowl of cereal, even more so. Wouldn’t all be better off if we could just build a machine out of Lego to do it all for us instead? Probably.



冷不丁地,Android N 就这么来了,看看有哪些新变化

冷不丁地,Android N 的预览版就出现了,话不多说,来看看 Android 有哪些新特性才是正经事。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。爱范儿 |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博

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