Apple says it has to review all games, which is why Project xCloud isn’t coming to iOS

Project xCloud won’t come to iOS and iPads because Apple says it has to review all games.

Microsoft starts rolling out Hard Mute feature in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has started rolling out a new Hard Mute feature to help educators reduce disruptions during Teams meetings.

Mafia: Definitive Edition review: The best Mafia game ever?

Back in May 2020, 2K Games announced a remake of its 2002 Mafia game, which would be part of a new Mafia Trilogy that includes a remaster of Mafia 2 and an updated Mafia 3. Developed by Hangar 13, Mafia: Definitive Edition uses the Mafia 3 engine and the first screenshots published by 2K Games […]

Microsoft’s Yammer app updates on iOS with new reactions for conversations

The iOS Yammer app updated to Version 7.80.0 today. This latest update added the new reaction feature which replaces the familiar Like function with a variety of more emotion similar to what people see on Facebook and in Microsoft Teams. Here’s the full patch notes:

Android’s Microsoft Launcher to remove the relatively new Windows Timeline feature

The Windows Timeline feature has only been around for about two years but it looks as if Microsoft may be beginning to back off on support for it, at least on Android.

Lenovo’s long-awaited foldable PC is finally available

Lenovo is finally putting its ThinkPad X1 Fold in the hands of users.

Latest Microsoft Edge Dev update rolls out improved controls for copying and pasting URLs

Microsoft Edge Dev version 87.0.654.0 is now out, and it brings just two new features, along with the usual bug fixes.

Microsoft reveals new Games with Gold for October

Today, Microsoft’s Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson, revealed the new Games with Gold for October 2020. Starting October 1st, the killer puzzle game Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut on Xbox One will be available for free, along with the original Xbox 3D action-adventure game,

Panos Panay begins to put his stamp on Windows with news of org shakeup

In February, former head of Surface devices Panos Panay took over as head of a newly created Windows + Devices team, and today news is filtering out that some major shuffling is taking place within the org. In an email viewed by and, Panay redefines the purpose of the team,

Bethesda announces free Xbox Series X upgrades for Doom Eternal and The Elder Scrolls Online

Bethesda announced today that gamers who own The Elder Scrolls Online and Doom Eternal on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be able to get the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 versions for free when they will be available.

Microsoft MVPs reportedly invited to a virtual Surface Briefing on August 12, perhaps for the Surfac

Microsoft MVPs have reportedly been invited to a virtual Surface Briefing, perhaps for the Surface Duo


huzheng 写道 "极客胡正新书发布:《2万亿的经历》!"以下引用该书: 开发一个软件几千万人使用难道没有因果吗?当然有因果,这个因果就是得福报!...

微软进军可穿戴领域 已秘密研发基于Kinect传感器的智能手表


It's Easy To Hack Traffic Lights

An anonymous reader notes coverage of research from the University of Michigan into the ease with which attackers can hack traffic lights. From the article: As is typical in large urban areas, the traffic lights in the subject city are networked in a tree-type topology,


国内外智能硬件相关企业纷纷联合产业链资源发起成立产业联盟,这股「集结的力量」成为 2014 年物联网领域的一大亮点。本文对此做了一个总结。

大熊君学习html5系列之------requestAnimationFrame(实现动画的另一种方案) - 大熊君{{bb}}


腾讯:微信年内Universal化 升级推送上亿次

腾讯集团商务合作部总经理张巍对cnBeta表示,今年年底QQ、QQ空间、微信三大核心产品将完成Universal Apps转制,届时Windows Phone用户将同步迎来更新。目前预计通过腾讯电脑管家和其他产品发送的升级信息推送达到“亿级”。

Investments In Virtual/Augmented Reality Hit Nearly $700M in 2015

The virtual fire continues to heat beneath the AR/VR industry with investments continuing to build and soar. According to a report from Digi-Capital, AR and VR investments are taking off pretty rapidly with nearly $700 million being invested into the space in 2015.

iOS中的webView加载HTML - 杰瑞教育


Plane Debris Found in Africa "Consistent With Modelling" For MH370

A piece of horizontal stabilizer found washed up on Mozambique over the weekend was already thought to be part of the downed MH370 plane. Now, Australia’s transportation chief has furthered the case, saying the location is consistent with how the debris would have drifted.Read more...



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