Bethesda announces free Xbox Series X upgrades for Doom Eternal and The Elder Scrolls Online

Bethesda announced today that gamers who own The Elder Scrolls Online and Doom Eternal on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be able to get the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 versions for free when they will be available.

Microsoft 365 services login down – recent change rolled back, doesn’t help, still down

This afternoon (Pacific time) about 2:30pm, some Microsoft 365 services, including logins to Microsoft 365 “work or school” accounts and the Azure Portal, went down, failing to authenticate and returning a number of error messages instead. began reporting problems,

Xbox Series X preview roundup: Here’s what we’ve learned

While Xbox Series X testers are only allowed to discuss certain aspects of the next-gen console including storage speeds and performance when playing backwards compatible games, there’s a lot of interesting new details in the different hands-on published this morning.

Presence in Microsoft Teams is getting better with Status duration and Offline Status options

Microsoft has announced that the presence feature in Microsoft Teams will soon get Status duration and Offline Status options.

Lenovo ThinkPad T14s: AMD easily replaces Intel

Starting at $917 With a substantial portion of the world working from home these days, the Venn diagram of “professional” work devices and personal computing hardware is becoming overwhelming a singular circle in most instances. With that being said,

New Surface Laptop 3 firmware updates improve battery reliability for Intel models

Microsoft has started rolling out new firmware updates for all Surface Laptop 3 models with Intel processors.

OnPodcast Episode 4: Galaxy Z Fold 2 vs Surface Duo, Xbox One X series pre-orders, Ignite recap, and

In this week’s show our own Editor in Chief, Kip Kniskern joins the show to talk about his New Galaxy Z Fold 2. Arif and Kareem will also recap Ignite 2020, talks about Microsoft's acquisition of ZeniMax and more.

Windows 10 news recap: Windows XP source code leaks, Your Phone gets notification pinning, and more

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system.

Microsoft MVPs reportedly invited to a virtual Surface Briefing on August 12, perhaps for the Surfac

Microsoft MVPs have reportedly been invited to a virtual Surface Briefing, perhaps for the Surface Duo

Microsoft may be looking to acquire India and Europe TikTok operations, too, new report says

Microsoft confirmed it is pursuing an acquisition of at least part of TikTok, for the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand portions of the popular short video sharing service. Now however, the Financial Times is reporting that the company may be expanding its ambitions,

Xbox Big Gaming Weekend offers free multiplayer for all, Borderlands 3 and more also playable for fr

Starting today, through Monday, Microsoft will unlock Xbox Live multiplayer for all Xbox One owners, and the company will also make a couple of big games playable for free on Xbox One and PC, no Xbox Live Gold required.

Sneakerbot II:能折叠装在口袋的3D打印球鞋

你还在等待未来的Marty McFly鞋吗?3D打印技术让你现在就能打印出一双“属于未来的鞋子”!虽然这双鞋子还不能够自动系鞋带,但它却充满着科幻的味道:你只需要一些弹性纤维,就能打印出一双鞋子。

Microsoft Excel for iPad review

Excel for the iPad packs a lot of power into a fast and slick tablet app, but when it comes to serious number crunching, it won’t be replacing the desktop version any time soon.Read more:

传苹果将聘 Dr.Dre 和制作人 Jimmy Iovine 为公司高管

音乐圈都怎么了?昨天听说水木年华都做创业导师了;今天又传Dr.Dre 和他的制作人 Jimmy iovine将加入苹果公司任高管。不过 Iovine 和苹果应该算是老朋友了。

【范Gadget】Atsmart 微插座:充电、WiFi、微信硬件

插座同样是业界热衷于 “重新发明” 的电子产品之一,例如我们报道过的 Reco、Belkin WeMo、广受好评的 PowerCube 等等。这次向大家介绍的 Atsmart 微插座,则是一款 “一次满足你三个愿望”的奇趣产品。




对于一个新手来说,或者对一个桌面软件使用习惯不是很熟悉的人来说,学习一个设计软件似乎有点吃力,他们希望能有一个 ...



French Prime Minister warns Europe will be 'totally destabilized' if it takes all refugees

The French Prime Minister has warned European leaders about saying that refugees will be "welcome" in Europe, because in just seconds their message will be "shared on smartphones in the refugee camps of Libya.""A message that says 'Come, you will be welcome,' provokes major shifts,

从盛放到凋零 黑莓为苹果敲响警钟?

新浪科技 张建宇最近的苹果财报显示,虽然单季度的营收、净利润和iPhone销量都创下了历史新高,但投资者最关心的却是苹果在这一季度iPhone出货量增速创历史最低纪录,而且苹果预计今年第二财季营收将出现十三年来的 ... ...

运动相机商REVL昨天发布Arc,不惧摇晃 智能编辑

Y Combinator Winter 2016成员REVL昨天发布了其最新产品TheREVL Arc,可以在Indiegogo上预定,这也是世界上首款4K智能运动相机。针对摇晃不定的镜头,REVL将电子与物理稳定技术同时应用在The REVL Arc上,他们称之为联合稳定技术,不再需要安装昂贵的柄座。此外,REVL为这款相机安装了内置螺旋仪来保持镜头水平,REVL表示,即使拍摄时全程倒立,镜头也能保持水平。The REVL Arc还可以进行智能后期处理,只要连接Wi-Fi,用户就可以将处理后的照片或视频分享给朋友。

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