Microsoft's Cortana is saying goodbye to Android and iOS in 2021

It's looking like curtains for Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant. On mobile, at least.In an announcement posted on July 31, the company said it would pull the Cortana mobile app from both iOS and Android devices in early 2021. While this is new for American users,

Remember Lenovo’s foldable PC? Yeah, it’s finally ready to pre-order.

It feels like a lifetime ago that Lenovo first announced its ThinkPad X1 Fold at CES back in January. Now, seven months later, the world's first PC with a foldable display is available for pre-order starting at $2,499.The X1 Fold's specs haven't changed since that early reveal.

Netflix trailer for 'Vampires vs. the Bronx' looks like hectic fun with a social conscience

Vampires vs. the Bronx is on its way to Netflix, and it looks every bit as fun as the title suggests.With strong echoes of Attack the Block and Get Out,

Save 88% on practice materials to earn 4 top business certifications

TL;DR: Get prepared with the Business Analysis Certifications Practice Tests bundle for $29.99, a 88% savings as of Sept. 29. Tons of business decisions are driven by data, which means that business analysts are indispensable.

Cut down on clutter with a 6-in-1 charging cable on sale

TL;DR: Keep your devices charged and your desk neat with a CharbyEdge Pro 6-in-1 universal cable for $24.99, a 16% savings as of Sept. 29. If you find yourself searching constantly for all your various chargers, this six-in-one universal charging cable from CharbyEdge can help you out.

Take a useful course in digital marketing for just $29

TL;DR: Grow your business efficiently with the Essential Growth Hacker Bundle for $29, a 98% savings as of Sept. 29. If you're looking to take a business from zero to hero, the Essential Growth Hacker Bundle is a great educational option.The 10-hour training is split into three sections:

Project management certification can boost your career. Here are the best online courses.

Taking a project management certification course can give you a huge leg up in the workplace. Becoming certified in project management can increase your salary, help you to become better organized, help you to become a more effective team leader, and improve the quality of your work.

Transform your living room into a karaoke bar with this clever app

TL;DR: Get a lifetime VIP subscription to Karaoke On Demand for $149.99, a 74% savings as of Sept. 29. Since you likely won't be gathering in groups at the bar for karaoke night any time soon, why not transform your own living room into a karaoke bar?

The 15 best documentaries free with Amazon Prime

Documentaries are able to offer a glimpse into real life in a way that fictional films cannot. Though both types of movies can educate viewers on important societal issues, provide insight into rarely talked about subjects, and show someone else's point of view,

'Close Enough' captures the surreality of Millennial existence in 2020

You know how in 2020 you'll just be living your life, stressed about money and your job and stuff, then all of a sudden you're trapped in an alternate dimension '90s sitcom that you thought was just some wholesome escapism you could enjoy for, like, one goddamn second? Lol same.OK,

Netflix rolls out new playback speed settings, starting with Android

You want to watch a 30-minute episode on Netflix but you only have 20 minutes to spare. What can do you?The answer to that question used to be "nothing," but a new feature on Netflix now lets Android users bend time to their will.

44% of Twitter Users Have Never Tweeted

First time accepted submitter RileyWalz (3614865) writes "Twopcharts (a third party website that records and monitors activity on Twitter) is reporting that about 44 percent of all 947 million accounts on Twitter have never posted a single tweet. Of the 550 million users who have tweeted before,

互联网广告冲击传统媒体 电视广告开始走下坡路


Artist Captures South Africa in Charming Coin-Sized Paintings

Each day since January 1, 2013, Lorraine Loots has created a painting of minuscule proportionsFor the entirety of 2013, the South African artist painted items that ranging in style from mundane to profoundly beautiful, as part of a project entitled, "365 Postcards for Ants.

In UK, Internet Trolls Could Face Two Years In Jail

An anonymous reader writes with this news from The Guardian about a proposed change in UK law that would greatly increase the penalties for online incivility: Internet trolls who spread "venom" on social media could be jailed for up to two years,


苹果近日将 OS X Yosemite 升级至 10.10.1 版本,并表示解决了一系列在上一个版本发现的问题。但是从使用反馈来看,OS X 10.10.1 仍然未能让用户满意。苹果技术支持论坛近日出现了一些抱怨 10.10.

这个圣诞节要不一样:iPhone 6来帮你记录

摄影师 Brooks Kraft 自 2000 年起就负责报道与白宫相关的新闻,每年他都有各种机会去记录宾夕法尼亚大街 1600 号(美国白宫所在地)的圣诞节装饰活动等。  

国务院办公厅关于运用大数据 加强对市场主体服务和监管的若干意见

各省、自治区、直辖市人民政府,国务院各部委、各直属机构:   为充分运用大数据先进理念、技术和资源,加强对市场主体的服务和监管,推进简政放权和政府职能转变,提高政府治理能力,经国务院同意,现提出以下意见。


这个世界不止是有《我的世界》这一款此类型的游戏的,任天堂的《超级马里奥制造(Super Mario Maker)》也能让各种各样的创意碰撞出火花,比如有人就在这款游戏中造了个电脑。说起来还是挺有意思的,在一台电脑的一个程序里跑了一台电脑!当然受限于技术原因,这台电脑还是比较粗糙的,而且比较乏味,但至少也证明了开发者的天才创意。



openssl 非对称加密算法DSA命令详解 - Gordon0918

1、DSA算法概述 DSA算法是美国的国家标准数字签名算法,它只能用户数字签名,而不能用户数据加密和密钥交换。 DSA与RSA的生成方式不同,RSA是使用openssl提供的指令一次性的生成密钥(包括公钥),而通常情况下,DSA是先生成DSA的密钥参数,然后根据密钥参数生成DSA密钥(包括公钥),密

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