'Close Enough' captures the surreality of Millennial existence in 2020

You know how in 2020 you'll just be living your life, stressed about money and your job and stuff, then all of a sudden you're trapped in an alternate dimension '90s sitcom that you thought was just some wholesome escapism you could enjoy for, like, one goddamn second? Lol same.OK,

Cut down on clutter with a 6-in-1 charging cable on sale

TL;DR: Keep your devices charged and your desk neat with a CharbyEdge Pro 6-in-1 universal cable for $24.99, a 16% savings as of Sept. 29. If you find yourself searching constantly for all your various chargers, this six-in-one universal charging cable from CharbyEdge can help you out.

Take a useful course in digital marketing for just $29

TL;DR: Grow your business efficiently with the Essential Growth Hacker Bundle for $29, a 98% savings as of Sept. 29. If you're looking to take a business from zero to hero, the Essential Growth Hacker Bundle is a great educational option.The 10-hour training is split into three sections:

Project management certification can boost your career. Here are the best online courses.

Taking a project management certification course can give you a huge leg up in the workplace. Becoming certified in project management can increase your salary, help you to become better organized, help you to become a more effective team leader, and improve the quality of your work.

Transform your living room into a karaoke bar with this clever app

TL;DR: Get a lifetime VIP subscription to Karaoke On Demand for $149.99, a 74% savings as of Sept. 29. Since you likely won't be gathering in groups at the bar for karaoke night any time soon, why not transform your own living room into a karaoke bar?

Non-members can still save in Amazon Prime Day 2020

SAVE 97%: Non-Prime members can get three-months of Amazon Music Unlimited for £0.99, saving 97% on list price.Prime Day will play host to absolutely loads of impressive deals on everything from 4K TVs to wireless speakers. It's going to be 48 hours of non-stop deals,

Amazon One lets you pay at stores with the palm of your hand

The palm is the new fingerprint. Amazon One, a new service from Amazon, is a novel way of contactless payment that scans your palm for authentication. Besides payments, it could be used for anything that requires authentication, like entering a stadium or presenting a loyalty card. For starters,

Seth Meyers dismantles Trump's claim that paying no tax makes him 'smart'

"So now we know why Trump's so desperate to stay in the White House," joked Seth Meyers on Monday night. "He needs the free housing. He needs a place to crash.

Netflix rolls out new playback speed settings, starting with Android

You want to watch a 30-minute episode on Netflix but you only have 20 minutes to spare. What can do you?The answer to that question used to be "nothing," but a new feature on Netflix now lets Android users bend time to their will.

8 of the best '80s movies on Netflix to like totally stream. Duh.

Read more...{"player":{"description":"How hard can it be?","image":"https://mondrian.mashable.com/uploads%252Fvideo_uploaders%252Fdistribution_thumb%252Fimage%252F95154%252F69e30144-2eca-47bf-874d-9c32d6b29f79.png%252F930x520.png?

How to GIF YouTube videos in 10 simple steps

So you're watching a fun video on YouTube. Neat, good for you. You've seen a moment you really like, and you want to convert that fun little moment from YouTube into a GIF. I get it, pal, GIFs can be fun.Don't be embarrassed if you don't know where to start.



The Big Bang, GMOs, How Earth Was Almost Destroyed in 2012, and More

This week rocked us with big news in astronomy, big dangerous hacking attempts, and the discovery that bugs are already immune to supposedly bug-proof GMO corn. Let's take a victory lap on the week, shall we?Read more...    

Windows 9最新信息汇总 支持手势操控

Windows 8及8.1作为微软向移动平台靠拢的操作系统,实际上并未获得巨大的成功。

Microsoft’s support for Windows XP has now officially ended

As you may well be aware, Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP from today, though plenty of folks are still using the aged OS.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/04/08/microsofts-support-for-windows-xp-has-now-officially-ended/


在文化创作领域(包括电影,图书,音乐等等需要人脑子去凭空创造的东西),效率确实是一个让人又痛又痒的东西。 个人觉得效率是对质量,时间,成本三方面平衡后得出的结论。

Study Shows How Ethical Lapses Start Small and Grow Over Time

Just one small ethical lapse can snowball into big trouble, according to a study released June 25.

Bill Cosby's wife compares accusations to Rolling Stone rape article

Bill Cosby's wife, Camille, defended her husband publicly for the first time on Monday after a wave of sexual assault allegations from more than 15 women, comparing the accusations to a Rolling Stone article about a campus rape victim that critics have discredited.

A Woman Became Obese After a Poop Transplant 

Scientists have known for a while that gut bacteria can play a profound role in the weight of mice. Now we have a case report in humans that is not entirely surprising: A woman gained 36 pounds and became obese in the 16 months after a fecal transplant. Read more...



E-Book Startup Oyster Hires Jeannie Mun As Its First CFO

Oyster, a Netflix-style service for e-books, has brought on its first chief financial officer, Jeannie Mun.Before joining Oyster, Mun spent a lot of time in the ad world, having recently served as CFO at ad company MediaMath,

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