TikTok discovered 'green needle vs. brainstorm' two years later and it blew up again

I know it's the weekend and you want to relax, not have your brain pretzeled. I know. But I saw this and now I must share it. Do you remember the dress? You know — the viral blue or yellow dress? Or better yet, how about Yanny vs. Laurel? Well,

Google finally unveils the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G

After teasing everyone with news of the Pixel 5 last month, Google unveiled its latest flagship phone at its virtual hardware event on Wednesday. The company also announced the Pixel 4a 5G.The Pixel 4a 5G starts at $499 and the Pixel 5 starts at $699. Both phones will be available on October 15. 

Seattle becomes 2nd U.S. city to guarantee Lyft and Uber drivers a minimum wage

Seattle joined NYC as the second city in the Unites States to guarantee Lyft and Uber drivers a minimum wage. The Seattle City Council unanimously passed a city ordinance Tuesday to pay drivers on ride-hailing platforms such as Lyft and Uber a minimum hourly wage of $16.39 after expenses. ($28.

Netflix's emotional 'Social Distance' trailer almost romanticizes quarantine

TV is really in the business of archiving the present these days. Often, it feels like events are nowhere near over before we get to watch them fictionalized for TV.

Google’s new Chromecast puts all your streaming apps into one slick interface

Google's Chromecast product line has stood out for years among streaming hardware because, unlike Roku or Apple TV, it's never had remotes or real user interfaces. That changes now.Google announced the 4K and HDR-compatible Chromecast with Google TV during its "Launch Night In" event on Wednesday.

Google announces its new $99 smart speaker, Nest Audio

It only took four years, but Google has finally released a successor to the Google Home smart speaker. At its hardware event on Wednesday, the company announced the all-new Nest Audio for $99.The smart speaker comes equipped with a 19mm tweeter and 75mm midwoofer,

These sunglasses are designed to be recycled –Future Blink

Lazlo sunglasses are made to be circular, meaning they're made from waste, but are also made for disassembly. When you no longer want your pair of Lazlo glasses, they can be shipped back to the factory to be turned into a new pair.  Read more...More about Tech, Fashion, Mashable Video, Environment,

Listen to what the Earth is saying with this app — Future Blink

Earth Speakr is an app that lets kids record messages about the environment and put them in the mouth of objects in the real world using AR animation. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Nature, Ar App, and Future Blink

Apple may be setting up to compete with Square's contactless payments

Is Apple preparing to take on the mobile payment company, Square, Inc.?A recent purchase suggests as much.Apple has reportedly acquired Mobeewave, a Montreal-based tech startup that empowers tap-based payments. It works like this:

Big dog befriending a butterfly is a lovely feel-good distraction from... everything

We could use a little soothing in the pandemic and boy, did this video of a doberman meeting a butterfly do it for me. This good, large pup, named Titan, seems amused by the delicate yellow butterfly flapping around his head. Does Titan try to chomp the little critter? Sure. But, he doesn't get it,

TikTok says it's not going anywhere after Trump promised a ban

TikTok said Saturday it has no plans on leaving the U.S.Of course it may not be totally up to the company after President Donald Trump told reporters on Friday that he intended to ban the uber-popular short-form video app. It's not clear if he has the power to do so,

Kids Can Swipe a Screen But Can't Use LEGOs

SpankiMonki sends this news from The Guardian: "Children are arriving at nursery school able to 'swipe a screen' but lack the manipulative skills to play with building blocks, teachers have warned.

Gawker No One Close to Elliot Rodger Seems Surprised He Turned to Murder | Jezebel People Who Watch

Gawker No One Close to Elliot Rodger Seems Surprised He Turned to Murder | Jezebel People Who Watch Tons of Porn Have Smaller Brains, Study Finds| Jalopnik Someone Stole Miley Cyrus' Maserati Quattroporte | Lifehacker All the New Stuff in iOS 8 | Kinja Popular Posts Read more...




原來胡蘿蔔除了紅色橘色之外,現在也栽培出了紫色的種類,顏色不只是僅有討人歡心的效果,還代表了農民的用心,由台灣本土農民栽種培育成功的紫色胡蘿蔔,含有豐富的花青素及各類營養素,也難怪可以在一年內熱銷日本達 2,


一家爱尔兰公司注册了域名oxfordcollegeirl.com和oxfordcollegesc.com,自称为“Oxford College for PhD studies”,声称提供相关学位,但所谓的学位并非是学术学位,它表示可能不会得到认可。这显然有欺骗意味,虽然是明目张胆。


今年随着 iPhone SE 的发布,苹果公司终于打破了往年的习惯,不再只是在每年秋季发布期间 iPhone 的更新,并将淘汰掉旧款设备。而是在春季将一款已经上市两年的设备再次进行重大更新,满足市场中更多消费者的需求。  另外据凯基证券著名分析师郭明池透露,苹果将于 2017 年发布一款拥有重大革新的 iPhone,该机将采用全新的曲面玻璃后壳,以及 5.8 英寸 AMOLED 曲面屏。据说苹果已在跟不同 OLED 面板厂商展开合作。  

Johnny Five, Our One True Robot Hero, Might Soon Be an Official Lego Set

Twenty-two years before WALL·E’s sermon about over-consumption hit theaters, an even better movie robot had already saved the day. Every child of the ‘80s wanted Short Circuit’s Johnny Five as their best friend, and now that we’re all grown up,


先进ROLINX®电容器母线排解决方案首次亮相 比利时根特2016年5月9日电 /美通社/ -- 2016年 PCIM 欧洲展(其中研讨会于5月8日召开)将于2016年5月10-20日在纽伦堡展览中心(德国纽伦堡)举办。届时,罗杰斯公司(纽约证交所代码:ROG)电力电子解决方案(PES)团队将在展区和技术大会中与广大观众及业界先进见面。 先进ROLINX®电容器母线排解决方案首次亮相 PCIM 欧洲展是电力电子行业的领先技术会展,包含智能运动、可再生能源和能源管理等版块(http://www.

夏日炎炎正好「玩」! • unwire 週末好去處

端午節啱啱過咗,相信唔少朋友都會請埋今日假,去過小旅行。 但如果仲係香港的朋友,不妨去下以夏天為主題的活動,為已經夏辣辣的初夏降降溫。The post 夏日炎炎正好「玩」! • unwire 週末好去處 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 玩生活‧樂科技.


几周前,凯基证券机构分析师郭铭琪也曾发布过“明年将有三款iPhone,高端型号搭载OLED屏幕”的预测。今天早些时候本站报道了“苹果正测试10多款iPhone 8原型机,包含弧面OLED”的消息。今天华尔街日报的报道中提到,“由于缺少能够满足苹果设计需求的OLED屏幕供应商,苹果也许决定推迟发布曲屏iPhone”。三星是苹果最主要的OLED显示屏供应商,LG Display、JDI 和夏普(富士康)同样会在2018年成为苹果Phone的OLED屏幕供应商。

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