'Mythbusters' robotics genius Grant Imahara has died

Friends, fans, and coworkers are paying tribute to beloved Mythbusters alumni Grant Imahara, who died suddenly on Monday due to a brain aneurysm. He was 49.A talented engineer and roboticist, Imahara spent almost a decade at Lucasfilm's visual effects division Industrial Light and Magic,

Jimmy Fallon annihilates the NRA with a sadly perfect joke

In case you missed the news, the National Rifle Association (NRA) is in some hot water at the moment. Specifically with New York's attorney general Letitia James, who is attempting to dissolve the organisation over allegations of financial mismanagement.And during his Thursday night monologue,

'Host' is horror's answer to the social distancing hell of 2020

In April 2020, British writer-director Rob Savage pranked his friends via Zoom with a terrifyingly clever live jump scare and captured their reactions on Twitter. Three months later, Savage released Host, an (almost) full length movie on the streaming platform Shudder,

How project management software can help you with productivity woes

If your work life is a string of Slack messages, emails, and errant Google Docs, your team may need project management software. These websites and apps help you ensure no part of a project goes astray, in one tidy interface.

This VPN puts you in control of your online security

TL;DR: A two-year subscription to VyprVPN is on sale for $2.50 per month as of Aug. 7, saving you 80% on list price.VPN providers are very good at making promises regarding advanced online security and streaming capabilities, but it's not always possible to verify these claims. 

How to learn SQL: These are the best online courses

Structured query language, or SQL, is a programming language, but it’s not just for programmers. In fact, it’s probably the language you should learn even if coding seemingly has nothing to do with your career.SQL is used to communicate with databases.

If you work from home, this deal on a back support device is a must-see

TL;DR: Give your back some relief with the BackShield® Ergonomic Back Support for $72.99 with the coupon code below, a great deal as of Aug. 7. Remember the claim that sitting was the new smoking? While that's been largely debunked,

Hey game developers, grab some 600 RPG icons on sale for 90% off

TL;DR: Create your fantasy-themed game with this 600+ Fantasy RPG Game Icons and Assets bundle for $29.99, a 90% savings as of Aug. 7. Games have arguably taken the place of baseball as America's favorite past time lately. From board games to video games, there are plenty of choices to be fond of.

Stephen Colbert roasts the White House's bizarre Fauci smear campaign

A week is a long time in politics, and two weeks is a very long time when your job is to make jokes about politics. Stephen Colbert returned from his Fourth of July hiatus desperately in need of a haircut, but not in need of material. "According to the Florida Department of Health,

This complete web developer course is on sale for under £10

TL;DR: The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 is on sale for £9.51 as of July 14, saving you 91% on list price.People say the best way to learn is by doing.You can't learn how to drive if you don't hop inside a car (and maybe hit a few curbs).

Seth Meyers lists all the ways the U.S. is losing the fight against coronavirus

Several months ago, commentators and politicians were suggesting grandparents should die for the sake of the economy. Now, they're offering up the kids.President Donald Trump has been bleating about reopening schools despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic,


Facebook工程部门主管Goldfein在接受Venturebeat采访时表示,最开始Facebook只是把移动当做一个Web终端,事实证明这是错的。对于Facebook Home,她说这个产品需要时间,它没有死,还在完善当中。


美国法律事务所Edelson PC周五称,该事务所已对比特币交易所Mt. Gox及其所有人马克-卡佩勒斯(Mark Karpeles)提出了集团诉讼。该事务所称,已向伊利诺斯州联邦法庭提出这项诉讼,并称其代表的是由Mt.



CDC Closes Anthrax, Flu Labs After Potentially Deadly Mix-Ups Come to Light

In the wake of two potentially deadly accidents, the CDC yesterday announced the temporary closure of both the anthrax and flu research labs at the agency's Atlanta headquarters. The New York Times reports: In one episode last month, at least 62 C.D.C.

Apple Pay被曝发生使用欺诈账号购买高价苹果商品案件

《华尔街日报纸(WSJ)》报道,多个消息源披露,近段时间苹果商城内出现了数起使用Apple Pay欺诈账号购买高价商品的案件。据悉,这些账号所捆绑的信用卡的数据则来源于发生在去年的家得宝、Target支付系统攻击。




上周與老婆大人在SOGO吃晚餐,當我吃飽放下筷子的時候,老婆大人指著剩下的菜餚說,還沒吃完太浪費了! 忽然之間,我陷入了深深的思考… 今天我付了500元新台幣的代價,購買食物以避免挨餓,現在我已經吃飽了,這500元的代價已經完成了它100%的任務,那麼我吃不完剩下的食物是浪費嗎?



Keystone activists enraged by report that FBI spied on them

Jane Kleeb, who runs an political advocacy organization in Nebraska, at first didn't want to call the police about the truck that kept parking just off her family's propertyBut when Kleeb, an ardent opponent of the Keystone XL pipeline project,

Real-life 'Bambi and Thumper' caught jumping around like best buds

It's like a real-life Disney movieA fawn and bunny rabbit were captured on camera at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park Center, Colorado frolicking about like the best friends that they truly are.See also: A tiny chihuahua puppy plays with baby goats,

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