Stephen Colbert roasts the White House's bizarre Fauci smear campaign

A week is a long time in politics, and two weeks is a very long time when your job is to make jokes about politics. Stephen Colbert returned from his Fourth of July hiatus desperately in need of a haircut, but not in need of material. "According to the Florida Department of Health,

Build your online presence with this lifetime subscription

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to BoxHosting Online Hosting is on sale for £34.35 as of August 9, saving you 91% on list price.When you’re building a website for your business, band, or wild fan theories, there are a few things to keep in mind. You want the process to go smoothly.

Master Facebook marketing with this set of online classes

TL;DR: The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Certification bundle is on sale for £22.13 as of August 9, saving you 97% on list price.With the growth of Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok, you might've let Facebook slip your mind. But the truth is, Facebook remains one of the best,

Death of comedy legend Robin Williams explored in stunning trailer

Late entertainment legend Robin Williams could not have known his thoughts on cranial anatomy would resonate as strongly as they do today. "The human brain is an extraordinary three-and-a-half pound gland," the icon says in an old interview clip, included in the first trailer for Robin's Wish.

TikTok reportedly set to sue Trump administration over ban

TikTok isn't going down without a fight. On Saturday, NPR reported the latest development in the White House's grudge match with popular video sharing app TikTok. According to an unnamed source within the company,

National Park Service warns against murder in hilarious bear PSA

It's hiking season! Remember to drink plenty of water, leave the trail how you found it, behave safely in the presence of wildlife, and avoid murder if at all possible. On Wednesday, the National Park Service shared a hilarious PSA with outdoor adventurers regarding proper protocol around bears.

8 helpful Chrome extensions to improve working from home

On one hand working from home is truly awesome. Your commute is however far it is from your bed to your laptop, you don't have to deal face-to-face with annoying colleagues, you can make your own homemade, healthy snacks, and yes, you can work in your pajamas. On the other hand,

Watch these joyous Gen-Z babies bask in the glory of Phil Collins

You'll always remember your first...time listening to Phil Collins? These two will, anyway.On July 27, twin YouTubers Tim and Fred Williams — known for their hilarious reaction videos to classic songs like Dolly Parton's "Jolene," The White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army,

This complete web developer course is on sale for under £10

TL;DR: The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 is on sale for £9.51 as of July 14, saving you 91% on list price.People say the best way to learn is by doing.You can't learn how to drive if you don't hop inside a car (and maybe hit a few curbs).

Seth Meyers lists all the ways the U.S. is losing the fight against coronavirus

Several months ago, commentators and politicians were suggesting grandparents should die for the sake of the economy. Now, they're offering up the kids.President Donald Trump has been bleating about reopening schools despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic,

To prepare your pets for the end of working from home, start right now

Two months into working from home, my long-held desire to adopt a rescue dog reached fever pitch, and I wasn't alone. Google searches for the phrase “foster a dog near me” hit an all-time high in the U.S. as the coronavirus pandemic took hold; animal shelters celebrated being emptied, or close,



Gadget Show Live 2014: Meet Balluga, the world's first Internet connected bed

If the princess threw a temper tantrum when a single pea was placed under her mattress, she’d likely blow her proverbial gasket at the amount of tech packed into a single Balluga bed mattress.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

MakerBot Scores Sesame Street As The First Big Partner In Its 3D Printing Store

If MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis’ dreams come true, we’ll one day see a 3D printer in every home. And when you’ve got a 3D printer in every home, what do you need? Things to print, of course. A few months back,


Mono项目从诞生以来就一直关注代码的兼容性问题。现在该项目引入了一个专门的团队,专注于改进性能。 By Jeff Martin Translated by 臧秀涛



无印良品(MUJI)这根长凳为什么能卖 9450 元?

-其实这条Bench的价格我在上次的问题中(如何看待无印良品(MUJI)把长板凳卖到 1000 块钱?)我就注意到了,为多一事不如少一事没有在我的那条答案中做出我个人的分析。果然这个问题下又是一片骂声。

Jimmy Fallon puts on his Donald Trump face to interview Hillary Clinton

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon walked onstage as Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump for the second time in a week on Wednesday,

iOS用户对苹果手表兴趣浓厚: 但现在不会买

虽然总被一些分析师唱衰销量不足,但 Apple Watch 在智能手表这一领域无疑已经做到了最佳——根据统计机构公布的数据,苹果在一个月之内卖出的 Apple Watch 数量,超过了 Android 手表在 2014 年全年的销量。

MakerBot宣布推出Smart Extruder+

经过精心设计和严格测试,可在较长时间内提供更出色的性能 上海2016年1月6日电 /美通社/ -- Stratasys 亚太地区是全球领先的 3D 打印和增材制造供应商 Stratasys Ltd.(纳斯达克代码:SSYS)的子公司,该公司今日宣布推出 MakerBot Smart Extruder+,这是第五代 MakerBot 3D 打印机的全新可更换智能挤压喷头,经过精心设计和严格测试,可在较长时间内提供更出色的性能。

How to transform a classic New Orleans cocktail into a shot

Rye never tasted so good.Full Sazerac shot recipe: Read more...More about Recipe, Cocktails, How To, Lifestyle, and Home

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