This complete web developer course is on sale for under £10

TL;DR: The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 is on sale for £9.51 as of July 14, saving you 91% on list price.People say the best way to learn is by doing.You can't learn how to drive if you don't hop inside a car (and maybe hit a few curbs).

31 Flavors of Bullshit: Your Horror Stories of Working At a Startup

We asked for your nightmare tales of startup employment. Did you ever deliver—sending narratives of woe, scams, drugs, psychotic managers, drinking at your desk and more hookers than a venture capitalist could handle. Read more...

Death of comedy legend Robin Williams explored in stunning trailer

Late entertainment legend Robin Williams could not have known his thoughts on cranial anatomy would resonate as strongly as they do today. "The human brain is an extraordinary three-and-a-half pound gland," the icon says in an old interview clip, included in the first trailer for Robin's Wish.

TikTok reportedly set to sue Trump administration over ban

TikTok isn't going down without a fight. On Saturday, NPR reported the latest development in the White House's grudge match with popular video sharing app TikTok. According to an unnamed source within the company,

National Park Service warns against murder in hilarious bear PSA

It's hiking season! Remember to drink plenty of water, leave the trail how you found it, behave safely in the presence of wildlife, and avoid murder if at all possible. On Wednesday, the National Park Service shared a hilarious PSA with outdoor adventurers regarding proper protocol around bears.

8 helpful Chrome extensions to improve working from home

On one hand working from home is truly awesome. Your commute is however far it is from your bed to your laptop, you don't have to deal face-to-face with annoying colleagues, you can make your own homemade, healthy snacks, and yes, you can work in your pajamas. On the other hand,

Watch these joyous Gen-Z babies bask in the glory of Phil Collins

You'll always remember your first...time listening to Phil Collins? These two will, anyway.On July 27, twin YouTubers Tim and Fred Williams — known for their hilarious reaction videos to classic songs like Dolly Parton's "Jolene," The White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army,

Bernie Sanders, Elon Musk, and the Twitter fight over a tax on billionaires

Sen. Bernie Sanders accepts none of your hypocritical hot takes, Elon Musk.Musk's seeming inability to think before tweeting (or his desire for attention) bit him in the ass Friday night when he attempted a dunk on Sanders.

10 of the best romantic comedies now streaming on Hulu

Read more...{"player":{"description":"An apt tribute to the queen of horror.","image":"

Seth Meyers lists all the ways the U.S. is losing the fight against coronavirus

Several months ago, commentators and politicians were suggesting grandparents should die for the sake of the economy. Now, they're offering up the kids.President Donald Trump has been bleating about reopening schools despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic,

To prepare your pets for the end of working from home, start right now

Two months into working from home, my long-held desire to adopt a rescue dog reached fever pitch, and I wasn't alone. Google searches for the phrase “foster a dog near me” hit an all-time high in the U.S. as the coronavirus pandemic took hold; animal shelters celebrated being emptied, or close,

Google, Facebook, other big tech companies back lawsuit against I.C.E.

Tech companies including Google, Facebook and others just lent their legal might to a lawsuit against U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).On July 9, Harvard and M.I.

微软并购诺基亚待中国同意 中国厂商恐陷专利战


Honda 中国节能竞技大赛是一个怎样的比赛?

本田节能竞技大赛1981年始创于日本 是一项世界性的赛事 来到中国已经有了7个年头。每年的10月在广东国际赛车场举办。比赛分为好多的组别,社会组,企业组学校组等等。 以上这些基本都能百度到。

Linux+Db2_v9.7详细安装教程 - 流柯

一:平台1:HP服务器cpu:Inter(R)Xeon(R)E56062.13G磁盘:本地磁盘外加存储2:操作系统RedHet5.464位内核:2.6.18-194.1.AX533:数据库Db2_v9.7 X86_64二:安装操作系统把RedHat5.464位光盘放入光驱,如果有存储,先把存储线.....




SETI的研究主任Seth Shostak在《纽约时报》上发表评论,回应一些人对主动SETI的担忧。主动SET就是地球文明通过主动发送无线电信息的方式去寻找地外文明,吸引外星文明作出回应。

Apple Acquires Augmented Reality Company Metaio

Apple has acquired Metaio, a bootstrapped augmented reality startup that launched way back in 2003 as an offshoot of a project at Volkswagon. The company’s site said it stopped taking new customers, and now a legal document shows Apple has bought it.


摘要 : 当这位“心怀人类”的美国冒险家和实干家乘坐私人飞机不远万里来到中国,与正处于搏杀期的中国互联网企业家和投资人坐在一起,匆匆对谈,或许彼此都会感到某种不适。  

js中冒号的作用 - binaryTree-fe

说到这个题目,先从今天和朋友讨论一个问题开始。{a:1,b:2}直接在控制台输出时会报错“Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token :”;一开始不能理解,一个再正常不过的对象,为什么会报错呢?

Here comes Vimeo's new originals, thanks to the weed delivery guy

NEW YORK — Vimeo Originals happened, in a way, by accident.The online video platform, which launched in 2004, had been primarily known as the go-to for independent creators looking to sell content directly to consumers.

C# yield - JackWang-CUMT

C#中的yield可以应用在一个可迭代的方法中,我们必须真正理解此关键词,才能将它正确的应用到实际生产中。为了说明yield会出现让我们迷惑的结果,下面先定义一个MyObject类:1 class MyObject2 {3 public int Value{get;...

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