Automate your time-tracking for work without worrying about a timer

TL;DR: Better manage your time with lifetime access to the Timemator 2: Automatic Time Tracking app for $23.99, a 38% savings as of July 11.Working from home is fantastic. Tracking your time on the clock, though? Not so much. Starting and stopping timers is somehow the easiest possible task,

Build your online presence with this lifetime subscription

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to BoxHosting Online Hosting is on sale for £34.35 as of August 9, saving you 91% on list price.When you’re building a website for your business, band, or wild fan theories, there are a few things to keep in mind. You want the process to go smoothly.

Master Facebook marketing with this set of online classes

TL;DR: The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Certification bundle is on sale for £22.13 as of August 9, saving you 97% on list price.With the growth of Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok, you might've let Facebook slip your mind. But the truth is, Facebook remains one of the best,

Death of comedy legend Robin Williams explored in stunning trailer

Late entertainment legend Robin Williams could not have known his thoughts on cranial anatomy would resonate as strongly as they do today. "The human brain is an extraordinary three-and-a-half pound gland," the icon says in an old interview clip, included in the first trailer for Robin's Wish.

TikTok reportedly set to sue Trump administration over ban

TikTok isn't going down without a fight. On Saturday, NPR reported the latest development in the White House's grudge match with popular video sharing app TikTok. According to an unnamed source within the company,

National Park Service warns against murder in hilarious bear PSA

It's hiking season! Remember to drink plenty of water, leave the trail how you found it, behave safely in the presence of wildlife, and avoid murder if at all possible. On Wednesday, the National Park Service shared a hilarious PSA with outdoor adventurers regarding proper protocol around bears.

8 helpful Chrome extensions to improve working from home

On one hand working from home is truly awesome. Your commute is however far it is from your bed to your laptop, you don't have to deal face-to-face with annoying colleagues, you can make your own homemade, healthy snacks, and yes, you can work in your pajamas. On the other hand,

Watch these joyous Gen-Z babies bask in the glory of Phil Collins

You'll always remember your first...time listening to Phil Collins? These two will, anyway.On July 27, twin YouTubers Tim and Fred Williams — known for their hilarious reaction videos to classic songs like Dolly Parton's "Jolene," The White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army,

19 deals on desks, chairs, and accessories for your home office

Believe it or not, we're already in part two of 2020. If you're one of the millions of Americans who traded a suit in for sweatpants earlier this year, you're probably pretty used to working from home by now. You're probably also pretty sick of your WFH setup.

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TL;DR: The Complete Digital Marketing bundle is on sale for £29.39 as of July 11, saving you 97% on list price.Fact: people wait in lines to take Instagram photos in front of colourful walls. This is 2020. Love it or hate it: that's business, baby. Any smart marketer knows that content is king,

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TL;DR: The Complete 2020 PMP Training bundle is on sale for £47.66 as of July 11, saving you 93% on list price.Efficiency is everything nowadays, but people are notoriously wasteful when it comes to time, effort, and resources. Seriously,



7个iPhone 5s拍摄技巧:究竟文青还是逗比

威锋网讯,Lorenz Holder 是一位职业的摄影师,并且是 Cooperative of Photography 的一员,这是一个聚焦社区的在线摄影杂志。这个组织的目的就是在摄影社区内认识和推广更多额外的摄影视角,也是对摄影师发展的支持。  

Alan Cox宣布Fuzix OS

受够了SystemD?Kdbus是最后一根稻草?Linux社区太大太吵?怀念你能记住每一位贡献者的名字源代码能储存在单张软盘上的美好日子?前Linux内核开发者Alan Cox在万圣节宣布了Fuzix OS,一种为Zilog Z80处理器架构而设计的操作系统。



German airlines say 2 people must be in cockpit at all times after Germanwings crash

Four days after a 27-year-old co-pilot locked his pilot out of the cockpit and smashed a Germanwings passenger plane into an Alpine mountain, killing 150, Germany’s aviation authority says it will now require two people to remain in a plane's cockpit at all times.

U.S Marshals put $5K bounty on man who claimed he owned half of Facebook

U.S Marshals are offering a $5,000 reward for information on a man who falsely claimed to own 50% of Facebook.Paul Ceglia, who was out of jail on bail awaiting trial on fraud charges, disappeared last month after cutting off an ankle monitoring bracelet, and fleeing his home.

北森获1.1亿人民币C轮融资:No eHR,Go SaaS!

人才管理云服务公司北森今日正式宣布获1.1亿人民币C轮融资,由经纬中国与青宥仟和领投,红杉中国继续跟投。关于北森,大中型企业的 HR 可能很熟悉,个人消费者可能闻所未闻。

关于智能家居平台,小米回答了这 5 个问题




数据结构与算法:算法分析 - 圆滚滚姑娘

目录实验研究常用函数渐近分析一.实验研究(Experimental studies)1.运行时间测量时钟时间 time.time()CPU时间 time.clock()基准时间 timeit.timeit()在执行算法的时候,我们可以通过改变输入规模的大小和记录花费的时间来研究运行时间。

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