Windows 10 Your Phone app will soon let you sync multiple Android phones

Microsoft is currently working on a new Your Phone app feature that will let you pair/sync multiple Android smartphones with your Windows 10 PC.

Comparing Gmail with which email service is better? (editorial)

Microsoft has uploaded a new video from the team highlighting some old and familiar features. I, an Outlook user, opted in as soon as it was launched (even got an awesome email address without having to add 43532 at the end of my name),

Windows 10 Review: So good, Microsoft skipped Windows 9!

Windows 10 is here, and it’s one big love letter to traditional desktop and laptop users all across the world. Gone is the touch first, full-screen experience that was Windows 8, and back is the familiar, desktop first,

OS X Yosemite Review: Apple’s Mac OS Gets A New Look And Killer Mobile Crossover Features

Apple’s new desktop operating system is out today, and the final version of the major software update includes lots of changes for your Mac. It’s still OS X, though – Yosemite hasn’t gone so far afield that people used to Mavericks or Mountain Lion will feel adrift,

10 Tricks to Make Yourself an Evernote Master

Evernote is well established as the go-to app for organizing just about everything in your life. Whether it's notes for a novel or bookmarks from the Web, Evernote can take pretty much anything you want to throw at it. But are you using the platform to its full potential?

Windows 10 news recap: Samsung announces deeper Microsoft integration, Parallels Desktop to bring fu

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. New Surface Pro 7 firmware updates improve power efficiency and Cortana experience Surface Pro 7 users were sent a new firmware update this week.

Microsoft news recap: Project xCloud launching on Android soon, lashes out at Apple over game stream

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Project xCloud is launching on Android on September 15 as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Next month, on September 15th,

Leaked Surface Duo marketing pictures reveal home screens and pre-installed apps

Some official-looking marketing pictures of an AT&T Surface Duo are giving us a closer look at the home screens and the apps that could come pre-installed on it.

PowerToys v0.20.1 for Windows 10 is out with stability fixes

PowerToys v0.20.1 delivers a couple of critical fixes to improve the overall stability of the app.

Microsoft starts testing an improved Mini Toolbar in PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint on Windows is getting a new adaptive Mini Toolbar that should help users improve their productivity.

Another Microsoft exec shows off Surface Duo, this time revealing how Teams is optimized for the dev

Another Microsoft executive is showing off his Surface Duo, this time revealing how Teams will work on the device.

White House executive order bans TikTok and WeChat in 45 days, TikTok hints at lawsuits

As promised, US President Trump has issued an executive order prohibiting any US person or company from interacting with ByteDance, Ltd.,the Chinese owners of the popular video sharing app TikTok. The order, set to become effective 45 days from when it was issued (yesterday, August 6th,

Op-Ed: Microsoft is finally taking PC gamers seriously, and it’s already paying off

Windows may be one of the most popular gaming platforms in the world, but it took some time for Microsoft to really pay attention to what PC gamers want.

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator closed beta set to start on July 30

Microsoft’s new Flight Simulator will get its first closed beta on July 30, and developer Asobo Studios also released a fifth alpha build for select Insiders yesterday.

How to completely uninstall the Cortana app in Windows 10’s May 2020 update

Microsoft completely redesigned Cortana with the Windows 10 May 2020 update. It’s now separated from Windows Search and appears as a regular app on your desktop. The new Cortana revolves around a “conversational” experience, using a UI similar to a messaging app,

解惑: 苹果中国新零售店为什么选在无锡?

你一定会多少有点惊讶,尽管无锡驰名中外,但它仿佛还够不上先列,因为在它之前,武汉、杭州、天津似乎更具备开设Apple Store的资格,但据苹果官方主页的零售店招聘页面显示,无锡将开设Apple Store不是谣传和揣测。    


站内搜索数据的分析有着非比寻常的意义,但很多人都忽略了这一点。我们通常会重点关注分析外部给我们导入流量的关键字 […]

Skycatch Raises $13.2M To Field Data-Gathering Drones Both High And Low

Drones distract, drones deliver and drones do battle. But what else can drones do? That was the question facing entrepreneur Christian Sanz when he began building his own drones a few years back, and after exploring various possibilities,

CSI: Cyber Is Already Perfect When the First Episode Is "Kidnapping 2.0"

CBS is adding a new version of CSI to the mix, called CSI: CYBER, starring James Van Der Beek and Bow Wow (YEP). Bow Wow is on set today for his first day of filming, and revealed in a tweet that the first episode in the series is titled "Kidnapping 2.0." Emmy committee, do you read me? Read more...


事件属性:天使投资 100万 人民币 2014年9月19日,真格基金投资爱味科技 100万元 人民币。 欢迎加入Ezcapital官方微信

The Iconic, Legendary Designs of Black Sparrow Press Books

A great book is a treasure because of the story told by the words between the covers, but some can impart that same kind of thrill before you even flip to the title page. Black Sparrow Press, the small and remarkable 1960s publishing house that gave us Bukowski,


编者按:朱莉•鲁沃罗(Julie Ruvolo)是自由职业的作者,同时是 和 网站的编辑。 本周,百度在巴西的谷歌应用商店下线了他们的反病毒软件。



Researchers Create The Ultimate Smartphone Ultra Zoom To See And Measure Strands Of DNA

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles have created a smartphone ultra zoom solution that allows scientists in the field to image and size DNA. The tool, which uses a little 3D-printed box that acts as a high-resolution microscope,

下个月起Windows 10内测将加速进行

Windows内幕计划在短短的几个星期内有了比较大的更动,微软希望在风格上揭开新序幕,为PC和移动设备发布Windows 10新版本进行内测。之前该公司已经宣布,Windows内幕计划员工将利用圣诞节假期喘口气,因此,不会在年底之前再推出新版本供测试,Windows内幕计划负责人加布里埃尔也于圣诞节当天在推特上子重申了同样的内容。

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