Discord is pivoting away from gaming to become “your place to talk”

Discord has revamped its website to better reflects its new ambitions beyond gaming.

TikTok plans EU data center ahead of potential Microsoft acquistion

What could eventually become another Ireland-based Microsoft data center might be one of those obscured bonuses of a possible acquisition

Microsoft fights back, says Apple “stands alone as the only platform to deny consumers from cloud ga

Microsoft is fighting back against Apple, saying that Apple is the only platform to “deny consumers from cloud gaming and game subscription services.”

Microsoft announces two Ignite digital conferences in September and early 2021

The software giant says it will be planning Ignite 2020 as two free global virtual events, one in September, and another one to come in early 2021.

Apple says it has to review all games, which is why Project xCloud isn’t coming to iOS

Project xCloud won’t come to iOS and iPads because Apple says it has to review all games.

Panos Panay begins to put his stamp on Windows with news of org shakeup

In February, former head of Surface devices Panos Panay took over as head of a newly created Windows + Devices team, and today news is filtering out that some major shuffling is taking place within the org. In an email viewed by Petri.com and Thurrott.com, Panay redefines the purpose of the team,

Bethesda announces free Xbox Series X upgrades for Doom Eternal and The Elder Scrolls Online

Bethesda announced today that gamers who own The Elder Scrolls Online and Doom Eternal on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be able to get the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 versions for free when they will be available.

Microsoft MVPs reportedly invited to a virtual Surface Briefing on August 12, perhaps for the Surfac

Microsoft MVPs have reportedly been invited to a virtual Surface Briefing, perhaps for the Surface Duo

You can now listen to the official Minecraft Dungeons video game soundtrack on Spotify

The official soundtrack for the Minecraft Dungeons Xbox One and Windows 10 video game is now available to listen to on the Spotify music streaming service.

Microsoft’s head of Xbox Live leaves after 15 years in the company’s Xbox department

Microsoft’s Dan McCulloch announced via his personal Twitter account this morning that he would be stepping down as head of Xbox Live after 15 years working for the company’s Xbox division. “After 15 years at XBOX, I announced today that I would be leaving,” his tweet reads.

Microsoft To Do app updates on Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices with a variety of changes

The Microsoft To Do app updated across iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices today with several minor updates to help certain features run better. Here’s the official release notes for the Windows 10 app update:



特斯拉开放全部专利 对传统汽车宣战


重庆首家 Apple Store 将于 7 月 26 日正式开业

又有 Apple Store 新店要在国内开张了,这次苹果的目标是山城重庆。今天我们在其官网的零售店页面中看到,位于北城天街的大陆第 11 家 Apple Store 将会于 7 月 26...


2014年10月199IT财报“专刊”(官方微信:i199it) 您可能也喜欢的文章: 2014年10月22日199IT数字早报(官方微信:i199it) 2014年10月23日199IT数字早报(官方微信:i199it) 2014年10月20日199

The Dad Rock Version of The War of the Worlds

On this very night in 1938, a radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds may or may not have caused mass hysteria for American listeners. But there's another War of the Worlds that scared me much more as a kid. For me, there's the HG Wells version, the Orson Wells version,

【What If 系列135期】掘地千尺

Guy invents color-coded chord wheel to translate music into paintings 

Tim Bavington—an artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada—is not the first artist who tries to paint music but he might be the most precise at it.

Microsoft took a strategic approach to designing the Microsoft Edge icon

WinBeta readers have spoken. AYE for the Microsoft Edge name, and NAY for the Microsoft Edge logo. With the combination that the software giant has chosen, it seems the company is trying to introduce something brand new into the market using a brand that doesn’t seem to be… brand new.

人人圆桌 | 当社交勾搭上阅读

社交是人类的本质需求,熟人间的联络,陌生人之间的认识,同兴趣人群的沟通,社交重在寻找自己的存在感;而阅读是人类 ...

消息称任天堂年底停产Wii U游戏机

网易科技讯 3月23日消息,据国外媒体报道,《日经新闻》周二消息指出,任天堂将会在今年底停止Wii U游戏机的生产。且初步预计,公司会将相关产能全部投入到新一代NX游戏主机的生产。任天堂结束Wii U寿命的时间要早 ... ...

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