You can now listen to the official Minecraft Dungeons video game soundtrack on Spotify

The official soundtrack for the Minecraft Dungeons Xbox One and Windows 10 video game is now available to listen to on the Spotify music streaming service.

Microsoft starts rolling out Hard Mute feature in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has started rolling out a new Hard Mute feature to help educators reduce disruptions during Teams meetings.

Mafia: Definitive Edition review: The best Mafia game ever?

Back in May 2020, 2K Games announced a remake of its 2002 Mafia game, which would be part of a new Mafia Trilogy that includes a remaster of Mafia 2 and an updated Mafia 3. Developed by Hangar 13, Mafia: Definitive Edition uses the Mafia 3 engine and the first screenshots published by 2K Games […]

Microsoft’s Yammer app updates on iOS with new reactions for conversations

The iOS Yammer app updated to Version 7.80.0 today. This latest update added the new reaction feature which replaces the familiar Like function with a variety of more emotion similar to what people see on Facebook and in Microsoft Teams. Here’s the full patch notes:

Android’s Microsoft Launcher to remove the relatively new Windows Timeline feature

The Windows Timeline feature has only been around for about two years but it looks as if Microsoft may be beginning to back off on support for it, at least on Android.

Lenovo’s long-awaited foldable PC is finally available

Lenovo is finally putting its ThinkPad X1 Fold in the hands of users.

Latest Microsoft Edge Dev update rolls out improved controls for copying and pasting URLs

Microsoft Edge Dev version 87.0.654.0 is now out, and it brings just two new features, along with the usual bug fixes.

Microsoft reveals new Games with Gold for October

Today, Microsoft’s Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson, revealed the new Games with Gold for October 2020. Starting October 1st, the killer puzzle game Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut on Xbox One will be available for free, along with the original Xbox 3D action-adventure game,

Microsoft’s head of Xbox Live leaves after 15 years in the company’s Xbox department

Microsoft’s Dan McCulloch announced via his personal Twitter account this morning that he would be stepping down as head of Xbox Live after 15 years working for the company’s Xbox division. “After 15 years at XBOX, I announced today that I would be leaving,” his tweet reads.

Microsoft To Do app updates on Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices with a variety of changes

The Microsoft To Do app updated across iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices today with several minor updates to help certain features run better. Here’s the official release notes for the Windows 10 app update:

The Windows 10 Amazon Prime Video app is now available to download and use

The Amazon Prime Video for Windows app, which was recently spotted in the Microsoft Store, is now available to download and use on Windows 10 devices. The app is completely free to download though an Amazon Prime subscription is naturally needed to view premium content.


案例分析有很多种方式,就像一鸭四吃一样,看你想得到什么。1 最简单也是最重要的,是亲临现场,在案例的里里外外溜达,观察,体验,享受建筑设计的最终成果,这是大师本人也必做的一件事情。


凭借科技实力,销售额增长约5%聚焦盈利性增长2014财年开局良好德国汉诺威2014年4月10日电 /美通社/ --大陆集团下属子集团公司康迪泰克保持成功发展轨迹:2013年,总部位于德国汉诺威的高科技企业康迪泰克销售额达39亿欧元(上一年度:37亿欧元),增长约5%。


《星际穿越》是一部很神奇的电影——那么多并没有完全看懂它的人们(似乎我身边没有人100%看懂)都在热情地讨论它 […]

Efforts to catch runaway wiener dog on baseball field are futile

No human is a match for The Speeding Weenie!Minor league baseball team the El Paso Chihuahuas held a wiener dog race during a game and one of the tiny canine athletes couldn't stop running — even when he had already crossed the finish line. The longhaired Dachshund ran and ran,

就像蛇一样在你头上扭曲,这样的 Google Glass 你喜欢么?

据 PhoneArena 报道,最近 Google 获得了一项非常有趣的专利,将 Google Glass 设计成一个像蛇一样的形状,是不是听起来很惊悚呢?


北京2015年12月18日电 /美通社/ -- 全球最大的 iBeacon 网络在中国浮现,整个网络由11万台 beacon 组成,这是目前已知的最大 iBeacon 网络,且由 SENSORO 进行建设以及运营;该网络已经覆盖:25家院线、16家机场、39个高端零售商场、40个大型景区、200所大学、260辆高铁、1500家必胜客餐厅、2100家周大福珠宝零售门店等等。


2014年3月,由于使用量太低,Mozilla宣布将身份管理系统项目Persona转交给社区,停止对Persona的开发支持。Persona提供了一种替代密码的简化身份认证方案,基于Verified Email Protocol(VEP),认证只需要提供与浏览器相对应的电子邮件,但这套系统远远没有Facebok或Google的登录系统受欢迎。1月12日,Mozilla在邮件列表上宣布将于2016年11月30日关闭。使用Persona的网站将需要为用户实现一套新的登录方案。

微软更新支持政策:新CPU需要运行Windows 10才能获得支持服务

微软今天改变了其长期的Windows支持政策,微软表示,采用英特尔SKYLAKE微架构等新架构CPU的个人电脑将需要安装Windows 10操作系统,才能获得微软支持服务。新架构处理器上安装运行Windows 7、Windows 8.1等旧操作系统,只能获得微软18个月的支持服务。

Pleo is a company card that claims to automate expense reports

A new player Pleo is throwing its wares into the company expenses ring with a new company expenses card — both virtual and an actual physical card — that claims to automate expense reports and enable SMEs to take more control over their employees’ expenditure. Read More


这本纪念碑谷团队出品的《完美像素使用手册》,有设计师说是她见过的最全面,最毫无保留,最生动有趣的界面设计指南,而且不止是设计,还包括和程序员的合作经验...优设哥向您推荐: 中文版来了!

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