Hands on with the improved Windows 10 Calendar app: This is how it always should have been

The new and improved Calendar app in Windows 10 is different from before and is much cleaner, easier to use, here's a hands-on look at the experience.

Lumia 950 review

The Lumia 950 was released on November 20, 2015, and as part of our testing and a full coverage of the new Windows 10 Mobile device, we have incorporated input from several WinBeta writers...The post Lumia 950 review appeared first on WinBeta.

OS X Yosemite Review: Apple’s Mac OS Gets A New Look And Killer Mobile Crossover Features

Apple’s new desktop operating system is out today, and the final version of the major software update includes lots of changes for your Mac. It’s still OS X, though – Yosemite hasn’t gone so far afield that people used to Mavericks or Mountain Lion will feel adrift,

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review: The Best at Being Big

While Apple has only just released its first huge phone , Samsung's gargantuan Note is already on its fourth iteration. In a lot of ways, it's the big phone that started this runaway screen-size race. But even though it's facing an ever-growing army of up-sized competitors ,

How the Middle Finger Emoji Finally Got the Thumbs Up

“Screw you Apple, where the goddamn hell is my middle finger emoji?” can soon be conveyed in far fewer characters, thanks to the middle finger emoji that’s coming to your iPhone. But why did it take so long? Here’s how those middle fingers—and all emoji—make their way to your screens.

New report shows how Microsoft’s stock Android apps will look like on Surface Duo

Thanks to a collection of screenshots from Windows Central, we can now see how apps like Outlook, Edge, OneNote, and Office can adapt to the phone's unique dual-screen layout.

Here’s some of the new productivity tools coming soon to Teams, Microsoft 365

Here's a look at some of the productivity tools coming soon to Teams and the rest of Microsoft 365

Sony delays June 4 PlayStation 5 game reveal in support of protests over George Floyd killing

If there was a lot of anticipation around Sony's next-gen gameplay showcase on Thursday, June 4, Sony ultimately decided to delay its event as the situation in the US has been escalating since the beginning of protests over George Floyd killing.

Microsoft’s now acknowledges its new Windows Packet Manager was inspired by third-party AppGet app

Microsoft has acknowledged that WinGet is largely inspired by AppGet, and the company has borrowed some critical functionality for Windows Package Manager from the open-source tool.

FuboTV is now available on Microsoft’s Xbox One video game consoles

The fubotv streaming service finally launched an official app for Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles this week. The app is completely free to download however users will need to have an active fubotv account to access its content.

Shantae and the Seven Sirens video game is now live on Xbox One consoles

The latest entry in the Shantae video game franchise, Shantae and the Seven Sirens, is now live and ready to play on Microsoft’s family of Xbox One consoles. Like the previous Shantae titles, Shantae and the Seven Sirens is also a 2D platformer and features a strong anime and fantasy influence.

Microsoft Whiteboard app now requires iOS 12 or later on iPhone and iPad after latest update

Microsoft Whiteboard updated on Apple’s iOS devices today with a bit of a small update but one that could affect some users. In addition to added features for email summaries and the usual bug fixes, this update changes the minimum operating system requirement to iOS 12.

Kingdom Hearts III, Yakuza 0 and Wasteland Remastered are coming soon to Xbox Game Pass for Console

Microsoft has just announced the next wave of games coming soon to Xbox Game Pass for console, and the headliner is the action-RPG game Kingdom Hearts III.

Xbox Series X version of Rainbow Six Siege is planned, Xbox One console crossplay likely

In a recent conversation with Windows Central, Rainbow Six Siege’s director, Leroy Athanassof, revealed that a new version of the popular game would be made for Microsoft’s next gen console, the Xbox Series X. “We are going to be on [the consoles] from launch,” Athanassof says.

Fortnite video game’s Chapter 2 Season 2 update gets huge cryptic marketing push on a global scale

The second season of new content for the Fortnite video game’s Chapter Two is currently being teased in a rather ambitious marketing campaign involving real-world advertising, phone numbers, social media posts, and in-game teases.

ARP协议格式、ARP运行机制入门学习 - .Little Hann



为行内专业人士而设的特备海鲜展活动 香港2014年8月28日电 /美通社/ -- 即将开锣的亚洲海鲜展将于2014年9月2至4日假香港会议展览中心举行,今年主办单位特意为入场参观的业界人士准备多项特别活动。

雅虎将因阿里上市大发横财 如何花钱是个问题

对于雅虎股东和首席执行官玛丽莎梅耶尔(Marissa Mayer)来说,今年的9月就象圣诞节一样令人期待。等待了数年之后,雅虎终于能够把它持有的电商巨头阿里巴巴的股份换成现金了。




It's time for the Emmys to finally honor the 'Mad Men' cast

Since 2008, the first year it was eligible, Mad Men has received 15 Emmy awards total, including four consecutive statuettes for Outstanding Drama Series. Not a bad haul, all things considered.At least, until you take a closer look at the show's Emmy history.

2016年任天堂将发力手游市场 活用自家招牌角色



今天,Grosfairy 胖仙女创始人曹玲告诉 36 氪,他们完成了一笔数千万人民币的 A 轮融资,此轮融资由宝茂集团旗下徽瑾创投领投还有几家基金跟投。据了解,胖仙女还曾在 2015年4月 份获得青骢资本投资的 600 万人民币天使融资。胖仙女是一家在 2013年 从美国纽约起家的 Cupcake 蛋糕连锁品牌,于 2014年 回到上海运营,专注于 Cupcake 和小蛋糕产品研发和销售,以充满话题性的形态和适应亚洲人的口感而主推女性市场(80%用户均为女性)。曹玲介绍说,此轮融资,将主要用于核心产品研发、服务模式创新和线上渠道及烘焙周边产品的拓展与开发。

三星电子第一季度利润增长12% 智能手机业务利润增长42%

三星电子周四发布公告称,得益于Galaxy S7旗舰手机初期销量强劲,该公司第一财季营业利润同比增长12%。三星表示,这一优异表现将持续到第二财季。尽管消费电子领域整体需求疲软,但这一预期还是令市场看好该公司的手机和芯片业务。得益于Galaxy S7销量超出预期,三星手机部门近两年来首次成为公司内部的盈利冠军。这也表明这家全球最大智能手机厂商经过了两年的利润萎缩后,终于完成纠偏。


北京2016年5月30日电 /美通社/ -- 5月30日,在北京举办的金蝶云之家2016战略发布会上,云之家V7版以移动办公行家的姿态全新亮相。万科董事会主席王石先生出席发布会现场,为云之家代言,与云之家一起迎战传统办公方式。 发布会全景图 云之家广告片首曝光,王石携手云之家一起迎战 在发布会独家曝光的云之家广告片中,万科董事会主席王石轻松演绎云端办公的极致体验,现场宣布成为云之家代言人,成为发布会最大惊喜。 王石为金蝶云之家代言,实际上是一场高端“买家秀”。万科早在2013年就已经使用云之家进行移动化办公。

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