Booting A PDP-11

As we move swiftly into an era of ubiquitous computing, Internets of Things, and mind-machine connections via wetware, it’s important to step back and take a look at where we’ve been. That’s why this How-To by Trammell Hudson is so cool.

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尝试用canvas写小游戏 - 双调

还是习惯直接开门见山,这个游戏是有一个老师抓作弊的学生,老师背身,点学生开始加分,老师会不定时回头,如果老师回头还在点学生在,就会被抓住,游戏game over。

js中State模式的解析及运用 - yxy99.0


Note for Google IO Memory Management For Android

This is the subtitle for Google I/O 2011: Memory management for Android Apps.The VideoThe Subtitles Hi everybody, My name’s Patrick Dubroy and today I’m going to talk to you about memory management for Android. So I’m really happy to see somany people here who care about memory management,

Google IO:Android内存管理主题演讲记录

翻出了3年前的Google IO大会的主题演讲 Google IO 2011 Memory management for Android Apps,该演讲介绍了Android系统在垃圾回收上的变化和如何发现并内存泄露以及如何管理Android中的内存。本演讲对开发者还是有很大的帮助。

You Don't Need To Understand Programming to Appreciate This Awesome Rant

Linus Torvalds is a legendary software engineer and founder of the Linux kernel. He also can’t stand bad code, so sit down, grab the popcorn, and enjoy. Read more...

A Conversation With Michael Lopp, Pinterest’s Head Of Engineering

About a year ago, Michael Lopp joined Pinterest as the company’s head of engineering — filling in the leadership of the engineering side next to co-founder Evan Sharp and CEO Ben Silbermann. Much of his role, since joining, has been to help teams at Pinterest,

Q&A With The Congresswoman Taking On Gamergate

Earlier this week, Massachusetts Rep. Katherine Clark called other members of Congress to sign a letter with her that demands the FBI crack down on cyberstalking and online harassment. Clark first became involved in this issue when she learned one of her constituents, Brianna Wu,

大熊君JavaScript插件化开发------(实战篇之DXJ UI ------ ItemSelector重构完结版) - 大熊君{{bb}}


Erlang 虚拟机内的内存管理(Lukas Larsson演讲听写稿) - siyao

Erlang核心开发者Lukas Larsson在2014年3月份Erlang Factory上一个演讲的听写稿,详细介绍了Erlang内存体系的原理以及调优案例。

Startup Lessons From My Screenwriter Life, Part 2: Movie Sets

This is the second post in a two-part series on the lessons I learned as a filmmaker that have value in my life as a startup founder and CEO at Vsnap. In the first post, I covered stuff that comes up before you go into production. In this post,

Trump signs executive orders banning transactions with TikTok and WeChat

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday banning transactions with ByteDance, the parent company of popular app TikTok . The White House also announced that he signed a similar order banning transactions with Tencent-owned WeChat, a messaging app that is ubiquitous in China,

Judge says Uber, Lyft preliminary injunction ruling to come in ‘a matter of days’

California Superior Court Judge Ethan P. Schulman heard arguments from Uber and Lyft, as well as lawyers representing the people of California regarding the request for a preliminary injunction that seeks to force Uber and Lyft to immediately reclassify their drivers as employees.

Cadillac reveals Lyriq, its all-electric SUV flagship loaded with luxury and tech

GM unveiled Thursday the Cadillac Lyriq, an all-electric crossover dripping in luxury, tech-forward touches and 300 miles of range that aims to propel the brand into a new electrified era. That new era for Cadillac will have to wait though.

Google to roll out its digital learning platform to 23 million students and teachers in India’s Maha

Google has partnered with one of the largest states in India to provide its digital classroom services to tens of millions of students and teachers, the search giant said today, as it makes further education push in the world’s second largest internet market. The company,

Daily Crunch: Twitter and Facebook take action against Trump

Facebook and Twitter are taking a stronger stand against pandemic misinformation, we preview the latest version of macOS and a mental health startup raises $50 million. Here’s your Daily Crunch for August 6, 2020. The big story: Twitter,

Uber’s delivery business is now larger than ride-hailing

Uber reported its second-quarter earnings Thursday and buried in the blizzard of less-than-rosy numbers is a stunning figure that illustrates how much the company has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Security bugs let these car hackers remotely control a Mercedes-Benz

Few could ever forget back in 2015 when security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek remotely killed a Jeep’s engine on a highway with a Wired reporter at the wheel. Since then,

Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Services And Virtual Machines Experience “Service Interruption”

Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service is experiencing uptime issues around the world. According to the Microsoft Azure status dashboard, ‘virtual machines,’ ‘backup,’ and ‘cloud services’ are the heaviest hit. Here’s the company’s current message:

Looksee Debuts A Tinder-Meets-Instagram For Connecting Around Shared Photos

A new “anonymish” app called Looksee has launched, combining mobile photography with a Tinder-like matching element that lets anonymous users connect with each other over their shared photos. The idea is that when two users mutually like one another’s photos,

uBiome Raises $4.5M From Angel Investors, Andreessen Horowitz To Crowdsource Microbiome Research

Microbiome is the ecosystem of bacteria that lives within us, which outnumber the number of human cells 10-to-1. Microbes in the microbiome perform functions such as digesting food and synthesizing vitamins and have also been linked to human mood and behavior. Read More

【邀約】九千九的奇蹟!!! Fujimaru Full HD Smart TV 參上

NT$9999 可以做什麼 !? 買台手機? 買數位相機 ? 買台平版 ? 和親愛的大吃一頓 ? 如果今天拿著九千九,走進 3C 賣場,耶魯熊第一個想到的一定不會買台電視,不只第一個不會到,可能連第五六七八個都不會想到 XDD,為什麼!?

Curiosity Rover Arrives At Long-Term Destination

When NASA's Curiosity rover landed on Mars, the mission team had a particular destination in mind: Mount Sharp. Just over two years and about nine kilometers of driving later, Curiosity has arrived at Mount Sharp. It will now begin its ascent of the mountain (PDF),


据英国《镜报》9月29日报道,新西兰奥克兰的女子凯伦•巴斯(Karen Bass)怒称,她家房屋和私家车落满了从过往航班上掉落的排泄物。目前,因无法确定排泄物的排放时间,进而无法确认“肇事”航班。

Residents dramatically plucked from homes as floodwaters rise in Japan

TOKYO — Japanese military helicopters plucked dozens of residents from the tops of their homes Thursday, but rescue officials said they were unable to keep up with the pleas for help after raging floodwaters swamped parts of a city north of Tokyo.


第三方Android ROM开发商Cyanogen刚刚与微软达成了合作协议,该公司CEO科特·麦克马斯特(Kirt McMaster)表示双方合作的第一步是将微软的Cortana语音助手深度整合到未来由Cyanogen开发的Android ROM中。

Apple Formally Objects to the UK's Investigatory Powers Bill

Apple has spoken out officially in objection to a proposed UK bill that seeks to change the investigatory powers of the British government.Read more...

: 富士山牙刷


8天掌握EF的Code First开发之Entity Framework介绍 - tkb至简

"返回《8天掌握EF的Code First开发》总目录" 本篇目录 "Entity Framework概要" "什么是ORM" "Entity Framework简史" "Entity Framework具有的能力" "Entity Framework的架构" "Entity Framework建模

OpenGL学习之路(四) - lijihong0723

1 引子 上次读书笔记主要是学习了应用三维坐标变换矩阵对二维的图形进行变换,并附带介绍了GLSL语言的编译、链接相关的知识,之后介绍了GLSL中变量的修饰符,着重介绍了uniform修饰符,来向着色器程序传入输入参数。 这次读书笔记的内容相对有趣一些,主要是和园友们分享讨论三维坐标变换矩阵在三维几何

四季沐歌空气源热泵 恒温采暖 舒适生活新理念

北京2016年5月30日电 /美通社/ -- 自从我国北方地区雾霾灾害的大面积频发以来,拆除燃煤锅炉、改用清洁能源采暖的趋势就开始势不可挡。作为一种环保节能的采暖方式,空气源热泵采暖近两年在北方市场上如鱼得水,并迅速成为政府“减煤换煤、清洁空气”计划的中坚力量。凭借多年来在新能源领域敏锐的市场嗅觉,四季沐歌空气源热泵很早就进入北方采暖市场,并树立了大量的样板项目。 近期,第二届京津冀区域热泵、太阳能和电采暖技术应用与管理研讨会在京举行。

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