Ash Ketchum is FINALLY a Pokémon League champion and fans are going bonkers

Ash Ketchum is finally a winner.After more than two decades of struggles and near-misses in the Pokémon League, Ash finally scored himself a championship trophy. It happened in the latest episode as the Alolan League came to a close, more than 1,000 episodes into the long-running anime.

Zuckerberg really said Trump's 'shooting' comment has 'no history' as a 'dog whistle'

You'd think all that money could buy a history lesson. In leaked audio obtained by Recode, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told his employees Tuesday that Trump's incitement to violence — hosted by, and spread via Facebook — could remain on the site because it only encouraged "excessive policing.

Facebook wanted to offer him a job. Here’s why he publicly turned it down.

Facebook employees are taking a stand over CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s inaction towards President Donald Trump’s inflammatory posts promoting violence against protestors. This week, at least two employees have already resigned from the company.

The 49ers, Kaepernick's last NFL team, criticized for Blackout Tuesday post

The San Francisco 49ers — the NFL franchise that infamously helped push Colin Kaepernick out of the league — posted in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and used the hashtag #BlackoutTuesday in a tweet on Tuesday. Folks were obviously pretty quick to point out the hypocrisy.

This poolside table charges your phone through solar power — Future Blink

The Suntable solar-powered charging table gives your phone easy access to an energy source while poolside. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Solar Energy, Smartphone Accessories, and Charging Station

Justin Trudeau takes uncomfortably long pause before answering question about Trump and protests

Canadian Prime MinisterJustin Trudeau took his sweet time — about 20 seconds — to find the right words to answer a question about President Donald Trump and his call for military force to be used against the widespread anti-racism protests in the United States. Eventually,

Build a dream home theater with a Samsung TV and soundbar bundle

TL;DR: Buy the immersive Samsung 65-inch Q70 4K TV for $1,099.99 from Best Buy as of June 2. On top of your $200 discount, you can save up to $200 off a qualifying soundbar system when you add it to your shopping cart. Like many others,

Grindr has removed its controversial ethnicity filters

The killing of George Floyd by police officers has spurred not only protests across the United States, but also — often embarrassing — responses from brands.The queer dating app Grindr offered its own statement on Twitter and Instagram on Monday, coinciding with the first day of Pride Month.

Meme declares it's finally fall, now you 'can really start dressin'

Colder weather is coming and you know what that means? Now you can really start dressing.As the Twitter-verse transitions from summer to fall, a familiar meme has returned to celebrate the fashion of the fall season.People are becoming increasingly excited to wear jeans, jackets, tights,

Unpacking Mike Fiers' incredibly bizarre baseball beard

It's been a tough weekend for hair.As many of you know, Joe Keery got rid of his iconic luscious locks (RIP,) and now, we have the curious case of Mike Fiers' beard to discuss. For those who missed it,

Google is pulling the plug on YouTube's TV-friendly browser interface

Enjoy YouTube's "leanback" interface while you can. A pop-up message on the streaming video site's TV-friendly landing page says it'll be gone soon.There's no indication of when it will be going away or why, but Mashable reached out to Google for comment.

微软被传收购Xamarin 强势推进移动新战略


趣分期获数千万美元B轮融资 估值超10亿人民币

大学生分期购物与投资理财平台趣分期今日宣布获得源码资本、Golden Summit以及蓝驰创三家机构的联合注资的数千万美元。融资后整体估值超过 10 亿元人民币。此次融资金额将主要用于团队建设和产品研发。


在过去10年里,科技史上最强大的一股势力影响力日渐下降(尽管盈利能力仍然很强)。有些人将微软的困局归咎于其创始人比尔·盖茨,但多数人将矛头指向了 他的继任者史蒂夫·鲍尔默。


老外非常愛吃培根,相關的周邊產品也是多不勝數,設計師 Natalie Luder 把培根長得長長的形狀特質,製作成圍巾,邊邊有點捲曲的荷葉邊和培根不規則的邊也超像的;材質強調為 100% 蠶絲,大概不會有肉味。閱讀全文


综合来看,PC端互联网规模及营销市场规模近年来呈稳步增长势态,但增长速度在逐年下降,而移动互联网市场规模仍保持 […] 您可能也喜欢的文章: CNNIC:2012年中国网民搜索行为研究报告 CNNIC:2014年第33次中国互联网络发展状况统计报告 网民互联网行为篇(5)

Teen pulled a gun on Berkeley officer before shots fired, officials say

A black teenager who was shot and killed by a white police officer in Berkeley, Missouri last week pulled a gun on the officer before any shots were fired,

《极限竞速:地平线 2》独立扩展包《速度与激情 》公布

《速度与激情》系列电影最新作《速度与激情7》即将在今年四月迎来首映,为了推广该电影,环球影业也和微软展开合作, […]

The Robinhood trading app will let you be the Wolf of Wall Street

Aussies could be flipping stocks on their smartphones as easily — and as frequently — as they check Instagram, after the stock-trading app, Robinhood, launches Down Under.Founded by American math whizzes Vlad Tenev and Baiju Bhatt,

视频演讲: 移动大数据技术在互联网金融获客及经营中的应用


[视频]三星Galaxy S6 vs LG G4 开箱体验


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