Micosoft Edge Dev and Canary get a more natural Read Aloud experience

Microsoft has announced that Edge Dev and Canary insiders can now experience 24 cloud-powered text to speech voices with the Read Aloud feature.

Microsoft Cloud is powering the digital transformation of Myntra, India’s leading fashion retailer o

This first-of-its-kind partnership with Myntra in the company's digital transformation is a pretty good showcase for Microsoft in the e-commerce space in India.

Microsoft’s ElectionGuard gets first real-world test in Wisconsin Supreme Court elections

Electing new representatives to the Wisconsin Supreme Court using voting machines powered by Microsoft's open-sourced ElectionGuard security software.

Google Stadia to support 19 new smartphones from Samsung, Razer, and Asus

Stadia users who don’t own a Pixel-branded phone will soon be able to stream their games on more devices, ranging from the S8/Note8 series all the way to the S20 series from Samsung, plus the Asus GOG and Razer phones.

The Emperion Nebulus could be the first Windows 10 on ARM phone that also supports Android apps

Microsoft might be working on its own Surface-branded foldable that runs Android, but a U.K. company might have something that could please many Microsoft enthusiasts.

What Teams lack that Slack offers: Twitter users chime in

A tweet from Microsoft Cloud Advocate Sonia Cuff has set off a new Teams vs Slack debate, what does Team lack that Slack offers?

How to (still) get a free Windows 10 upgrade in 2020

Windows 10’s free upgrade offer was supposed to have ended back in 2016. Over three years on, there’s still an easy way to obtain a genuine license without paying a cent. This technique works on the assumption you’re currently using a genuine Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 PC. If that’s the case,

Hands on with the improved Windows 10 Calendar app: This is how it always should have been

The new and improved Calendar app in Windows 10 is different from before and is much cleaner, easier to use, here's a hands-on look at the experience.

Microsoft clarifies policies, but won’t stop human reviews of Skype and Cortana conversations at thi

If Apple and Google recently paused human reviews of voice recordings with Siri and Google Assistant over privacy concerns, Microsoft won’t be doing the same at this time

Sea of Thieves releases latest free content update, “Dark Relics,” the second of planned monthly sch

Rare, the developers of the famous Sea of Thieves game for Xbox One, has released the latest free monthly update to the game, “Dark Relics”.

All new Inside Xbox to kick off next week’s gamescom 2019 from Cologne, Germany

Microsoft is planning a big presence at gamescom in Germany, next week, and the Xbox team will kicks things off with a special Inside Xbox episode live from Cologne on Monday which will kick off at 5 p.m. CEST / 11 a.m. ET.

宝洁:帮宝适跻身2014 Brand Z 全球最具价值品牌100强

帮宝适作为唯一纸尿裤品牌上榜广州2014年5月23日电 /美通社/ -- 2014年“Brand Z 全球最具价值品牌100强”榜单近日揭晓,帮宝适作为唯一一家入驻榜单的婴幼儿护理品牌,以22,598$M的品牌价值位列第39位。

Apple’s Health Offerings Focus On Data Collection, Not Interpretation

One of the major announcements in Apple’s iOS 8 presentation yesterday was the Health app and the Healthkit system that allows developers to feed data into the app. Healthkit is being billed as a unifying force that ties the enormous amount of health-related apps on the App Store together.

编程之美-2.4 1的数目 - jfcspring

一、问题描述 给定一个十进制数N,写下从1开始,到N的所有整数,然后数一下之中所有“1”的个数。 例如: N=12,(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12)共有5个1二、解题思想 假设N=abcde为一个整数,a,b,c,d,

Internet piracy warning scheme will kick off next year in UK

Households suspected of illegal downloading will receive up to four email warnings per year, though they will be educational and not punitive in nature.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/24/internet-piracy-warning-scheme-will-kick-off-next-year-in-uk/





Leak Reveals Hackers Sent Extortion Email to Sony Execs Before Attack

Now things are starting to make sense. The latest leak of data stolen from Sony Pictures in a recent hack appears to be the email archives of two top executives at the company. It also reveals that the hackers asked those executives for money to prevent the destructive attack. Apparently,


出門在外總是忘了口腔禮儀嗎?這個口臭測定機可以給你客觀的分析,讓你知道現在適不適合去找客戶!  開機9秒後,對著感應口吹氣5秒鐘,就可以顯示出五種等級的程度,除了可以測嘴巴的氣味,其他像是閱讀全文


深圳2015年6月12日电 /美通社/ -- 6月11日,“2015第四届亚洲主题公园与度假区高层论坛”在深圳开幕。会上,梦东方荣获“最佳中国文化主题公园创新奖”。 梦东方作为天洋国际(00593.


东东导读:面对来势凶猛的互联网狂潮,众多鲜蔬APP通过大资本的运作成功进入千家万户,成为人们新的生活方式。从当 ...

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