Microsoft clarifies policies, but won’t stop human reviews of Skype and Cortana conversations at thi

If Apple and Google recently paused human reviews of voice recordings with Siri and Google Assistant over privacy concerns, Microsoft won’t be doing the same at this time

Zoom announces additional security measures to prevent “zoombombing”

With the Coronavirus pandemic forcing many businesses to allow employees to work remotely, onlineconferencing services have seen a massive surge in growth, one of them being Zoom. But Zoom hasn’t had this surge in growth without a large amount of backlash to go along with it.

Windows 10 news recap: rebuilt Facebook Messenger app arrives, Xbox beta app gets performance boost

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. At long last,

Microsoft news recap: Microsoft Edge web browser becomes 2nd popular, Mixer gives $100 to each strea

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Mixer continues to lag behind Twitch and YouTube,

Microsoft encourages Xbox gamers to “be a hero from home,” with 2,000 Microsoft Rewards points, chan

In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, Microsoft has a new way to encourage Xbox gamers to stay home to help stop the spread of the virus

Amazon joins the crowded field of 1st party game developers, beginning with Crucible

Amazon pitches both Crucible and New World as seemingly stand-alone offerings from a relatively nascent gaming company.

[email protected] Spotlight launches to showcase indie games

The [email protected] team announced yesterday the [email protected] Spotlight, a new initiative to highlight new indie games coming soon to Xbox One.

Mixer continues to lag behind Twitch and YouTube, according to new quarterly report

Even though the number of unique active channels on Mixer grew during Q1 2020, the service is still struggling to attract an audience according to a new report.

Sea of Thieves releases latest free content update, “Dark Relics,” the second of planned monthly sch

Rare, the developers of the famous Sea of Thieves game for Xbox One, has released the latest free monthly update to the game, “Dark Relics”.

All new Inside Xbox to kick off next week’s gamescom 2019 from Cologne, Germany

Microsoft is planning a big presence at gamescom in Germany, next week, and the Xbox team will kicks things off with a special Inside Xbox episode live from Cologne on Monday which will kick off at 5 p.m. CEST / 11 a.m. ET.

Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop service is now “feature complete” and may launch as soon as next

Microsoft is getting ready to release the Windows Virtual Desktop—or WVD for short—to the general public, as the service has become “feature complete,” according to its group manager Scott Manchester.

'The Door Problem' of Game Design

An anonymous reader writes "Game design is one of those jobs everybody thinks they can do. After all, they've played a few games, and they know what they liked and disliked, right? How hard could it be? Well,

网传库克将于10月23日访华 行程值得推敲

威锋网9月28日晚讯 根据国内网站最新发布的消息称,苹果公司现任 CEO 蒂姆·库克(Tim Cook)将有可能在 10 月 23 日访华,出席清华大学经济管理学院顾问委员会会议。  根据了解,该消息来源于清华大学内部人士。

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前端架构搭建心得 - 墨芈


'Apologies for the shit news service': radio station tweets after merger

Someone isn't impressed by the merger between Sydney radio stations 2UE and 2GB.On Thursday morning, a tweet was sent from Radio 2UE's Twitter account saying: "Apologies for the shit news service these days. We hope you like the sound of whinging hyenas reading the news. #bringbackblanda.



汽车金融公司,汽车主机厂,汽车 4S 店这三者间是什么关系,有怎么样的联系?

大年三十怒答一题。楼主提及的三者,在汽车集团内部分别称为Maker(汽车生产商),AFC(Automotive Finance Company汽车金融公司)和Dealer(汽车经销商)。

Linux I2C总线驱动框架剖析 - 猛虎嗅薇

一、I2C Bus(集成电路总线)接口协议由飞利浦公司开发,产生于20世纪80年代,用于连接主控制器和其外围设备。


上海2015年11月17日电 /美通社/ -- 近年来,伴随着新一代年轻游客的经济实力、语言能力的持续提升,以及其对深度、自由、高品质的旅游体验的追求,出境游自由行快速成为旅游发展的时尚潮流。


即便智能手机很优秀了,但是,它们还是不够完美,特别是在智能家居领域。一旦你开始在这款智能设备中堆积一堆的软件,那么,这个智能手机也就变得…有点鸡肋了。来自法国的初创公司Sevenhugs认为若想要解决这个问题得从硬件出发,于是他们打造出了一款智能家居通用无线遥控器—Sevenhugs Smart Remote。

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