Inside Voyage’s plan to deliver a driverless future

In two years, Voyage has gone from a tiny self-driving car upstart spun out of Udacity to a company able to operate on 200 miles of roads in retirement communities. Now,

Palantir’s reference price values it at roughly $16 billion

Palantir is preparing for its public debut tomorrow morning on the NYSE after 17 years, and now we are getting some data on how the company’s shares are being valued by investors. NYSE announced that the the company, which will be traded under the ticker PLTR, will have a reference price of $7.

Daily Crunch: Amazon lets you pay with your palm

Amazon unveils a new biometric ID technology, the Biden campaign takes aim at Facebook and iRobot’s co-founder joins a robotic gardening startup. This is your Daily Crunch for September 29, 2020. The big story:

Spin workers just ratified their first union contract

A group of 40 workers at Ford-owned Spin just successfully ratified their first union contract. This comes after this group of shift leads, maintenance specialists, operations specialists, community ambassadors,

Amazon launches a virtual tours and experience platform, Amazon Explore

Amazon today is launching a new service called Amazon Explore that allows customers to book live, virtual experiences led by local experts. The experiences may be focused on creativity, learning DIY skills, taking virtual tours of far-off places or cultural landmarks, or, in some cases,

Ford drops the price of its all-electric Mustang Mach-E to stay “fully competitive”

Ford has slashed the price of its upcoming all-electric Mustang Mach-E crossover by as much as $3,000 as the automaker seeks to stay competitive in an increasingly crowded and unsettled sector of the automotive market. The price reductions,

Serious injuries at Amazon fulfillment centers topped 14,000, despite the company’s safety claims

As Amazon‘s biggest shopping day of the year approaches, a new report reveals that the company’s investments in automation and safety have not stemmed surging numbers of serious injuries in the company’s warehouses and fulfillment centers.

Duolingo CEO explains language app’s surge in bookings

Language learning apps, like many educational technology platforms, soared when millions of students went home in response to safety concerns from the coronavirus pandemic. It makes sense: Everyone became an online learner in some capacity, and for non-frontline workers,

Daily Crunch: Final Oculus co-founder departs Facebook

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. Facebook is losing its last Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell,

Ex-NSA chief Mike Rogers and Team8 founder Nadav Zafrir will be at Disrupt SF

What happens when two former spies meet the startup world? We’re about to find out. We’re pleased to announce former National Security Agency director Adm. Mike Rogers will be at Disrupt SF on October 2-4. The former U.S.

Huawei employees reportedly aided African governments in spying

A new report from The Wall Street Journal could be another damning piece of evidence for a company already under a good deal of international scrutiny. The paper is reporting that technicians working for Huawei helped members of government in Uganda and Zambia spy on political opponents.


最近网上很火的一道IQ题:电梯最多能乘坐10人,你正好是第10个,走进电梯后却超重了,你只好走出电梯,电梯门关上后,你想到了一件恐怖的事情,立即报警。 请问,怎么回事?   

What If Tech Companies Were Sports Teams?

The Final Four is set. The last chapter of the 2014 NCAA tournament is about to beginMarch Madness is about to reach its conclusion — even though March is already overIt's all very exciting for some people, but what if you're not totally amped for sports? What if a simple,

Huawei puts release of new Windows Phones on hold, says it is hard to sell such handsets

Huawei is not planning to launch a Windows Phone anytime soon, the company’s head of consumer business group, Richard Yu told Wall Street Journal in an interview.

迅雷7.9.27.4828 正式版发布


'South Park' perfectly explains why we still hate freemium games

South Park took aim at the freemium mobile games world on Wednesday night in a barbed episode that painted the medium as an unethical cash grab.In the episode titled "Freemium Isn't Free," the likenesses of Canadian comedy superstars Terrance and Philip are imported into a mobile game,


美国移动支付公司Square发布了首款芯片卡读卡器;微软发布补丁修复19年未被发现安全漏洞;思科公布第一财季财报:净利润同比降8%;亚马逊发布兼容MySQL的数据库引擎Aurora;雅虎股东逼宫梅耶尔 鼓动AOL雅虎合并。



Google公布实现Go 1.5自举的计划

Google最近公布了实现Go 1.5自举(Bootstrap)的计划。相关文档的作者是Go核心开发者Russ Cox,他在Go语言上已经耕耘了接近6年。据Russ介绍,Google就“如何从Go源码树中去除所有的C程序”已经酝酿了一年。

Hackers Posed as Hot Girls on Skype to Steal Intel From Syrian Rebels

It's kind of the oldest trick in the book. Catfishing is where you pretend to be someone you're not online so that you can trick someone else into doing something. And based on a new report, this is exactly how pro-Assad hackers have been robbing intel from opposition forces:



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