You can track Greta Thunberg's travels as she sails across the high seas

Greta Thunberg is bound for the high seas.On August 14 the teenage climate activist set sail from Britain to New York City aboard the Malizia II, a technologically-advanced racing sailboat that generates electricity using solar panels and underwater turbines. Next month,

How to stream the first presidential debate

The first presidential debate airs Tuesday night, pitting Donald Trump against the Democratic nominee Joe Biden. The contenders will discuss COVID-19, race and violence, the Supreme Court, and other topics.Many broadcast and cable TV stations will show the 90-minute,

What to expect at Google's 'Launch Night In' 2020 hardware event

On September 30, Google will hold its annual hardware event. Due to the pandemic, the event will be livestreamed to the public at 11 a.m. PT. To help boost morale during these trying times, the tech giant has also thrown in a 'Launch Night In' theme,

Amazon warehouse workers' injuries spike around Prime Day. Happy shopping.

Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner. For many of the more than 150,000 full-time warehouse workers in North American fulfillment centers, that means mandatory overtime and, according to a new report citing internal Amazon data, a spike in injuries. The Sept. 29 report from Reveal News,

How Apple TV+'s 'Tiny World' got up close and personal with the tiniest creatures on the planet

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No, Eric Trump did not come out (as anything other than an idiot) on Fox News

No, first son Eric Trump didn't come out as a part of the LGBTQ community today in a Fox News interview, despite what some on the internet might have you believe. He's just not very good at talking. A clip of President Trump's middle son being interviewed went viral on Tuesday,

Spruce up your Zoom video calls with these helpful add-ons

If your Zoom calls are looking drab after six months of constant use, maybe it's time to add some flair to your video conferencing. Improving Zoom doesn't mean you need to load up on equipment and get a ring light. Instead,

How the fat bears are beamed from remote Alaska to the world

Welcome to Fat Bear Week 2020! Katmai National Park and Preserve’s brown bears spent the summer gorging on 4,500-calorie salmon, and they've transformed into rotund giants, some over 1,000 pounds.

Adobe plans to work on AR, mixed reality software

Adobe is giving artists the ability to create 3D and AR worlds without needing to code thanks to three new Apps the company is planning to release in 2019. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Adobe, Vr, Ar, and Mixed Reality

Meet the new "MacGyver" robot — Strictly Robots

For the first time, researchers from Georgia Tech have trained robots to build simple tools by combining objects.  Read more...More about Tech, Science, Mashable Video, Strictly Robots, and Tech

Twitter suggests following ‘interests’ rather than people

With an Android-only release first, Twitter plans to compile tweets centered around specific topics that its followers will find on their timelines.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Twitter, Mashable Video, Social Media, and Culture


伦敦2014年5月23日电 /美通社/ -- 日产 (Nissan) 将于2015年在勒芒派出 GT-R 赛车,与奥迪、保时捷和丰田一决高下。

对 Quant 而言 Python 的需求高吗,除 C++ 外还有哪些流行的编程语言?

做这行的要么会越做越快,要么会越做越难大,然后越做越复杂。但是:如果要快,就C++;能做复杂问题的,就Matlab。我的观点,一个完整高效的交易平台和策略交易系统中,C++ + Matlab是必备最佳的。


也许你想不到,如果从世界上第一封电子邮件发出算起,社交网络的发展历史已经长达 40 年。在 Facebook、Twitter 带来摧枯拉朽的社交媒体黄金期之前,也曾出现过鼻祖级的产品,其中就包括 MySpace。  MySpace ... ...

[视频]微软发布简短视频 7分半带你了解Windows 10

如果错过了今日凌晨的Windows 10发布会怎么办?观看发布会视频?--听起来有点吃力,因为整场发布会下来持续两个半小时时间。所幸的是,微软为用户们准备了一段快速解读Windows 10的简短视频。

Mass Surveillance Threatens Digital Security And Human Rights, Says European Report

A 32-page report into mass surveillance by a top European rights body has warned that digital dragnets set up by U.S. government intelligence agencies, and some of the U.S.’ allies in Europe and elsewhere, are endangering fundamental human rights — such as the right to privacy,

2015首尔车展(Seoul Motor Show)将于4月3日开幕

- ‘2015首尔车展’ 将于4月3日至12日举行(4月2日为媒体日)在京畿道高阳市KINTEX开幕 —包括全世界首发的6款新车在内,将有33款新车亮相 韩国首尔--(美国商业资讯)--韩国最大规模的汽车产业综合展览‘2015首尔车展’将于4月3日在京畿道高阳市KINTEX开幕。

Amazon Launches New File Storage Service For EC2

At its AWS Summit in San Francisco, Amazon today announced the launch of the Amazon Elastic File System (EFS), a new storage service that provides a common file system for multiple EC2 virtual machines on AWS through the standard NFSv4 protocol. 

HTC M10谍照首次曝光 脱胎换骨去下巴

据科技网站PhoneArena报道,此前,有消息称HTC One M10将会去掉被吐槽多年的Logo下巴,当时许多人还抱怀疑态度,不过随着第一张M10谍照的曝光,这种怀疑终于可以烟消云散了。今天,爆料大神@evleaks在Twitter上放出了一张据称是HTC M10的谍照,该机器的外观与前作M9和M8已经没有什么关系了,它长得反而比较像此前发布的A9,一直被吐槽的Logo下巴也消失了。

把马里奥穿身上 优衣库x任天堂UTGP17大奖赛开动


The 5 Best Soundtracks on Spotify's New Gaming Portal

Confession: I love video game soundtracks. Ever since I played Final Fantasy II (IV) on the SNES, I’ve known the powerful part music plays in video games. But in the music streaming world of today,

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