Twitter suggests following ‘interests’ rather than people

With an Android-only release first, Twitter plans to compile tweets centered around specific topics that its followers will find on their timelines.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Twitter, Mashable Video, Social Media, and Culture

Fake news runs amok as Trump and Biden prepare for the first presidential debate

The big day is finally here. Tonight, President Donald Trump and the Democratic nominee Joe Biden will meet face-to-face for the 2020 election’s first presidential debate.Their campaigns, however, have already had a very eventful day so far.

How to stream the first presidential debate

The first presidential debate airs Tuesday night, pitting Donald Trump against the Democratic nominee Joe Biden. The contenders will discuss COVID-19, race and violence, the Supreme Court, and other topics.Many broadcast and cable TV stations will show the 90-minute,

What to expect at Google's 'Launch Night In' 2020 hardware event

On September 30, Google will hold its annual hardware event. Due to the pandemic, the event will be livestreamed to the public at 11 a.m. PT. To help boost morale during these trying times, the tech giant has also thrown in a 'Launch Night In' theme,

Amazon warehouse workers' injuries spike around Prime Day. Happy shopping.

Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner. For many of the more than 150,000 full-time warehouse workers in North American fulfillment centers, that means mandatory overtime and, according to a new report citing internal Amazon data, a spike in injuries. The Sept. 29 report from Reveal News,

How Apple TV+'s 'Tiny World' got up close and personal with the tiniest creatures on the planet

Read more...{"player":{"description":"So smol.","image":"","mediaid":"jmnrkKAZl1","preload":false,"title":

No, Eric Trump did not come out (as anything other than an idiot) on Fox News

No, first son Eric Trump didn't come out as a part of the LGBTQ community today in a Fox News interview, despite what some on the internet might have you believe. He's just not very good at talking. A clip of President Trump's middle son being interviewed went viral on Tuesday,

Spruce up your Zoom video calls with these helpful add-ons

If your Zoom calls are looking drab after six months of constant use, maybe it's time to add some flair to your video conferencing. Improving Zoom doesn't mean you need to load up on equipment and get a ring light. Instead,

Instagram users can now create their own AR effects on app

The feature, potential competition for Snapchat, is meant for both creatives with AR experience and everyone else.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Instagram, Mashable Video, Augmented Reality, and Ar

LGBTQ+ YouTubers accuse the platform of discrimination in federal lawsuit

YouTube has been accused once again of discriminating against LGBTQ+ YouTube content creators. A group of LGBTQ+ YouTubers — including the self-described singing duo and lesbian couple Bria and Chrissy — filed a federal lawsuit on Tuesday night against YouTube and its parent company Google,

Apple might overhaul the naming scheme for next iPhones

The information, provided by a document obtained from case maker ESR, suggests that the current iPhone lineup will be named after Arabic numbers once again.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Apple, Iphone, Smartphones, and Mashable Video

NYT: Privacy Concerns For ClassDojo, Other Tracking Apps For Schoolchildren

theodp writes: The NY Times' Natasha Singer files a report on popular and controversial behavior tracking app ClassDojo, which teachers use to keep a running tally of each student's score, award virtual badges for obedience, and to communicate with parents about their child's progress.


本文作者为美国著名新媒体研究者、纽约城市大学新闻学教授Jeff Jarvis,我抽空翻译了他的这篇长文。最近听闻Google声称要拯救新闻业。挺好。



乔布斯和沃兹签名的两个鼠标 售 3900 美元


Google Denies Motor Trend’s Claim That Android Auto Collects Key Automotive Data

Android Auto does not phone key automotive data back home, Google says. This comes after Motor Trend stated Porsche opted to not include Android Auto in the new 991/2 as Google’s system collects and transmits back to Google information such as vehicle speed, throttle position,

London woman perfectly shuts down Tinder date who wanted his £3.50 back

LONDON — The dating scene in Britain's capital can be a minefield of strange and awkward encounters, and no one knows this better than dating blogger Lauren Crouch.See also: This Londoner's post-date text message exchange is so awkwardCrouch set up her blog, No Bad Dates, Just Good Stories,



Hilarious Animation Imagines Old Star Wars Characters Meeting New Star Wars Characters

Did you see the new Star Wars yet? Of course you did. You probably watched it twice (and if you didn’t watch it yet, stop reading). It was great, right? Such a fun time. Did the franchise good. A heck of a show.

Rovi和Intellectual Ventures就独家OTT合作伙伴关系进行合作

此次合作将两个世界级的媒体和娱乐知识产权组合融为一体 加州圣塔克拉拉--(美国商业资讯)--Rovi (NASDAQ:ROVI)和Intellectual Ventures (IV)今天宣布,两家公司将通过合作,将两个世界领先的媒体和娱乐专利组合汇集为一个统一的综合许可项目,以专注于OTT服务。根据新协议,Rovi将作为IV的独家合作伙伴,统一向OTT客户许可两家公司合并后的专利组合。这项合作实现了一项综合性的全球知识产权(IP)服务,将引领数字娱乐发现和个性化的潮流。 合并后的专利组合覆盖了OTT价值链所有方面的问题,包括内容管理和交付、流媒体技术和面向消费者的特色和功能。



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