Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop service is now “feature complete” and may launch as soon as next

Microsoft is getting ready to release the Windows Virtual Desktop—or WVD for short—to the general public, as the service has become “feature complete,” according to its group manager Scott Manchester.

Windows 9 Rumor Roundup: Everything We Think We Know

Windows 8 has been limping through its existence for just about two years now , and despite the fact that its continual updates have improved it a fair bit , the numbers aren't encouraging. Microsoft knows this,

Why Microsoft should dump Skype, and roll its user base into Lync

We discuss the compelling case for killing off Skype in favour of Lync, and why there’s a fair chance this is what Microsoft might have in mind.Read more:

Zoom announces additional security measures to prevent “zoombombing”

With the Coronavirus pandemic forcing many businesses to allow employees to work remotely, onlineconferencing services have seen a massive surge in growth, one of them being Zoom. But Zoom hasn’t had this surge in growth without a large amount of backlash to go along with it.

Windows 10 news recap: rebuilt Facebook Messenger app arrives, Xbox beta app gets performance boost

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. At long last,

Microsoft news recap: Microsoft Edge web browser becomes 2nd popular, Mixer gives $100 to each strea

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Mixer continues to lag behind Twitch and YouTube,

Microsoft encourages Xbox gamers to “be a hero from home,” with 2,000 Microsoft Rewards points, chan

In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, Microsoft has a new way to encourage Xbox gamers to stay home to help stop the spread of the virus

Amazon joins the crowded field of 1st party game developers, beginning with Crucible

Amazon pitches both Crucible and New World as seemingly stand-alone offerings from a relatively nascent gaming company.

[email protected] Spotlight launches to showcase indie games

The [email protected] team announced yesterday the [email protected] Spotlight, a new initiative to highlight new indie games coming soon to Xbox One.

Mixer continues to lag behind Twitch and YouTube, according to new quarterly report

Even though the number of unique active channels on Mixer grew during Q1 2020, the service is still struggling to attract an audience according to a new report.

Office 365 from the Microsoft Store, or Office 365 retail download, which is right for me?

In this guide, we'll explain the differences between installing Office 365 from the Microsoft Store, and from the retail download.

LinkedIn mobile app could soon get dark mode support

The development team behind the LinkedIn app for Android seems to be working on a dark mode for it.

Surface Headphones nine months later: An on the road review

In this primarily and non-technical personal review, I will talk about Surface Headphones fit in with my life. 

IT人的自我导向型学习:学习的12 - 周 金根


俄总统发言人:普京没有手机 会用固定电话联系朋友


必应搜索应用登陆Firefox OS

微软在必应搜索上花的功夫可不少,尤其是在支持多平台上,现在,微软把必应搜索带到了Mozilla公司的Firef […]

12 Homemade Body Scrubs to Keep You Smooth All Summer

There's more than one way to get buff this summer.Harsh rays, sweltering temperatures and weekend trips to the beach can harm your delicate skin. Even if you can't get yourself to the spa, you can still show your skin some love with DIY remedies.See also:

电信巨头Verizon滥用客户信息 遭罚740万美元


5 tips to help you tell the story of your startup

Whether you’re a startup looking to attract venture capitalists, a nonprofit hoping to break your previous funding record, or an established business venturing into new territory, you need to be able to sell your story to all the people in a position to help you succeed — or, quite simply,

发布会前你能知道 Apple Watch 的 8 个问题

苹果定于当地时间 3 月 9 日的 Spring Forward 发布会在即,尽管 Apple Watch 已经发布快半年,但关于这款产品的细节仍然不明朗。9to5Mac 通过消息源得到了一系列新消息。 电池续航究竟是多少?

Apple's New Selling Point Is Privacy

Apple got caught up in a game of “me too” during this year’s WWDC keynote address, but if you listen closely, you notice that it’s starting to pitch products not just on their design or their power, but on how they protect a user’s privacy.



Facing scrutiny about his background, Ben Carson emerges from debate unscathed

It could have been his undoing, but if anything, Tuesday night's Republican primary debate did little to shake Ben Carson's newly-found place atop the GOP field.The retired neurosurgeon took the stage after a string of news reports intensely focused on his biography,

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