For World Emoji Day, the Unicode Consortium redesigns its site to be more user-friendly

Ahead of World Emoji Day on Wednesday, July 17, Apple and Google announced plans to bring an expanded set of emoji to their respective platforms. Today, the Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit organization responsible for determining which emoji get the greenlight,

SpaceX could catch future Crew Dragons with astronauts onboard using ships at sea

SpaceX demonstrated a safety system that will protect astronauts in the case of any unfortunate unforeseen accidents in future Crew Dragon flights, which included the spacecraft splashing down in the Atlantic Ocean,

First crewed SpaceX Dragon spacecraft launch could happen in Q2 this year

SpaceX and NASA hosted a press conference following their successful test of the Crew Dragon’s in-flight abort system on Sunday to discuss the mission and next steps. The first question asked by media in attendance was about what this means for the timeline for a mission with actual crew on board,

Shadows’ Dylan Flinn and Kombo’s Kevin Gould on the business of ‘virtual influencers’

In films, TV shows and books — and even in video games where characters are designed to respond to user behavior — we don’t perceive characters as beings with whom we can establish two-way relationships. But that’s poised to change, at least in some use cases. Interactive characters — fictional,

SpaceX successfully completes key test of its Crew Dragon human spacecraft

SpaceX completed a crucial test of a key safety system of its Crew Dragon spacecraft today. The test involved launching its Crew Dragon using a Falcon 9, though without any actual crew on board. The launch was then intentionally cut short,

TechCrunch’s Top 10 investigative reports from 2019

Facebook spying on teens, Twitter accounts hijacked by terrorists, and sexual abuse imagery found on Bing and Giphy were amongst the ugly truths revealed by TechCrunch’s investigating reporting in 2019.

Watch SpaceX launch its Crew Dragon astronaut spacecraft for a key safety test

SpaceX is looking to launch its Crew Dragon spacecraft using a Falcon 9 rocket today, in a crucial test of the human-rated spacecraft’s In-Flight Abort (IFA) system. This safety feature will separate the Crew Dragon from the Falcon 9 rocket early,

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon astronaut spacecraft has a key launch Saturday — here’s what’s going down

Update: Due to weather conditions, SpaceX and NASA won’t be attempting their launch Saturday, and will instead look to their backup window on Sunday. Weather for Sunday also isn’t looking great today, so this could shift again. Stay tuned for updates.

Facebook’s regulation dodge: Let us, or China will

Facebook is leaning on fears of China exporting its authoritarian social values to counter arguments that it should be broken up or slowed down. Its top executives have each claimed that if the U.S. limits its size, blocks its acquisitions, or bans its cryptocurrency,

Daily Crunch: Neuralink prepares for brain-computer testing

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1.

Let CrunchMatch simplify your networking at Disrupt SF 2019

Set in the city where startup dreams began, TechCrunch’s flagship tech conference — Disrupt San Francisco 2019 — takes place October 2-4. And with more than 10,000 attendees converging on Moscone North Convention Center, the networking possibilities can seem downright daunting.

silverlight中Combox绑定数据以及动态绑定默认选定项的用法 - 雲霏霏

在Sliverlight中,经常要用到下拉框Combox,然而Combox的数据绑定却是一件令初学者很头疼的事情。今天就来总结一下下拉框的使用方法:下面写一个简单的例子吧。先写一个日期的Model,代码如下: public class Date { public string Da...


HERE 地图是诺基亚公司未被微软收购的支柱业务之一,这款应用自诞生以来便一直由 Windows Phone 独占,不过在今年 5 月初,诺基亚全新的招聘信息透露该公司正计划推出 iOS 和 Android 版本的 HERE 地图应用。  

Effective Modern C++翻译(1) - magicsoar

世界顶级C++大师Scott Meyers的最新著作Effective Modern C++





诺基亚走了却还未回来 但你能忘记这5款手机?

众所周知,去年诺基亚将设备和服务部门完整的交给微软,并且自身已经不再负责 Windows Phone 智能手机的开发。与此同时,诺基亚最新财报表明,剔除了手机业务,其业绩已经彻底告别“亏损”,营业利润达到 5.12 亿美元。

喜欢锤子手机重绘的图标?让你一次看个够 | 国内周榜

说起 “富有情怀” 的锤子手机,就不得不提它独具一格的图标。在眼花缭乱的 Android 图标中,锤子以其拟物化的风格,收获了不少粉丝的心。 本周 “MindStore.

贪吃蛇作者回归 为智能手机创作续集

多年前诺基亚手机上的贪吃蛇游戏已经开启手游时代,在诺基亚手机业务卖给微软之后,现在贪吃蛇作者Taneli Armanto表示会在本月底推出贪吃蛇一个全新的版本,Taneli Armanto已经与芬兰游戏工作室Rumilus合作,打造这款经典游戏的最新版本,名称是“Snake Rewind”,这款新游戏采用了新的图形和游戏功能,其中有高分排行榜,还有倒回功能。

El Capitan 暗藏資料!21.5 吋 iMac 或將會推出 4K 螢幕版本

每次 Apple 產品在更新系統之前,其系統的測試版本經常都會暗藏一些仍未公開 的資訊。比如早前就有人從 iOS 9 的源代碼中發現,iPad Pro 的螢幕解像度可能高達 2,732 x 2,048。

Fourth blogger is hacked to death in Bangladesh

Avijit Roy was hacked to death in February as he left a university book fair. Washiqur Rahman was murdered in March as he left his house for work. Ananta Bijoy Ras was butchered in May while en route to his job at a bank. And on Friday,

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