Elon Musk hopes to have brain-reading ‘threads’ available by 2020

These threads are covered in electrodes and inserted into the brain next to neurons and synapses. The results could allow humans to "merge" with artificial intelligence.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Artificial Intelligence, Elon Musk, and Brain Research

The end of 'Dolittle' is breaking everyone's brain

If Dolittle is on your must-watch list, you should know there are spoilers ahead. (And also that I'm sorry.) This is your only chance to turn back.I hope you're still here, because this is some weird and wild stuffDolittle, in case you hadn't heard, is Robert Downey Jr.

Photos show staggering snow pile-ups in Canada after historic weekend blizzard

It's been a long, cold weekend of hunkering down for people living in eastern Canada.A powerful blizzard dumped a record-shattering amount of snow on the province of Newfoundland across Friday and Saturday. After moving through the northeastern U.S. at the end of the week,

Watch a SpaceX rocket break apart in a test that clears the way to crewed missions

On Jan. 19, SpaceX performed its final test before putting astronauts in its Crew Dragon capsule by intentionally aborting a Falcon 9 rocket launch shortly after liftoff. A video of the In-Flight Abort Test, which was recorded live in conjunction with NASA at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida,

Watching 'Little Women': We were four sisters. Now we are three.

When we first watched (and rewatched and rewatched, ad infinitum) Gillian Armstrong’s Little Women as girls we were four sisters. Now, we are three.After my sister died two years ago, I couldn't understand why the change to our number — no longer four,

HBO's 'Avenue 5' charts a ballsy voyage to comedy's final frontier

The following is a spoiler-free review of HBO's Avenue 5. HBO's Avenue 5 isn't stellar yet...but dang, if it isn't thiiiiiis close.When Veep creator Armando Iannucci announced he'd be taking on the sci-fi genre,

Here's how to extend your activism beyond the Women's March

Once a massive outlet for the bubbling contempt felt by so many after President Trump's election and inauguration, the fervor for the 2017 Women's March, likely the largest single-day protest in U.S. history,

Give coding a shot with this $39 Python bootcamp

TL;DR: Become a master of data science with the Ultimate Python Programmer and Data Certification Bundle for $39, a 97% savings. If you want to be successful as a programmer, you need to master things like app development and data science. A great way to do it? Learning Python. 

A pickup truck emoji may be on its way

The emoji, displayed and created by Ford, was proposed for the 2020 additions to the emoji keyboard.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Iphone, Smartphones, Mashable Video, and Emoji

Bitcoin drops below $10,000 as Libra enters the fold

The cryptocurrency reached a low of $9,214. With Libra, a Facebook-owned cryptocurrency, entering the ring, many are pointing to the criticism Facebook and cryptocurrencies in general are facing as a potential reason behind the decline.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video,

Controversial search engine Dragonfly has been ‘terminated,’ Google exec claims

This was a step away from another exec’s December 2018 statements that Google didn’t have plans to launch a search product in China “right now.” Dragonfly was criticized for the privacy, censorship, and human rights concerns it may have caused.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Google,


  在IXDC大会上,针对游戏社区产品的设计思路,葡萄君专访了腾讯游戏官方设计团队TGideas设计 […]

10 'Cat Fancy' covers to celebrate an immeowculate magazine

Nothing gold can stay — not even Cat FancyI-5 Publishing announced its plans last month to discontinue the world's preeminent cat magazine, which launched in 1965, in favor of two new magazines aimed to suit modern times: Catster and Dogster, which will debut in February.See also:



苹果将放弃WP版《Beats Music》后续开发

威智网2月5日消息,《Beats Music》是 Beats 公司为 Windows Phone 平台推出的一款音乐应用,订阅用户可以通过这款应用免费无限量地获取超过 2000 万首不同流派的歌曲,并且还能下载音乐离线畅听。


## 学习 R 的方法 知识和耐心,是成为强者的唯一方法。 - 通过阅读来学习。   包括了阅读经典的教材、代码、论文、学习公开课。 - 通过牛人来学习。  

IHS Infonetics:预计2019年全球混合光纤同轴网光节点出货量200000单位

报告表示,2014年全球混合光纤同轴网光节点收益达3.56亿美元,同比增长14%。IHS Infonetics补充说,2014年80%的全球光节点收益来自数字返回节点,15%来自模拟返回节点。

CrunchWeek: Tech Stocks Fumble, Facebook Announces ‘M,’ And YouTube Takes On Twitch

Welcome back to another episode of CrunchWeek. We’re very glad that you are here. This time ’round, our fearless Matthew Lynley headed the ship, while our own Josh Constine and your humble servant were on hand to help out along the way. We dug into the very turbulent global markets,

20岁小伙沉迷网游连续熬夜4天 熬出“脑出血”


最终幻想 9 移植版今日登陆 iOS、Android

该来的总是会来的,在连续移植上瘾之后手游大厂史克威尔艾尼克斯终于把最终幻想 IX 移植到了 iOS 和 Android 平台上。 最终幻想第九代最早发售于 2000 年的 PS 平台,累计销量超过 550 万份。此次的移植版和之前一样提供了更高清晰度的 CG 动画、人物模型、成就系统、自动保存机制和所谓的「游戏助推器」(其实就是内挂)。 从现在起你在 App Store 和 Google Play 可以直接以 21 美元的价格购买移植版的最终幻想 9,不过在 2 月 21 日之前有 8 折优惠。游戏中不含任何额外付费和内购道具,一次购买就可以完整享受游戏体验。


上一期说了最初的产品定位(详见《从什么都没有开始,产品定位遵循的基本路径》),但在实际上来看定位所有列出来的项 ...

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