Let CrunchMatch simplify your networking at Disrupt SF 2019

Set in the city where startup dreams began, TechCrunch’s flagship tech conference — Disrupt San Francisco 2019 — takes place October 2-4. And with more than 10,000 attendees converging on Moscone North Convention Center, the networking possibilities can seem downright daunting.

SpaceX could catch future Crew Dragons with astronauts onboard using ships at sea

SpaceX demonstrated a safety system that will protect astronauts in the case of any unfortunate unforeseen accidents in future Crew Dragon flights, which included the spacecraft splashing down in the Atlantic Ocean,

First crewed SpaceX Dragon spacecraft launch could happen in Q2 this year

SpaceX and NASA hosted a press conference following their successful test of the Crew Dragon’s in-flight abort system on Sunday to discuss the mission and next steps. The first question asked by media in attendance was about what this means for the timeline for a mission with actual crew on board,

Shadows’ Dylan Flinn and Kombo’s Kevin Gould on the business of ‘virtual influencers’

In films, TV shows and books — and even in video games where characters are designed to respond to user behavior — we don’t perceive characters as beings with whom we can establish two-way relationships. But that’s poised to change, at least in some use cases. Interactive characters — fictional,

SpaceX successfully completes key test of its Crew Dragon human spacecraft

SpaceX completed a crucial test of a key safety system of its Crew Dragon spacecraft today. The test involved launching its Crew Dragon using a Falcon 9, though without any actual crew on board. The launch was then intentionally cut short,

TechCrunch’s Top 10 investigative reports from 2019

Facebook spying on teens, Twitter accounts hijacked by terrorists, and sexual abuse imagery found on Bing and Giphy were amongst the ugly truths revealed by TechCrunch’s investigating reporting in 2019.

Watch SpaceX launch its Crew Dragon astronaut spacecraft for a key safety test

SpaceX is looking to launch its Crew Dragon spacecraft using a Falcon 9 rocket today, in a crucial test of the human-rated spacecraft’s In-Flight Abort (IFA) system. This safety feature will separate the Crew Dragon from the Falcon 9 rocket early,

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon astronaut spacecraft has a key launch Saturday — here’s what’s going down

Update: Due to weather conditions, SpaceX and NASA won’t be attempting their launch Saturday, and will instead look to their backup window on Sunday. Weather for Sunday also isn’t looking great today, so this could shift again. Stay tuned for updates.

AT&T signs $2 billion cloud deal with Microsoft

While AWS leads the cloud infrastructure market by wide margin, Microsoft isn’t doing too badly, ensconced firmly in second place, the only other company with double-digit share. Today, it announced a big deal with AT&T that encompasses both Azure cloud infrastructure services and Office 365.

Crowdfunded spacecraft LightSail 2 snaps amazing photos ahead of solar sail deployment

LightSail 2 may still have at least a few days to go before it begins its primary purpose, by unfurling the solar sail it has on board and finding out more about propelling a spacecraft using only the force of photons, but it’s not wasting any time on its orbital voyage. New photos from the […]

How much HR does a scale-up need?

Nora Jenkins Townson Contributor Share on Twitter Nora is an unconventional HR expert based in Toronto. After helping successful startups like FreshBooks and Wealthsimple grow, she founded Bright + Early, an HR consultancy focused on helping scaling companies build impactful people programs.

数据化运营(1) - kobeshow

前段时间,boss推荐,买来看了一下,觉得里面有很多干货,尽管有关怎么建模,如何建模等深入到算法层面的东西讲的比较少,但是该书站在商业化,业务+技术的角度阐释了该如何做数据挖掘,以下我是用思维导图的方式记录了的笔记(直接从云笔记里面copy过来)第三章 常见数据分析模型第四章 数据化运营是跨专业、跨.

How a 'New Low' in Spycraft Changed the Ukraine Sniper Conversation

UNITED NATIONS — Were those Ukrainians killed by snipers in Kiev last month victims of then-President Viktor Yanukovych?

Where's the Plane, Day 10: The Search Grows to 26 Nations

The number of countries involved in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane grew to 26 over the weekend — a "significant diplomatic, technical and logistical challenge," according to Hussein Hishammuddin, Malaysia's minster of defense and acting minister of transport."Today,





单身多年 原来是基因惹的祸?

“有些人平时和别人看不出有什么区别,一到节日就暴露了”——致七夕的你。        每逢七夕,单身狗总会感受到这个世界满满的“恶意”。如今,这种状况或许会有所改变。





Goldman Sachs launches GS Bank, an Internet bank with a $1 minimum deposit

Goldman Sachs has traditionally functioned like a run-of-the-mill investment bank. Minimums to open an account were in the range of $10M, and returns were not guaranteed. While that will still remain true for the firm’s wealth management arm,

Bnbsitter raises $2.5M for on-demand concierge service for short term rentals

Bnbsitter is another startup operating in the Airbnb and short term rentals ecosystem. However, unlike property-management style concierge services, such as London-based Hostmaker, which charge an on-going management fee,

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