How much HR does a scale-up need?

Nora Jenkins Townson Contributor Share on Twitter Nora is an unconventional HR expert based in Toronto. After helping successful startups like FreshBooks and Wealthsimple grow, she founded Bright + Early, an HR consultancy focused on helping scaling companies build impactful people programs.

Straight Talk: Enter data deduplication

This guide identifies and explains the various backup complexities, and the ultimate solution that solves the backup and restore problem permanently. Read more:

Straight Talk: Considerations and questions for vendors

Missed out on the previous parts of our Straight Talk series? Check out the introduction to data backup and deduplication, 

Straight Talk: Sizing a disk backup system

This guide identifies and explains the various backup complexities, and the ultimate solution that solves the backup and restore problem permanently. Read more:

3 New Kinds of Battery That Just Might Change the World

We used to think that technology was about devices. We were wrong. Those feeble plastic and glass exoskeletons are nowhere near as important as the batteries that power them. Which is why the race to a better battery is fueled by insane hype—threaded with genuine innovation.Read more...

Web host Hostinger says data breach may affect 14 million customers

Hostinger said it has reset user passwords as a “precautionary measure” after it detected unauthorized access to a database containing information on millions of its customers. The breach is said to have happened on Thursday.

Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Red Sea Diving Resort’ awkwardly mixes fiction and reality

“The Red Sea Diving Resort,” a new film on Netflix, is based on the true story of Mossad agents who took over an abandoned holiday resort in Sudan to smuggle Jewish Ethiopian refugees out of the country. As we explain in the latest episode of the Original Content podcast,

The risks of amoral A.I.

Kyle Dent Contributor Kyle Dent is a Research Area Manager for PARC, a Xerox Company, focused on the interplay between people and technology. He also leads the ethics review committee at PARC. Artificial intelligence is now being used to make decisions about lives, livelihoods,

Crypto means cryptotheology

Cryptocurrencies are a religion as much as they are a technology. They almost have to be, given their adherents’ gargantuan ambition of fundamentally changing how the world works. This means they attract charlatans, lunatics, frauds, and false prophets,

Week in Review: Google rips out its sweet tooth

Hey. This is Week-in-Review, where I give a heavy amount of analysis and/or rambling thoughts on one story while scouring the rest of the hundreds of stories that emerged on TechCrunch this week to surface my favorites for your reading pleasure. Last week,

Uber tries to reassure customers that it takes safety seriously, following NYTimes book exerpt

It’s hard at times not to feel sorry for Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, given all that he inherited when he became the ride-share giant’s top boss back in April 2017. Among his many to-do items:

Y Combinator Demo Day, revenue-based VC funding, Pivotal, Dell, Tumblr, WeWork, and more

Editor’s note Due to bad travel logistics (thanks SFO), I wasn’t able to get the mid-week edition of the Extra Crunch roundup newsletter out. Sorry about that. Instead, here is everything we published this week on Extra Crunch in one fell swoop — and my, we covered a lot of ground.

In-space shuttle service, Momentus, raises $25.5 million as investments climb for “new space” tech

With commercial launch services expected to reach $7 billion by 2024, there’s increasing demand for an array of new technologies that can offer advantages to companies looking to get communications infrastructure in orbit. That’s one of the reasons behind the new $25.

Spotify partners with Disney on a new streaming hub aimed at families

In an effort likely aimed at boosting family memberships, Spotify this morning announced a new partnership with Disney on the creation of a Disney Hub on its streaming service. Here, Disney fans in select markets including the U.S.

Fifth Wall Ventures raises $503M for second real estate fund

Fifth Wall Ventures, an investor in Clutter, b8ta, ClassPass, Lime and others, has raised $503 million for its sophomore venture capital fund. The firm, which closed on $212 million for its debut fund in May 2017,

Pebble 得到大更新:兼容 iOS 8,支持 Emoji 但没有中文呢...

iOS 刚刚改朝换代,升上了第八版,其他厂商当然正忙着将旗下产品的软体改成兼容 iOS 8 吧,而刚刚有新消息跟大家分享就是 Pebble 了。他们宣佈 Pebble OS 已经升上 2.5...




根据eBay的报告显示,在2014年每个跨境电商卖家平均计划增招8名全职雇员 。跨境电商零售出口产业已迎来了主体多元、布局全面的发展新阶段。那么,你清楚跨境电商零售出口有哪五大趋势嘛?  

Playful Self:探讨“身体数据”的互动展览

Playful Self 是都柏林科学画廊中的一个互动展览,其目的是探讨“生物识别”以及“身体数据”的意义所在。

WSJ:谷歌重组获投资者认可 但并未增加透明度


Internet For All Is an Impossible Dream Right Now

From satellites, to autonomous solar-powered drones, or balloons, there have been plenty of ideas recently on how to connect up the world. Facebook, Google, large international organisations, national governments, even Bono,

Facebook won't let you mention this website anymore

Facebook has stopped allowing its users to mention the name of another social network on its apps and website, but it's not for the reason you might think.The site is, an invite-only social network that is premised on the idea of sharing ad revenue with its users. The problem, it seems,

平過杯份子雪糕!依莉詩親試松鼠仔 Squly Pop-up Cafe

最近 Pop-up Cafe 大行其道,就連本土設計的卡通人物都唔輸蝕。 繼癲噹成為夢見屋店主之後, 今次輪到松鼠仔 Squly 的朋友仔 Ladeka 成為 Lab Made 店主。 我依莉詩今日就率先到荃灣店品嚐一下佢精心炮製的份子甜品!



Bose gets serious about wireless headphones, debuts 4 wildly different models

Bose has done a good job in recent years of keeping its venerable brand current with tech-savvy products like Spotify-integrated speakers, a whole-house audio system, and noise-cancelling earphones. It's even plunged into the world of apps.However,

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