How much HR does a scale-up need?

Nora Jenkins Townson Contributor Share on Twitter Nora is an unconventional HR expert based in Toronto. After helping successful startups like FreshBooks and Wealthsimple grow, she founded Bright + Early, an HR consultancy focused on helping scaling companies build impactful people programs.

Straight Talk: Enter data deduplication

This guide identifies and explains the various backup complexities, and the ultimate solution that solves the backup and restore problem permanently. Read more:

Straight Talk: Considerations and questions for vendors

Missed out on the previous parts of our Straight Talk series? Check out the introduction to data backup and deduplication, 

Straight Talk: Sizing a disk backup system

This guide identifies and explains the various backup complexities, and the ultimate solution that solves the backup and restore problem permanently. Read more:

3 New Kinds of Battery That Just Might Change the World

We used to think that technology was about devices. We were wrong. Those feeble plastic and glass exoskeletons are nowhere near as important as the batteries that power them. Which is why the race to a better battery is fueled by insane hype—threaded with genuine innovation.Read more...

SpaceX could catch future Crew Dragons with astronauts onboard using ships at sea

SpaceX demonstrated a safety system that will protect astronauts in the case of any unfortunate unforeseen accidents in future Crew Dragon flights, which included the spacecraft splashing down in the Atlantic Ocean,

First crewed SpaceX Dragon spacecraft launch could happen in Q2 this year

SpaceX and NASA hosted a press conference following their successful test of the Crew Dragon’s in-flight abort system on Sunday to discuss the mission and next steps. The first question asked by media in attendance was about what this means for the timeline for a mission with actual crew on board,

Shadows’ Dylan Flinn and Kombo’s Kevin Gould on the business of ‘virtual influencers’

In films, TV shows and books — and even in video games where characters are designed to respond to user behavior — we don’t perceive characters as beings with whom we can establish two-way relationships. But that’s poised to change, at least in some use cases. Interactive characters — fictional,

SpaceX successfully completes key test of its Crew Dragon human spacecraft

SpaceX completed a crucial test of a key safety system of its Crew Dragon spacecraft today. The test involved launching its Crew Dragon using a Falcon 9, though without any actual crew on board. The launch was then intentionally cut short,

TechCrunch’s Top 10 investigative reports from 2019

Facebook spying on teens, Twitter accounts hijacked by terrorists, and sexual abuse imagery found on Bing and Giphy were amongst the ugly truths revealed by TechCrunch’s investigating reporting in 2019.

Watch SpaceX launch its Crew Dragon astronaut spacecraft for a key safety test

SpaceX is looking to launch its Crew Dragon spacecraft using a Falcon 9 rocket today, in a crucial test of the human-rated spacecraft’s In-Flight Abort (IFA) system. This safety feature will separate the Crew Dragon from the Falcon 9 rocket early,

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon astronaut spacecraft has a key launch Saturday — here’s what’s going down

Update: Due to weather conditions, SpaceX and NASA won’t be attempting their launch Saturday, and will instead look to their backup window on Sunday. Weather for Sunday also isn’t looking great today, so this could shift again. Stay tuned for updates.

In-space shuttle service, Momentus, raises $25.5 million as investments climb for “new space” tech

With commercial launch services expected to reach $7 billion by 2024, there’s increasing demand for an array of new technologies that can offer advantages to companies looking to get communications infrastructure in orbit. That’s one of the reasons behind the new $25.

Spotify partners with Disney on a new streaming hub aimed at families

In an effort likely aimed at boosting family memberships, Spotify this morning announced a new partnership with Disney on the creation of a Disney Hub on its streaming service. Here, Disney fans in select markets including the U.S.

Fifth Wall Ventures raises $503M for second real estate fund

Fifth Wall Ventures, an investor in Clutter, b8ta, ClassPass, Lime and others, has raised $503 million for its sophomore venture capital fund. The firm, which closed on $212 million for its debut fund in May 2017,




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The Story Behind That Giant Astronaut Floating Around Coachella

Last year, Coachella's main event art installation was a giant snail. But this year, the mobile art installation at the popular music festival is a three-story-tall astronaut, formally known as "Escape Velocity." And it's totally awesome. Read more...

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From the popular to the puntastic: What's in a British pub name?

In the immortal words of the Bard, what's in a name? Well, if we're talking pub names, plenty. From the King's Head to the Queen's Arms via the odd Shoulder of Mutton,

Linux开发环境搭建与使用系列教程 - MikeJiang


Watch This Baby Take a Smurf-Themed Cognition Test

This video shows us what happens when a kid has to judge someone else’s reaction. Surprisingly, even a baby can do this, and this test shows how scientists find that out.Read more...


如果说淘宝类传统电商干掉的是线下百货店和连锁店,那社区电商就在冲击着线下大超市和传统电商。但社区电商至今又还没 ...

美得会发光! iPhone 7 概念新作 Home 键又成新亮点

威锋网讯,时下的概念 iPhone 设计基本上遵循了近来曝光的传闻,今天这款由设计师 Giorgi Tedoradze 打造的概念 iPhone 7 也同样如此。从这些概念图片可以看出,这款概念机型继续采用了圆角的设计,而背部的天线也 ... ...



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