Kaspersky tracks down major new ransomware

This one is different, and more dangerous.

Fujitsu supercharges healthcare AI

New text mining system will cut down on processing and wait times.

Amazon hiring 2,000 more UK workers

Among the 2,000 new workers the tech and retail giant is looking for, are engineers, software developers, as well as data scientists.

Top technological trends for 2019 and beyond

As an entrepreneur or an established businessman, you need to broaden your thinking, explore technologies and implement the ones that will aid the growth of your business even further.

Broadcom reportedly in talks to buy Symantec

The deal could be worth $15 billion.

How messaging apps are raising the stakes with slack

Enterprise communication expert, Praveen Kandyadi, shares his insights on best practices messaging apps need to implement in order to beat the biggest player in the market.

Connected cars and the future of transport

Q&A with Ankur Bhan, head of WING business at Nokia.

Many companies still don't feel comfortable handling customer data

There's still confusion around who's responsible for data management.

Can increased trust in employers help society win the war on fake news?

Globally people have more trust in their employers than in any other single institution, which puts them in a position to really positively influence their workforces.

How to keep perishable goods in optimal condition with remote temperature monitoring

Learn more about how to ensure the integrity of your sensitive cargo over long distances.

Reasons for the hybrid cloud: Disaster recovery and cost

Do disaster recovery and cost drive hybrid cloud adoption?


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Sniffing Out Cancer With Electronic Noses

An anonymous reader writes "We may soon be able to obtain easy and early diagnoses of diseases by smell. This week researchers found one odor-sniffing machine was as good as a mammogram at detecting breast cancer — and many other devices capable of spotting other diseases may be on the way.


极客 写道 "据 The Verge 报道(中文),机器人专家偏爱刚性结构,因为算法可以从成熟的工业机器人移植。但是软体机器人的出现解决了现有机器人的两大问题。

Report: Oculus VR Is Working on Motion Controllers for the Rift

The Oculus Rift is a fantastic headset, but looking at stuff is only one part of VR. If you want to interact you need some sort of controller, and CNET is reporting that Oculus VR is working on its own first-party ones. Read more...

使用 Bootstrap 和 HTML5 Boilerplate 开始一个项目再续 - 唯利是图

Bootstrap 和 HTML5 Boilerplate 两大 Web 开发利器将会迸出什么样的火花呢!

Cegedim Relationship Management和AHM宣布缔结商业联盟,为全球生命科学公司提供独特的端到端披露报告 ...

全球首创的HCP/HCO价值转移交互合规联合解决方案 巴黎--(美国商业资讯)--Cegedim Relationship Management和AHM今天宣布,两家公司正在开展合作,为全球生命科学公司提供独特的披露报告解决方案。

MediaFire 提供相片自動備份、媒體串流功能

供網民分享檔案的網站不少,當中 MediaFire 是其中較具規模和歷史的一個。他們最近更新了 Android App,提供更多新服務,包括了自動上傳備份相片和串流播放儲存了的內容。


上海2015年8月8日电 /美通社/ -- 二季度净销售额在计入收购、资产剥离和汇率的影响下与去年同期持平 收购和资产剥离对业绩贡献了1.4个百分点 汇兑损失拖累业绩1.3个百分点 二季度摊薄后每股净亏损0.

Boogie Dice:拍拍手就会滚动的自动化骰子

如果你很难让正在玩平板电脑的孩子围坐在一起,玩一场愉快的家庭游戏的话,出现在 Kickstarter 上的一对新型骰子或许能够让孩子们抛开那块触摸屏,因为它们不需要触碰就能自己打滚。  

Microsoft’s just officially announced a recall for Surface Pro chargers sold up to March 15, 2015, i

Microsoft’s just officially announced a recall for Surface Pro chargers sold up to March 15, 2015, in the US and July 15, 2015, elsewhere. This excludes Microsoft’s latest crop of Surface devices but would include every other Surface Pro since.

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