Beoplay H9 review: Are B&O's newest headphones worth the price?

Beoplay H9 Headphones$500View ProductThe GoodPristine sound quality • Eerily quiet noise-cancellation • High-quality constructionThe BadMighty empty your wallet and then someThe Bottom LineThe Beoplay H9 headphones are exactly as advertised,

Zuckerberg really said Trump's 'shooting' comment has 'no history' as a 'dog whistle'

You'd think all that money could buy a history lesson. In leaked audio obtained by Recode, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told his employees Tuesday that Trump's incitement to violence — hosted by, and spread via Facebook — could remain on the site because it only encouraged "excessive policing.

Facebook wanted to offer him a job. Here’s why he publicly turned it down.

Facebook employees are taking a stand over CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s inaction towards President Donald Trump’s inflammatory posts promoting violence against protestors. This week, at least two employees have already resigned from the company.

The 49ers, Kaepernick's last NFL team, criticized for Blackout Tuesday post

The San Francisco 49ers — the NFL franchise that infamously helped push Colin Kaepernick out of the league — posted in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and used the hashtag #BlackoutTuesday in a tweet on Tuesday. Folks were obviously pretty quick to point out the hypocrisy.

This poolside table charges your phone through solar power — Future Blink

The Suntable solar-powered charging table gives your phone easy access to an energy source while poolside. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Solar Energy, Smartphone Accessories, and Charging Station

Justin Trudeau takes uncomfortably long pause before answering question about Trump and protests

Canadian Prime MinisterJustin Trudeau took his sweet time — about 20 seconds — to find the right words to answer a question about President Donald Trump and his call for military force to be used against the widespread anti-racism protests in the United States. Eventually,

Build a dream home theater with a Samsung TV and soundbar bundle

TL;DR: Buy the immersive Samsung 65-inch Q70 4K TV for $1,099.99 from Best Buy as of June 2. On top of your $200 discount, you can save up to $200 off a qualifying soundbar system when you add it to your shopping cart. Like many others,

Grindr has removed its controversial ethnicity filters

The killing of George Floyd by police officers has spurred not only protests across the United States, but also — often embarrassing — responses from brands.The queer dating app Grindr offered its own statement on Twitter and Instagram on Monday, coinciding with the first day of Pride Month.

Day in a minute

ADVERTISING CONTENT FROM Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.As a New York City real estate agent and design consultant, David Palmieri likes his days action-packed.

Get Powerbeats3 wireless headphones for $100 off

The brand-spanking-new Beats Powerhouse Pros hit Apple store shelves earlier this month, and according to Mashable's own Ray Wong, "they're the most well-rounded wireless earbuds you can buy." High praise, to be sure, but nevertheless we couldn't blame you for balking at their $249.95 price tag.

Buy a Nintendo Switch and get 2 free bonus controllers

If you’re a habitual video game player and haven't yet picked up a Nintendo Switch, now is probably one of your best chances to get a good deal. Out of all the bundles currently available, this one most likely holds the most value. For $299 at Walmart,



Chinese-Built Cars Are Coming To the US Next Year

cartechboy (2660665) writes "Made In China." It's a sticker we all know too well here in the U.S.,and yet, it seems not everything we buy is made in China. To date, there haven't been Chinese-built cars in the U.S.,but we keep hearing they are coming. Now it seems it's about to become a reality,

£169 energy monitor will save the UK £2.8b on energy bills

Smappee’s energy monitors claim to save each household around £110 a year on bills by monitoring where energy is being wasted and stops it from happening.Read more:

Open webOS更名LuneOS:每月初发布新版本

Open webOS项目还“活着”,并且进展相当不错。尽管距离上一个重大更新(Alpha 2)已有一年多,但是该移植系统现在已经正式更名为LuneOS了。目前,该OS的最新版本已支持Nexus 4、Galaxy Nexus、Nexus 7(2012)、以及惠普的TouchPad。

团购、非银行代销即违规 银行理财风险准备1500亿?


东芝授权ARM Cortex-A53高性能微处理器

东京--(美国商业资讯)--东芝公司(TOKYO:6502)今日宣布公司已授权ARM® Cortex®-A53处理器,该处理器可无缝支持32位和64位码,是能效最高的ARMv8-A处理器。

Motorist caught on camera in a very British road rage incident

Before today, Ronnie Pickering was a normal guy who went about his business near Hull in the UK.Then he ran into a motorbike driver who, with help from his handy helmet camera, launched him to Internet notoriety.See also: Two stubborn Mercedes drivers get stuck in a tunnel,

诺基亚 OZO VR 相机完整规格公开,售价真不便宜啊...

几个月前,诺基亚首度公开了自己的新产品 OZO VR 相机,而在今天早些时候的洛杉矶发布会上,这款设备终于正式开启了预售。其订价最终落在了 60,000 美元(约人民币 384,000),需预付 5,000(约人民币 32,

氪纪 2015|扑朔迷离的随访,红海后的出路又在何方?


動員集團資源戰略布局,三星宣布 2016 年 SUHD 智慧電視將全面 IoT Ready

三星宣布將於 2016 年為品牌 SUHD 智慧電視全面進行 IoT Ready ,藉搭載 IoT hub 技術,使之能成為智慧家庭控制中心;三星此技術是與 SmartThings 合作,故可連接到包括三星設備、 SmartThings 感測器以及相容 SmartThing 設備等,使三星 SUHD 智慧電視成為智慧家庭中樞。閱讀全文

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