How the cloud aids business growth

This HP whitepaper looks at how, when working to the accepted definition of cloud computing, the technology allows organisations to efficiently grow. Read more:

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Majority of decision makers plan to harness quantum computing in near future

Interest in quantum computing is tied to driving a tangible, financial return.

Working from home is changing digital transformation budgets for good

Despite budget cuts across the board, enterprises are still spending more on IT solutions.

IT teams are finally getting the credit they deserve

Senior management appreciates the work CIOs and IT leaders are doing.

Security budgets expected to expand significantly over next three years

Despite coronavirus budget cuts, most IT pros expect security spending to rise.

Cyberthreats are getting more intense

Microsoft says hacking groups are getting harder to spot.

A decade long software revolution – how the UK has become a global tech hub

Let's explore the software revolution and identify how the UK can stay ahead.

More productivity, less monitoring: How to improve remote productivity without resorting to surveil

In our new remote working era, business productivity has never been more important.

Think you can crack TOR? The Russian government wants to give you 4m rubles

Russia’s government has issued a 4 million rubles (about £60,000) bounty to anyone who cracks the Tor anonymity network’s encryption protocols. Think you've got what it takes?Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Xbox One overcomes the Great Wall: Now available for pre-order in China

On Friday, China Telecom, the country's third biggest telecommunications company, said it would start selling the Xbox One in China from September, although no pricing details were revealed. Today JD.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Amazon Fire Phone officially launches in US with new premium apps

Amazon Fire Phone, the mythical smartphone which was rumoured for years, has finally become available to consumers. Will it be a success? Time will tell, but a big factor will be its app selection. Read more: http://www.itproportal.

US Drops Link Sharing Charges Against Barrett Brown

In a followup to our story yesterday, Bismillah writes "It seems US prosecutors agree that just publishing a link doesn't amount to transmitting actual files. Brown is not out of the legal woods yet though, and still faces further charges. The EFF released this statement about the decision:

Google Play Services 5.0 更新 将支持 Android Wear

Google 昨日正式发布其 Play Services 5.0 更新,新版本添加了 Android 可穿戴设备支持,并更新一系列 API。

Apple Said To Be Planning OS X-Like Public Beta Seed Program For iOS, Too

Apple intends to offer a public beta program for iOS 8.3 and iOS 9, starting in March and this summer respectively, according to a new report from 9to5Mac. The move makes sense in light of Mac OS X’s public beta program,

Windows 10 is old news, now Microsoft needs to modernize it

Windows 10 has been pushed out to customers and the feedback has been positive. While there are still many questions about how and why Window 10 respects user privacy and data there are still...The post Windows 10 is old news, now Microsoft needs to modernize it appeared first on WinBeta.

Jeb Bush thinks Supergirl is hot and we're all uncomfortable with that

That awkward moment when you're asked about superheroes and you give the biggest bro response ever.During an interview with the Libre Forum in Las Vegas, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush was asked about his favorite superheroes.

For second time in 2 months, thick sandstorm blankets the Middle East

A thick sandstorm cloaked parts of the Middle East on Wednesday, sending people indoors and disrupting travel for millions of travelers — and Michelle Obama.See also: Middle East may become too hot for humans to tolerate,


我还是来讲讲美国。在海外生活的人一定不会对这个标示陌生:“We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone” (“我们保留拒绝为任何人服务的权利”);比如说很多比较正式的餐厅是有着装要求(dress code),如果要求男性穿西装外套或者女性不能穿牛仔裤,而你没遵守这个要求,他是可以拒绝为你服务的。那再比如我在美国租了一个两室一厅的公寓,我发一个广告,表示“寻找室友:只要亚洲小姑娘”,一个黑人大叔可以告我歧视吗?那一个很小的私人旅馆,有十个房间要出租,它发广告表示说“亚洲人最棒了,黑人勿扰”,看起来就是要悲剧的节奏。那这两个的区别在哪儿呢?

2036 年的人们将如何工作?

想象一下有一个来自 1996 年的时间旅行者出现你家前院的草坪上,虽然他的松垮工装外套以及油光水滑的飞机头看上去有点蠢,但是他并无恶意。他渴望了解 2016 年的最新科技,但是你已经需要赶去上班,没时间和他解释。没法子,你决定将这个时间旅行者一起带去上班。 在你一路上向他解释为何 2016 年的汽车仍然不会飞行之后,你终于像打仗一样穿过车流来到了办公室。当你们走进办公楼的大门时,你发现这位穿越时光的小伙伴脸上露出了大失所望的表情。当他看到了人们手中的 iPhone 与笔记本电脑的时候,他的眼睛终于放出了奇异的光芒,惊呼道:「这也没有多大进步啊!




从读书和工作应用两方面来说:几年前读的混合动力硕士是欧洲第一个混合动力专业的Master,从业后发现比较有用(特别是针对以前是机械类专业的学生来说)的课程有下面几个:Architecture of Hybridization (混动系统构架:各种典型的串联并联混连和各种实际搭配案例)Electrical Machines (电机学,主要是永磁电机和永磁感应电机的选型和控制)Power Electronics (AC/DC,DC/DC inverter和converter的设计和控制)Embedded Energy Storage (电池和超级电容系统设计和BMS的算法)Advanced Control of Vehicle Energy Flow (主要是混动控制器能量控制算法的介绍。

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