The U.S. continues to hammer Chinese tech

It’s another week, and another bevy of hits on Chinese tech by the U.S. government. Let’s get up to speed, plus a request for startup lawyer recommendations. TechCrunch is experimenting with new content forms.

HBO Max is bringing back ‘Gossip Girl’

“Gossip Girl,” the soapy CW drama about wealthy teenagers behaving badly in New York City’s Upper East Side, is returning to TV thanks to HBO Max. Specifically, the streaming service has placed a 10-episode, straight-to-series order for an updated version of the show.

Peloton’s new automated vehicle system gives one driver control of two trucks

The trucking world has been inundated in recent years by startups and large companies alike pitching an array of automated driving technology and business strategies, all aiming to solve the big three problems with freight: safety, fuel costs and driver shortages. For Peloton Technology,

For World Emoji Day, the Unicode Consortium redesigns its site to be more user-friendly

Ahead of World Emoji Day on Wednesday, July 17, Apple and Google announced plans to bring an expanded set of emoji to their respective platforms. Today, the Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit organization responsible for determining which emoji get the greenlight,

Facebook’s regulation dodge: Let us, or China will

Facebook is leaning on fears of China exporting its authoritarian social values to counter arguments that it should be broken up or slowed down. Its top executives have each claimed that if the U.S. limits its size, blocks its acquisitions, or bans its cryptocurrency,

Daily Crunch: Neuralink prepares for brain-computer testing

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Let CrunchMatch simplify your networking at Disrupt SF 2019

Set in the city where startup dreams began, TechCrunch’s flagship tech conference — Disrupt San Francisco 2019 — takes place October 2-4. And with more than 10,000 attendees converging on Moscone North Convention Center, the networking possibilities can seem downright daunting.

AT&T signs $2 billion cloud deal with Microsoft

While AWS leads the cloud infrastructure market by wide margin, Microsoft isn’t doing too badly, ensconced firmly in second place, the only other company with double-digit share. Today, it announced a big deal with AT&T that encompasses both Azure cloud infrastructure services and Office 365.

Daily Crunch: Bing has a child porn problem

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here: 1. Microsoft Bing not only shows child pornography,

Tor pulls in record donations as it lessens reliance on US government grants

Tor, the open source initiative which provides a more secure way to access the internet, is continuing to diversify its funding away from its long-standing reliance on U.S. government grants.

Some US government websites won’t load after HTTPS certificates expire during shutdown

In a government shutdown, everything deemed non-essential stops. As we found out, renewing the certificates on its websites is considered non-essential. Several government sites are currently inaccessible or blocked by most browsers after their HTTPS certificate expired.



解读“云、移动时代”的企业应用架构——PWorld 2014大会北京站成功举办

PWorld的P是什么? Process流程、Platform平台、Pioneer先锋、Partake分享、Primeton普元,在PWorld 2014大会上,我们通过重新定义字母“P”的含义,揭示一场企业级软件架构革命的到来。 By 景琦


麻省理工学院的科学家们是从药物治疗到半机械人领域的引领者,Hugh Herr所在团队发明了许多高级仿生肢体,可用于行走、奔跑甚至攀岩。他们希望借此帮助人们更好地控制假肢,消除残疾。

CarKarPlay 动手玩,是一款能将手机画面无线镜像输出的汽车用屏幕

以製造蓝牙迷你键盘为名的 iPazzPort(艾拍宝)最近推出了一款名为...

(原创)大数据时代:基于微软案例数据库数据挖掘知识点总结(Microsoft 神经网络分析算法原理篇) - 指尖流淌

前言本篇文章继续我们的微软挖掘系列算法总结,前几篇文章已经将相关的主要算法做了详细的介绍,我为了展示方便,特地的整理了一个目录提纲篇:大数据时代:深入浅出微软数据挖掘算法总结连载,有兴趣的童鞋可以点击查阅,在开始Microsoft 神经网络分析算法之前,本篇我们先将神经网络分析算法做一个简单介绍,此.



Win 7 就死 ? 7 招將 Win 8「Win7 化」容易使用

不少人都打算跳過 Win8 直接等 Win10,其實只要經過若干的修改,Windows 8 仍可如 Win7 那般使用。以下就介紹 7 式改裝術給大家:The post Win 7 就死 ? 7 招將 Win 8「Win7 化」容易使用 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

Scientists Make Keyboard That Knows Who’s Typing On It

Passwords continue to be a glaring weakness in digital security. And while biometric alternatives, such as fingerprint readers, are finding their way onto more consumer electronics devices, they are not without their limitations either.

Siri will soon support 7 more languages

The latest developer beta for iOS 8.3 includes support for more languages with Siri, including Russian, Danish, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Thai, Swedish and English for India.Apple's mobile OS is still in beta, so regular users won't yet be able to access the new language settings just yet.



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