The U.S. continues to hammer Chinese tech

It’s another week, and another bevy of hits on Chinese tech by the U.S. government. Let’s get up to speed, plus a request for startup lawyer recommendations. TechCrunch is experimenting with new content forms.

In a big reversal, Libra reportedly could peg its cryptocurrencies to national currencies

Facebook is willing to reverse course on its plans to tie its digital currency project to a synthetic currency tied to a basket of global currencies. Reuters is reporting that Facebook’s head of the Libra project, David Marcus,

Should we rethink the politics of ‘blocking’?

Jillian C. York Contributor Share on Twitter Jillian C. York is the director for international freedom of expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Years ago, I wrote a piece criticizing a cover story by a well-known writer and political commentator that I’d met a few times,

Original Content podcast: ‘El Camino’ provides a quiet coda to ‘Breaking Bad’

When a TV show gets turned into a movie, it often represents a big change of pace, with a standalone plot, a bigger budget, all made for a bigger (or at least more casual) audience. “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story” — which premiered a week ago on Netflix —doesn’t take that approach at all. […]

The Los Angeles Fire Department wants more drones

As it looks to modernize its operations, the Los Angeles Fire Department is turning to a number of new technologies including expanding its fleet of drones for a slew of new deployments. One of the largest fire departments in the U.S. next to New York and Chicago,

Max-Q: This week in space

Space is becoming a major area of startup and commercial investment, and so I’ve decided to start providing a weekly round-up of the biggest news in aerospace, space science and space-related technologies. Let me know if you appreciate this or have suggestions,

Week in Review: The web’s free speech conundrum

Hey everyone. Thank you for welcoming me into you inbox yet again. Last week, I talked about the eternal dumbness of the smart home and how Google had a big chance to lay out their vision this past week. Guess what? They did not, instead we got a new more expensive Google Wifi that falls […]

China Roundup: Tencent’s NBA test, TikTok parent deepens education push

Welcome to TechCrunch’s China roundup, a digest of events that happened at major Chinese tech companies and what they mean to tech founders and executives around the world. The talk about U.S.-China relationships over the past two weeks has centered heavily on the NBA controversy,

Daily Crunch: Bing has a child porn problem

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here: 1. Microsoft Bing not only shows child pornography,

Tor pulls in record donations as it lessens reliance on US government grants

Tor, the open source initiative which provides a more secure way to access the internet, is continuing to diversify its funding away from its long-standing reliance on U.S. government grants.

Some US government websites won’t load after HTTPS certificates expire during shutdown

In a government shutdown, everything deemed non-essential stops. As we found out, renewing the certificates on its websites is considered non-essential. Several government sites are currently inaccessible or blocked by most browsers after their HTTPS certificate expired.

[组图]谷歌带来廉价版虚拟现实应用 用户可自己动手组装


美國太陽能巿鎮, 8 年回本近日用戶 218% 增長中

 一家名為 SolarCity 的美國公司就為了提供一個比任何一家傳統老牌電力公司更潔淨和可持續的太陽能源,在重重的難關下,終於上星期四回本,以下有整個故事內容:  閱讀全文

最终幻想14职业资料:特职 - 龙骑士


微软下月发布Windows 9

微软计划于下月在一个特殊的新闻发布会上推出Windows 8的继任者-Windows 9。据熟悉微软计划的消息人士表示,初步规划是在9月30日举行新闻发布会,公布代号“Threshold”的Windows 9细节。不过这个日期有可能发生变化。

微软东莞工厂春节前关闭 员工获N+3+双年终奖补偿


終於用最新系統!Lenovo 將推出首款 Android 5.0 新機 K50 及 A7600

自從收購了 Motorola 之後,Lenovo 便成為了全球第三大的智能電話生產商,而且他們最近亦似乎相當積極地擴展業務,因為除早前流傳過的 Vibe Z3 Pro 外,今日再有兩款新機的資料流出,而且兩者更是該廠首部預載了 Android 5.


Former New York Knicks player Anthony Mason dies at 48

Anthony Mason, the rugged power forward who was a defensive force in the NBA from the 1990s into the early 21st century, has died. He was 48.New York Knicks spokesman Jonathan Supranowitz confirmed Mason's death, which was first reported Saturday by the New York Daily News.See also:

China now has more billionaires than the United States

For the first time, there are now more billionaires in China than in the United StatesThe country boasts 596 billionaires, up 242 from last year, having added an astonishing five new billionaires each week in the past year, according to the 2015 Hurun Rich List. By comparison,


11月14日,周鸿祎登陆央视《开讲啦》节目,与撒贝宁以及现场的上百位90后年轻人交流了创业的想法。以下内容为现 ...

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