The next Avengers movie has a title and a cryptic first trailer

 If you’re reading this post, you probably want to watch the first trailer for the new Avengers movie. So go ahead, watch it. I’ll wait. The trailer doesn’t show much that viewers of “Avengers: Infinity War” hadn’t already guessed (spoilers!): Namely,

Twitter discloses another 10,000 accounts suspended for fomenting political discord globally

Twitter’s ongoing, and possibly Sisyphean, effort of policing and removing nefarious content disseminated on its platform is taking another step forward today. The company’s safety team has disclosed the removal of another 10,

An explosive breach of contract lawsuit against former Sequoia Capital partner Michael Goguen has be

Three-and-a-half years ago, a lawsuit hit the San Mateo, Ca. county courthouse that briefly attracted the attention of the worldwide venture capital community given its salacious nature. The defendant: longtime VC Michael Goguen, who’d spent 20 years with Sequoia Capital in Menlo Park, Ca.

Subscription email app Tempo hits the right minimalist notes

Email will likely never die, but if new apps can change how we think about using it, maybe it will feel like the worst parts have croaked. In the wake of popular apps like Inbox and Mailbox being sunsetted, like many I’ve been left rudderless trying to find an email client that fills the void. […]

Facebook employee dies after apparent suicide at company’s Menlo Park headquarters

An employee of Facebook died Thursday morning following an apparent suicide, Menlo Park police reported and the company confirmed. “We were saddened to learn that one of our employees passed away at our Menlo Park headquarters earlier today,” a Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch in an email.

The Mate 30 is a moment of truth for Huawei

We’ve known this day would come for a long time town. Over the past several months, however, it feels like it’s arrived in slow motion.

The emergence of super apps in Latin America

Because of its vast population distributed in more or less similar countries regarding language, culture and religion, Latin America is an especially compelling region for the emergence of super apps.

Twitter launches its controversial ‘Hide Replies’ feature in the U.S. and Japan

Twitter’s controversial “Hide Replies feature, aimed at civilizing conversations on its platform, is launching today in the U.S. and Japan after earlier tests in Canada. The addition is one of the more radical changes to Twitter to date.

Lyft’s going public, Uber’s eyeing Bird, Utah’s tech scene and trade tensions

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This week we had Connie Loizos in the studio along with Kate Clark, myself and a special guest. The special guest was fitting, as it was a special episode. Why?

Nigerian logistics startup Kobo360 raises $6M, expands in Africa

Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City. He is co-author of The Next Africa.

Grab invests $100M into India’s OYO to expand its budget hotel service in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asian ride-hailing firm Grab has made its most ambitious investment to date after it backed India-headquartered budget hotel network OYO to the tune of $100 million. The investment was part of a $1 billion Series E round led by SoftBank’s Vision Fund that closed back in September.


Kirabook是东芝去年推出的一款高端超极本,除了轻薄的机身设计,令人印象最深的便是搭载了2560 x 1440分辨率的超清屏幕,在众多笔记本电脑中还是十分抢眼的。    

This App Will Make You Perfectly Tailored Earbuds By Scanning Your Ears

We wear headphones and/or earbuds for hours every day, so comfort is imperative. Want some designed just for you? A new company called Normal wants to sell you perfectly customized earbuds by using a nifty app to get you fitted—instead of having to pay a visit to an expensive audiologist.

10 Stunning Music Videos Ignored for MTV VMA Nominations

Awards season is upon us, which means it's time to complain about amazing things that voters overlooked. Today in snubs, we're looking at the MTV Video Music AwardsThis year's ballots were inundated with impressive music videos, especially in the Best Rock category,



GoPro弱爆! 头上绑EOS 7D Mark II玩极限运动

相信了解运动相机的机友,对 GoPro 一定不陌生,该系列相机功能多、体积小、重量轻、配件多和防护功能强,适合各种极限运动环境中使用,比如通过专用架子固定到头盔上攀岩,或者架在自行车上在林中小径骑行,还可用于潜水、跳伞和冲浪等各种户外运动等。


男士出街經常都不拿袋,遇上手機無電真是有點麻煩。最近在國外就有人研發充電皮帶,未來或者可解決不少男士的問題。The post 男士「兩袖清風」恩物,國外研發皮帶充電器,網上集資中 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.


SSterminator 写道 "纽约时报发布社评: 中国爆炸式增长的需求量引发了一场对缅甸宝贵的自然资源的大规模抢掠。这常常涉及公然盗窃,但也以权贵资本主义的形式进行。

Watch the furthest flight ever flown on a real life hoverboard

The Guinness World Records says that Catalina Alexandru Duru just pulled off the farthest flight ever traveled on a real life hoverboard: 905 feet and 2 inches.




香港也算境外 写道 "据电视眼微博报道,中央网信办、广电总局正在全国范围内开展境外电视网络接收设备专项整治行动。

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