Twitter says private messages may have been breached

Direct messages between Twitter users and companies have been exposed.

The Ashley Madison Hack Is Only the Beginning

Over the last few years, a number of shockingly massive hacks have cost hundreds of millions of dollars and revealed loads of personal information about regular people. The Ashley Madison hack and subsequent public revelation of user data should make you more uneasy than the rest.Read more...

Huge Hack Hits 4 Million British Broadband Customers

British broadband provider TalkTalk has admitted that all of its 4 million customers’ names, addresses, dates of birth, email addresses, phone numbers and bank details may have stolen by hackers. Read more...

Privacy Not Included: Federal Law Lags Behind New Tech

The federal privacy law known as HIPAA doesn’t cover home paternity tests, fitness trackers or health apps. When a Florida woman complained after seeing the paternity test results of thousands of people online, federal regulators told her they didn’t have jurisdiction.Read more...

iCloud Isn't Safe, Because Everyone's a Target and Apple Doesn't Care

One year ago, tech writer Mat Honan wrote a blockbuster story for Wired, describing how a child got into his iCloud account and briefly ruined his life. You may have heard that the same thing recently happened to some very famous women , almost certainly using the same method.

86 Viral Images From 2014 That Were Totally Fake

We debunked a lot of fake viral photos this year. Eighty-six, to be exact. And that doesn't even include all those fake toilet photos from the Sochi Olympics , those fake Ebola cures , and all the lies that UberFacts helped spread . It was a busy year for fakes.Read more...

GDPR may actually be benefitting big business

Research finds smaller companies may be missing out.

Top tips for securing your financial institution

For financial business leaders it’s important to understand that cyber-security is now a key business enabler, rather than simply a part of the overall IT strategy.

US urges Canada to shun Huawei equipment

Lawmakers claim Huawei's security safeguards are 'inadequate' following government concerns.

UK public sector stuck in business process dark ages, report finds

Enterprise-level business process management systems can improve efficiency significantly, and other sectors such as financial services and insurance organisations have been big adopters of BPM technology.

Broadcom gets go-ahead on CA Technologies deal

$19 billion deal is now clear to go through.

Connect for growth: are you overlooking the importance of your network?

Here we outline seven ways your business can meet its connectivity challenges with secure scalable solutions.

Facebook gives update on user hack

Attack on users was not as big as initially thought, but millions have still been affected.

How to choose the best enterprise storage solution for your business

Businesses must consider their needs and plan accordingly to find the storage solution that works for them.

Microsoft wants to put Cortana in your business apps

Businesses will soon be able to build company-specific skills for Cortana using Microsoft's new development platform.

The case for blockchain in law and the courts’

While modernising the system is advantageous from a cost, effort and time perspective, using technology always carries new and unique risks.

Assange's Lawyers: Follow Swedish Law, Interrogate Him In the UK

concertina226 writes "Lawyers representing Julian Assange have demanded that he be questioned in London over rape and sexual molestation allegations. 'Prosecutor Marianne Ny must ...start treating him as everybody else who is under suspicion.

不忘初心:讲述 91 金融如何用互联网改良中国传统金融

91金融平台上每天申购各类产品消费者超过 1 万人,成交笔数超过 2000,交易金额超过 3 亿元。而这一切都从创始人许泽玮希望打破不合理金融格局,让每一个人都能公平地享有社会财富和资源的“初心”开始。

预测帝 Cortana 准备一直预测下去了



几个月前,我转了一篇文章,阐述了在不同产品生命周期的阶段,应该选择哪种类型的产品经理。文章的观点认为在产品初期 […]


威锋网讯 1 月 23 日消息,苹果今天对外公布了 2014 年公司高管的薪资数据。根据薪资表显示,苹果 CEO 蒂姆·库克的总收入为 920 万美元,其中 170 万美元为普通工资,剩下的部分则属于补贴。

Microsoft is teasing the launch of a new Windows 10 build today! Get ready

Microsoft may be preparing to push out a new Windows 10 build for Windows Insiders today! Gabe Aul on Twitter just tweeted asking if Windows Insiders wanted a new build today, which has lead us to believe that the company in Redmond is actually ready to push out a new build. Not only that,

產品定位再提升, Olympus 發表具耐寒機能的 E-M5 Mark II

Olympus 台灣代理元佑今日稍早與日本同步發表堪稱 OM-D 始祖的 E-M5 的全新改版機種 E-M5 Mark II ,雖然乍看下與前一代相似,不過在產品定位拉大與 E-M10 的差距,更逼近 E-M1 一些,但同時又維持中階機尺寸上的機動性。

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Here Come The Dannies

Take a quick look, a sneak peek, into our not-so-distant future, courtesy of the great science-fiction writer Peter Watts(1), who writes in Aeon magazine: “You already know that we can run machines with our brainwaves.

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