Twitter says private messages may have been breached

Direct messages between Twitter users and companies have been exposed.

The Ashley Madison Hack Is Only the Beginning

Over the last few years, a number of shockingly massive hacks have cost hundreds of millions of dollars and revealed loads of personal information about regular people. The Ashley Madison hack and subsequent public revelation of user data should make you more uneasy than the rest.Read more...

Huge Hack Hits 4 Million British Broadband Customers

British broadband provider TalkTalk has admitted that all of its 4 million customers’ names, addresses, dates of birth, email addresses, phone numbers and bank details may have stolen by hackers. Read more...

Privacy Not Included: Federal Law Lags Behind New Tech

The federal privacy law known as HIPAA doesn’t cover home paternity tests, fitness trackers or health apps. When a Florida woman complained after seeing the paternity test results of thousands of people online, federal regulators told her they didn’t have jurisdiction.Read more...

iCloud Isn't Safe, Because Everyone's a Target and Apple Doesn't Care

One year ago, tech writer Mat Honan wrote a blockbuster story for Wired, describing how a child got into his iCloud account and briefly ruined his life. You may have heard that the same thing recently happened to some very famous women , almost certainly using the same method.

86 Viral Images From 2014 That Were Totally Fake

We debunked a lot of fake viral photos this year. Eighty-six, to be exact. And that doesn't even include all those fake toilet photos from the Sochi Olympics , those fake Ebola cures , and all the lies that UberFacts helped spread . It was a busy year for fakes.Read more...

China accused over Marriott data breach

The Chinese are denying everything.

Dell set to go public again

Multi-billion dollar deal is expected to pass before 2019 kicks off.

Super Micro says no evidence of malicious hardware in its products

Hardware giant employed third-party investigation firm to look into accusations.

Google CEO denies political bias and plans for China search engine

Project Dragonfly was an 'internal' project, Sundar Pichai says.

Trump says he could intervene in Huawei CFO case

President says he will do 'whatever was good for the country'.

Consolidation, competition, and cloud communications: Creative destruction or creative disruption?

Now is a perfect time to understand why companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon are fiercely trying to beat CSPs at their own game.

Survival of the fittest: Are you still plagued by CRM dinosaurs?

New research has established that the average salesperson experiences 20 lost sales each year because of problems associated with poor use of CRM systems.

How to choose the best enterprise storage solution for your business

Businesses must consider their needs and plan accordingly to find the storage solution that works for them.

Microsoft wants to put Cortana in your business apps

Businesses will soon be able to build company-specific skills for Cortana using Microsoft's new development platform.

The case for blockchain in law and the courts’

While modernising the system is advantageous from a cost, effort and time perspective, using technology always carries new and unique risks.


失去联系的马航MH370航班牵动人们的心,而根据统计,该航班涉及中国通信IT业的人数之多令人吃惊,包括工信部安全中心2人、中国电信1人、华为2人、中兴通讯1人、IBM中国1人 、飞思卡尔22人,总计至少29人搭乘了该失联航班,折射了中国通信IT业较早走向海外,也面临一定安全风险。    

Liking it large -- over one third of smartphones are 5 inches or more

YouGov: SMEs that focus on customers, staff and tech over money progress further

A survey carried out by YouGov and Vodafone found that SMEs are progressing further by focusing more on other factors such as customers, staff and tech over money.Read more:


當營業時間要到時,不少商家的做法就是將門半掩著。若還是可以購買交易的時候,就蹲著進去店內購買,若不行的話,就會被趕出來。像上圖那樣「按B蹲下」(Press B to crouch),


北京悠视互动科技有限公司 CEO、知名投资人李竹已作为投资人入驻天使汇,成为天使汇平台认证投资人。李竹关注网络视频、网络教育、移动商务、移动支付和移动社交领域,并为创业者提供多样化的帮助。

SpaceShipTwo's greatest mystery: How did the pilot survive?

There are many months of investigation ahead of the National Transportation Safety Board, as it tries to piece together the story of SpaceShipTwo's fatal crash in the Mojave desert last Friday. Based on evidence that the NTSB has already released,

5 秒鐘極速摺合 E.T. 電單車網上集資

電動 Scooter 在很多地區都陸續普及,讓一般市民可以取代傳統汽車作短途的代步工具。早前在 Kickstarter 集資的 E.T. Scooter,不但採用慳位的摺疊式設計,更可以在 5 秒完成摺疊。閱讀全文


最近由知名市场调研机构NPD发布的互联智能消费电子及可穿戴设备报告数据显示,10%的美国成年人拥有健身追踪装置,而智能手表则远远未能成为主流,只拥 有2%的市场渗透率,像是Fitbit和Jawbone的健身追踪手环产品不仅更为流行,调查显示其用户群体相比智能手表用户更趋向于年长及富裕。

Microsoft Store reveals Dell XPS 15 pre-orders

The Dell XPS 15 has just popped up in the Microsoft Store for pre-ordering before its November 2nd release date. There are two models to choose from; one with an Intel Core i5 processor,...The post Microsoft Store reveals Dell XPS 15 pre-orders appeared first on WinBeta.



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