The case for blockchain in law and the courts’

While modernising the system is advantageous from a cost, effort and time perspective, using technology always carries new and unique risks.

Stellar, Uber, And The Rise Of Computational Trust

How do you feel about letting strangers into your home? Our homes act as a kind of sanctuary from the outside world, a highly personal and exclusive refuge. They should be safe. While it is a commonplace in cultures throughout the world to be gracious hosts to guests,

How to Explain Net Neutrality To Your Relatives: A Thanksgiving Guide

Thanksgiving is almost here, and that means turkey, mashed potatoes, and explaining tech-related news stories to your parents and extended family because hey, you read a bunch of blogs and you even know what a yik-yak is! Read more...

Huawei Matebook X Pro review

Huawei may have released the best laptop of the year - if you can afford it.

UK businesses risking huge GDPR fines

Businesses in the trades sector are ditching old tech without wiping memory first.

5G could generate billions for global GDP

Next-generation networks could mean big money for countries across the world.

Apple will update iPhones to end Qualcomm legal battle

Software update for iPhone users in China will solve patent issues, Apple says.

Microsoft Edge named as most secure browser

Report claims Edge detects and blocks phishing faster than any other browser.

Apple to open $1bn centre in Austin

iPhone maker plans on employing up to 15,000 people as part of new expansion.

Alexa, if we all shop using Google Home, will I need a website in five years’ time?

When it comes to online selling and marketing, it’s frankly ridiculous to separate online and offline.

Employing machine learning in a security environment

Machine learning can aid security teams by enhancing their ability to detect and remove potential threats.

Successful automation starts with a transformation approach

Successful automation will establish a continuously changing operation which means it must support an agile approach.

Is your IT infrastructure set up to support innovation?

In the age of digital transformation, businesses that don't adapt will get left behind.

Apple's Hiring Spree of Biosensor Experts Continues As iWatch Team Grows

An anonymous reader writes "As the rumors surrounding Apple's mythical iWatch continue to swell, Apple has continued to hire folks with deep biomedical and sensor technology expertise. A previously unreported addition to Apple's growing cadre of medical device experts is Marcelo Malini Lamego,

Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Resigns

Kathleen Sebelius has decided to step down from her Cabinet post as the head of Health and Human Services, according to White House officials — and a replacement is already waiting in the wings.Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB),

Obama lets NSA legally exploit certain Internet security flaws

Whenever the NSA discovers an exploit that could affect Internet security, President Obama has decided that the agency should inform the tech sector...most of the time.Read more:

ubuntu实用命令--软件管理 - 寻图

近期重新拿起linux的书看了下,整理了一下linux的命令。ubuntu预装了APT和dpkg ,“APT”是 “Advanced Package Tool”的简写,“dpkg ”是“Debian Package ”的简写。dpkg 是为 “Debian” 专门开发的套件管理系统,方便软件的安装、...

MIOPS 相机闪灯触发器,准备挺身成为你高速摄影的最新利器

看到网络上许多高速摄影高手的"击破照",会觉得自己技不如人无法拍出那样吸睛的照片吗?一个正在 Kickstarter 集资的产品 MIOPS...

Winners of Raspberry Pi Photography Contest 2014

coop0030 (263345) writes Adafruit held a 2014 Raspberry Pi Photography contest that has completed with the winners selected. You can see the winning photographs as well as all of the entries. Andrew Mulholland, using a Raspberry Pi powered LEGO panobot, is the winning photographer.

十八、EnterpriseFrameWork框架核心类库之Winform控制器 - kakake

回《【开源】EnterpriseFrameWork框架系列文章索引》 EFW框架源代码下载: EFW框架中的WinController控制器可以说是整个Winform版中最具有价值的地方,能够熟练使用它的话,可以让你写得代码结构清...

Twitch Is Acquiring GoodGame To Make Pro Partnerships More Appealing

Video game streaming service Twitch just announced that it will acquire GoodGame, a full-service agency dedicated to serving the needs to pro-gamers and brands looking to be involved in the eSports industry.

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