Is your IT infrastructure set up to support innovation?

In the age of digital transformation, businesses that don't adapt will get left behind.

No Rest For The Innovators

If you are in the software business, you have to be cringing at the satirical portrayal of our industry in today’s entertainment media.In HBO’s “VEEP,” Julia Dreyfus’ character Selina Meyer makes a trip to Silicon Valley to court the support of fictional software giant Clovis,

The only way to choose the right storage foundation for your business

Despite storage being the foundation on which all digital information, data and applications reside, some people say working in the storage industry can be a thankless task at times.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Innovation in business: Metro Bank’s founder speaks out

"Innovation" is often used as a buzzword by businesses that want to improve their service or product; Metro Bank founder, Vernon Hill, speaks out about what it means to be truly innovative.Read more:

Access To User Data: If Microsoft Wins, Do Startups And Innovators Lose?

With user trust at an all-time low, keeping the FBI’s hands off foreign users’ data seems like good business sense for US companies. Microsoft says it’s “fighting the feds over your email, but it also happens to be fighting to support the Microsoft business model.

7 IT Startups That Will Change How Businesses Innovate In 2015

IT is going through a renaissance right now. New products and services are released every month that dramatically change how we can develop products and manage our IT shops. Innovation is everywhere. It can be hard to keep up, but that is part of the fun. Read More

How The Tech Sector Can Help Stop Ebola

In our highly interconnected world, stopping Ebola is on everyone’s mind. The tech community has a significant role to play in the response because it offers solutions that can scale at the same rate as Ebola’s exponential growth. Many are already wondering how they can contribute.

How HP cloud has transformed IT delivery

This HP whitepaper explains the transformation and outlines why the cloud is now so central in how IT services can be quickly and flexibly delivered to organisations' IT users. Read more:

Technology Is The Path To Turkey’s Future

While most tech followers might not know it yet, there’s a new country emerging as a leader in technology. Turkey’s rapid economic growth, even in theface of the global economic downturn,

Reimagining The Network For A Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

You’re only as strong as your weakest link, and that’s the Internet’s biggest problem today. For more than two decades the very backbone of theInternet — the network — has subsisted in the shadows,

How Mobile And Social Feeds Government’s Appetite For Innovation

Editor’s note: Anne Altman is the general manager of IBM U.S. Federal and Government Industries.Applications that simply deliver information can be useful, but government agencies are now pushing user engagement to new heights. With 173 million people in the U.S. owning smartphones,

Huawei Matebook X Pro review

Huawei may have released the best laptop of the year - if you can afford it.

UK businesses risking huge GDPR fines

Businesses in the trades sector are ditching old tech without wiping memory first.

5G could generate billions for global GDP

Next-generation networks could mean big money for countries across the world.

Apple will update iPhones to end Qualcomm legal battle

Software update for iPhone users in China will solve patent issues, Apple says.

Microsoft Edge named as most secure browser

Report claims Edge detects and blocks phishing faster than any other browser.

Apple to open $1bn centre in Austin

iPhone maker plans on employing up to 15,000 people as part of new expansion.

Alexa, if we all shop using Google Home, will I need a website in five years’ time?

When it comes to online selling and marketing, it’s frankly ridiculous to separate online and offline.

Walmart to use blockchain to ensure food safety

Walmart wants its suppliers to use blockchain technology, to make it easier to track the origin of vegetables.

How to view ‘the cloud’ as a business opportunity as well as an IT fix

Today's dynamic IT landscape presents the perfect opportunity for businesses to improve themselves.

Cryptocurrency malware leading rise in cyberthreats

It's easier and safer for hackers to create cryptocurrency mining malware.



Apworks框架实战(二):开始使用 -

要使用Apworks进行应用程序开发,您需要安装Visual Studio 2012以上的版本(以下简称Visual Studio 2012+),从Apworks 2.5开始,需要Micrsoft.NET Framework 4.5的支持,因此强烈建议使用Visual Studio 2012+进行开...

araHub - 可能是最好用的USB集线器

Ara Innovation最近推出了一款全新的USB集线器,目标是成为“最好的,最漂亮的USB 3集线器”,而该产品的外形也借鉴了苹果笔记本和台式机的设计风格。

Apple Is Starting to Get Exciting Again

The lineup of Apple products hasn't changed all that much from when Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO nearly three years ago. Sure, there's a plastic iPhone model, a tinier tablet and a new desktop that looks like a little black garbage can, but for the most part,

LinkedHashMap - 我爱物联网

LinkedHashMap LinkedHashMap是Map接口的哈希表和链接列表实现,具有可预知的迭代顺序。允许使用null值和null键。LinkedHashMap实现与HashMap的不同之处在于,后者维护着一个运行于所有条目的双重链接列表。



The Greatest Internet Flame Wars Are Happening on

No matter how much the internet may change over the years, there are at least two constants: absurd flame wars, and the wildly specific message boards from which they’re wrought. Perhaps the greatest of these virtual cesspools is, a forum for clowns.Read more...



Apple iTunes 獨家!全新 Beatles 數碼大碟 1+ 連大量珍貴短片

臨近聖誕,Beatles 的樂迷可以為自己送上一份聖誕禮物。因為這對經典的樂隊日前在 Apple iTunes Store 推出了全新的數碼視像大碟 The Beatles: 1+,當中收錄了 27 首英國和美國的 No.


北京时间1月6日早间消息,Fitbit周二发布了近一年来的首款新产品。随后,该公司股价大跌超过18%。投资者对于Fitbit最新的Blaze智能手表持怀疑态度。这款产品不同于Fitbit传统的运动手环,零售价格为199美元,将于3月份开始发货。这款产品将与苹果Apple Watch展开直接的竞争。

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