Dropbox announces COO Dennis Woodside is leaving as its second quarterly check-in with Wall Street o

Back when Dennis Woodside joined Dropbox as its chief operating officer more than four years ago, the company was trying to justify the $10 billion valuation it had hit in its rapid rise as a Web 2.0 darling. Now, Dropbox is a public company with a nearly $14 billion valuation,

Pirate Studios raises $20M from Talis Capital for its ‘self-service’ tech-enabled music studios

Pirate Studios, the music technology company that operates fully automated and self-service 24 hour music studios, has secured $20 million. The investment was led by Talis Capital, the London-based VC family office. Talis was already an existing backer of Pirate Studios,

Airbnb hosts offer free housing to evacuees displaced by California wildfires

With California’s recent cluster of devastating wildfires destroying homes and claiming lives, Airbnb is offering some shelter to displaced residents in its home state. This week,

RFID stickers could signal contaminated food

If a food item isn't safe to eat, it's best to find that out before someone eats it. But manual testing of every jar and bottle isn't possible, even when a threat, like the recent baby food scare, is known. MIT researchers have found a way to check many items instantly, non-invasively,

The Correspondent launches campaign to bring its ad-free journalism to the U.S.

De Correspondent, a Dutch news organization aiming to “unbreak the news,” is planning to launch in the United States next year as The Correspondent. To fund its efforts, it’s hoping to raise $2.5 million from future readers.

Facebook Messenger starts rolling out Unsend. Here’s how it works

Facebook secretly retracted messages sent by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, TechCrunch reported seven months ago. Now for the first time, Facebook Messenger users will get the power to unsend too so they can remove their sent messages from the recipient’s inbox.

Government denies Oracle’s protest of $10B Pentagon JEDI cloud RFP

When Oracle filed a protest in August with the Government Accountability Office (GAO) last August that the Pentagon’s $10 billion JEDI RFP process was unfair, it probably had little chance of succeeding. Today the GAO turned away the protest.

With ‘Rivals Week,’ Tinder tests an expansion of its well-performing Tinder U

Starting this weekend, Tinder will allow college students on its Tinder U service to match with others outside their own university for the first time.

The healthcare industry is in a world of cybersecurity hurt

As a relentless swarm of successful cyber attacks severely disrupt companies in every industry and require enormous expenditures to repair the damage, what typically gets lost in the shuffle is that some industries are victimized more than others.

Musical.ly investor bets on internet radio with $17M deal for Korea’s Spoon Radio

One of the early backers of Musical.ly, the short video app that was acquired for $1 billion, is making a major bet that internet radio is one of the next big trends in media. Goodwater Capital, one of a number of backers that won big when ByteDance acquired Musical.ly last year,

After going public in July, Navya nabs $34M from the European Investment Bank for its self-driving b

While automakers and startups continue to hone the technology for self-driving cars for individuals, a second track of development in the area of autonomous buses is also taking shape. Today, Navya, a French company that has been a leader in developing autonomous shuttles,

The Single Worst Type of Selfie

You have a good side and a bad side, but everyone's bad side is a photo taken from the crotch looking up. There's a specific type of selfie that's taken like the photographer was holding the phone in his or her lap. They're not okay and no one looks good from that angle.

Is Germany Raising a Generation of Illiterates?

StartsWithABang (3485481) writes "Over at Starts With A Bang, the weekly question comes in from Germany, where we're informed: 'In Germany, many teachers have adopted a new way of teaching children to write properly. The way is called "Writing by Reading" and essentially says: Write as you wish,

Iran Claims to Have Copied American Spy Drone

Iran claimed on Sunday that it has successfully recreated an American spy drone allegedly captured in 2011.The Iranian Revolutionary Guard showed off the copy of the Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel drone during a ceremony in Tehran, before the country's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei,

三周省下 60 元电费—Broadlink-SP2 使用体验

编辑说在 3 月底极客之选做了一次优惠智能设备体验活动,获得优惠体验资格的用户们经过一个月的使用后,会陆续在极客公园和极客之选微信上分享自己的体验。


有市场调查机构公布的最新数据显示,谷歌公司的 Chrome 浏览器首次超越 IE 浏览器成为美国市场最受欢迎的网络浏览器。根据 Adobe Digital Index 公布的数据显示,Chrome 浏览器眼下在美国台式电脑和移动浏览器市 ... ...

中国光通信技术取得新突破 一根光纤可24亿人同时通话



深圳这个全球硬件的“新首都”,正在吸引全世界的目光。大量的硬件设备从深圳走向全球市场,现在的深圳身上的标签已经 […]




环保组织 As You Sow发表声明,宣布它打算起诉硅谷的替代食物制造商Soylent。As You Sow称Soylent 1.5配方样本测试显示其铅含量12-25倍于加州生殖毒性的健康标准(第65提案),镉含量4倍于健康标准。

Windows Store升级:菜单选项间距增大 下载条目更名为下载和更新

今天微软对Windows Store进行了升级,版本号从8.12.1跳到了8.25.1。本次更新带来了一些比较有趣的功能和优化。

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