Why ERP is the key to unlocking the future of retail

ERP systems provide retailers with the features and functionality needed to process drop shipping orders efficiently and effectively.

China accused over Marriott data breach

The Chinese are denying everything.

Dell set to go public again

Multi-billion dollar deal is expected to pass before 2019 kicks off.

Super Micro says no evidence of malicious hardware in its products

Hardware giant employed third-party investigation firm to look into accusations.

Google CEO denies political bias and plans for China search engine

Project Dragonfly was an 'internal' project, Sundar Pichai says.

Trump says he could intervene in Huawei CFO case

President says he will do 'whatever was good for the country'.

Consolidation, competition, and cloud communications: Creative destruction or creative disruption?

Now is a perfect time to understand why companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon are fiercely trying to beat CSPs at their own game.

Survival of the fittest: Are you still plagued by CRM dinosaurs?

New research has established that the average salesperson experiences 20 lost sales each year because of problems associated with poor use of CRM systems.

How can manufacturers deliver in the share economy?

Below are a few key tactics manufacturers can use to ensure the transition to car sharing services is as smooth and profitable as possible.

You are what you eat - How blockchain can help us understand where our food comes from

Over the years, there have been a number of food scandals that have rocked consumer confidence in the food industry.

Google Pay rolls out P2P payments

Users can now also store boarding passes and tickets via the new Passes tab.

Google Brings Its Hotel And Restaurant Search To Android

Google is adding a deeper integration of its hotel and restaurant search to Google Search on Android. This is a pretty straightforward integration that allows you to type or speak queries like "show me hotels in San Francisco," and the search results page will indeed return a list of hotels.

美医疗网站 WebMD 新增健康追踪功能 Healthy Target

美国医疗健康服务网站 WebMD 在其 iOS 应用中新增功能「Healthy Target」,帮助用户追踪并整合来自多种设备的身体健康数据,其功能与苹果 iOS 8 中的健康应用相似。

Foundataions of Machine Learning: Rademacher complexity and VC-Dimension(1) - Boostable

Foundataions of Machine Learning: Rademacher complexity and VC-Dimension(1) 前面两篇文章中,我们在给出PAC-learnable定理时,都有一个前提假设,那就是 Hypothesis set 是有限的。但很明显,在实际中的假...

【精华回复】动态密码是万无一失吗? | 你怎么看26期

第26期【你怎么看】我们请到了腾讯安全中心产品经理 yezi跟大家分享 点此回顾本期话题大家好,我是yezi。非常感谢大讲堂的邀请。看了大家的留言,其实一些同学已经答到了点上,动态密码不仅没有一键验证方便, ... ...

谷歌上市10周年 员工总结6条成功经验

小白叨一叨:当谷歌还是家小公司,当作者还是谷歌第103号员工,那时的谷歌,有很多鲜为人知的事情,也有很多意想不 […]

Report: Burger King in Talks to Buy Tim Hortons, Canada's Biggest Coffee Chain

Burger King is in talks to buy Tim Hortons in hopes of creating a new, publicly traded company with its headquarters in Canada. With a new base in Canada, Burger King, now based in Miami, could shave its U.S. tax bill. Tax inversions have become increasingly popular among U.S.

Oxford University embraces BYOD, overhauls ancient communications systems

Oxford University is aiming to increase BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and collaboration across its campuses with a new communications contract.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/09/05/oxford-university-embraces-byod-overhauls-ancient-communications-systems/

WhatsApp 終於不能再假扮「我未看到訊息」



一篇2004年的 Nature 文章[1]里介绍了打水漂的秘诀:神秘角度20°。

Why You Should Care About VP9, Google's Clever Video Codec

As the ongoing Meerkatification of humanity proves, the internet (in one form or another) is becoming more and more about video. At peak times, Netflix and YouTube alone account for half of all web traffic. That’s an understandably huge burden for ISPs to carry.

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