Dads everywhere will love the Avengers themed Thor toolbox

This Avengers themed toolkit looks just like Thor's hammer. It's got 44 different pieces and is a perfect present for any father. Get your own here.  Read more...More about Video, Mashable Video, Avengers, Sales, and Dad

Poorly attended blockchain conference offers much-needed reality check

It's 8:30 a.m. on a Thursday morning at the Westin St. Francis hotel in San Francisco, and the emcee is stoked. 

The 'pee after sex' meme is doing a better job at sex ed than some schools

Twitter is doing a better job at teaching sex ed than most schools in the United States. In case your high school education failed you, too, doctors recommend that people pee after sex to help prevent urinary tract infections.

WhatsApp tests a new anti-spam feature that detects shady links

WhatsApp may soon have a new weapon in the fight  against one of the most insidious forms of spam: shady links.The messaging app is testing a new feature that can detect suspicious links within messages and warns users before they click, a company rep confirmed to Mashable.SEE ALSO:

Starbucks announces first U.S. 'Signing Store' for deaf and hard of hearing customers

Get ready for an entirely new Starbucks experience in the U.S. The coffee company announced Thursday that it will open the first U.S. store to be run in American Sign Language (ASL). The store will begin welcoming customers in Washington, D.C.,in October.

The Season 4 trailer for 'Better Call Saul' goes darker than ever before

The minds behind Better Call Saul have said that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will not appear in Season 4 of the Breaking Bad spinoff — but by the look of this trailer, things are getting bad for Saul. As he tries to claw his way back to being a lawyer after the events of Season 3,

Have summer allergies? Save $10 on this air purifier.

Just because spring is over doesn't mean you're done with allergy season. If you've ever had a cold in the middle of a heat wave, you very well know summer allergies are a thing, and they suck. Plus, if you live in a bustlin' metropolis,

Top 10 products on Prime Day, according to Mashable readers

RIP, Prime Day 2018. You were so popular that your site quite literally broke for a good portion of the first day, but did that stop all of us from spending way more than the limit we promised ourselves? Hell no.

These creepy sharks glow bright green in the dark. Here's why.

The largest disco on Earth is happening deep beneath the surface of the ocean, and no, you’re not invited. New footage from National Geographic researcher David Gruber and his team reveals a shark glowing bright green 120 feet deep in Scripps Canyon off the coast of Southern California.

Amazon has an under-the-desk elliptical from Cubii on sale for $130 off

Psst: We found a way for you to work on your #BeachBod without even going to the gym after work.Okay, well it might not be 100% the same as pumping iron and doing squats, but isn't it comforting to know that there's a way to burn calories and stay fit while sitting at your desk?Yeah,

Mozilla's next browser might be controlled by your voice

Firefox maker Mozilla is working on an entirely new type of internet browser: One that's controlled with your voice. Because why not? We're all getting used to talking to Alexa, Siri,


《美国偶像》主持人瑞安·西克雷斯特(Ryan Seacrest)所创建的公司Typo Products LLC因物理键盘设计与黑莓产品相仿而遭后者起诉,该公司在法庭文件中称黑莓的专利侵权指控不符合与专利性条件有关的法律规定。    



庆八一建军节 空中网开展拥军捐赠活动

北京2014年7月18日电 /美通社/ -- 为进一步运用信息手段,提高军事训练效益,促进军民融合深度发展,2014年7月8日,国内领先的网络游戏研发商和运营商空中网在八一建军节来临之际,来到解放军驻京61001部队走访慰问,为该部捐赠了一批《坦克世界》实战桌游牌。

联想拿下中国第一 那海外国际市场呢

联想:我不只是PC巨头,我还是手机大佬  联想 PC 销量早已超过竞争对手惠普、戴尔、华硕以及宏碁,成为全球最大PC制造商。虽然全球整体的 PC 市场正在萎缩,但联想似乎没有受到太大影响,销量继续攀升。  

苹果领衔: 美国科技企业都在海外储存现金

苹果曾在上一次财报会议上表示,他们储存在美国之外的现金总额为 1377 亿美元,这一数字目前被证实为美国科技界最大的海外现金储存量。

Java核心_内省 - 孔东阳


Gameloft to introduce Xbox support for some of its games

Win 10手机预览版也被泄图 推送日期还未知

相信有不少用户已经或者正在安装周末刚刚泄露的 Windows 10 Build 10036,虽然这个并不是官方发布的版本,但是因为微软已经很长时间没有发布版本更新了,因此尽管知道存在不小的风险,但是许多用户还是不管不顾去下载更新了。  

Successful women share top tips for finding (and keeping) a mentor

Mentorships can be hard to come by — and even more difficult to hold on to. Given busy schedules and fluctuating lifestyles, it's a challenge to put in the time and effort to maintain a mutually beneficial mentor relationship.See also:

BSI 连续15 年保持收入增长,2014 年刷新连增记录

- 总收入增长6%,达 2.

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