Dads everywhere will love the Avengers themed Thor toolbox

This Avengers themed toolkit looks just like Thor's hammer. It's got 44 different pieces and is a perfect present for any father. Get your own here.  Read more...More about Video, Mashable Video, Avengers, Sales, and Dad

A closer look at 'Time' magazine's 2018 Person of the Year

Time refers to the group of journalists targeted for their work as "The Guardians." The magazine released a series of four black and white covers, focusing on "the War on Truth." Read more...More about Mashable Video, Time Magazine, Person Of The Year, Jamal Khashoggi, and Culture

Is the face-swapping robot with multiple 'personalities' cool or just plain creepy?

Furhat Robotics, which is based out of Stockholm, is attempting to bring robots that mirror human emotion into the workplaceThe company, which hopes to incorporate the bots into training modules, has designed the product with pre-built gestures and facial expressions.   Read more...More about Tech,

Grab this well-reviewed Philips air fryer on sale for $100 off at Amazon

You've seen air fryers enough in holiday sale ads and morning cooking shows to know that they're kind of huge right now. If that's not enough of a push, here's your sign that it's time to stop feeling guilty for eating your favorite foods and just get an air fryer already.The 2.

Happy holidays from this human Christmas tree walkin' around New York

Huge news: One man in New York City just WON Christmas.Don't believe us? Check out this video a paparazzi by the name of Joe Jonas took while standing outside of a Bank of America.The 13 seconds of footage shows a Christmas tree straight up crossing a street! What a sight, right?

The correct length for a relaxing YouTube video is 8 hours

This post is part of Hard Refresh, a soothing weekly column where we try to cleanse your brain of whatever terrible thing you just witnessed on Twitter.To the extent that "relaxing" online is possible, YouTube is full of relaxing content, from hot knife ASMR to unedited dog show footage.

'Game of Thrones' was 2018's most on-demand show, despite no new episodes

Game of Thrones is the number one show for Comcast video-on-demand, USA Today reports – even though the show hasn't aired a new episode in almost 18 months.SEE ALSO: 'SNL' revives your favorite dead 'Game of Thrones' characters in Khal Drogo's Ghost Dojo"The fact that that show is still ranked No.

This gold iPhone XS Max-Apple Watch combo is the dumbest way to spend $21,050

It’s an iPhone. It's an Apple Watch. It's, um, both. And it costs $21,050.Yes, Caviar, the Russian company that gave us the golden Vladimir Putin iPhone, just dropped the Swiss Dreams Watchphone.SEE ALSO: Gold iPhone With Vladimir Putin's Face Is Only $4,300In case you're wondering,

These creepy sharks glow bright green in the dark. Here's why.

The largest disco on Earth is happening deep beneath the surface of the ocean, and no, you’re not invited. New footage from National Geographic researcher David Gruber and his team reveals a shark glowing bright green 120 feet deep in Scripps Canyon off the coast of Southern California.

Amazon has an under-the-desk elliptical from Cubii on sale for $130 off

Psst: We found a way for you to work on your #BeachBod without even going to the gym after work.Okay, well it might not be 100% the same as pumping iron and doing squats, but isn't it comforting to know that there's a way to burn calories and stay fit while sitting at your desk?Yeah,

Mozilla's next browser might be controlled by your voice

Firefox maker Mozilla is working on an entirely new type of internet browser: One that's controlled with your voice. Because why not? We're all getting used to talking to Alexa, Siri,

This 1981 BYTE Magazine Cover Explains Why We're So Bad At Tech Predictions

harrymcc (1641347) writes "If you remember the golden age of BYTE magazine, you remember Robert Tinney's wonderful cover paintings. BYTE's April 1981 cover featured an amazing Tinney image of a smartwatch with a tiny text-oriented interface, QWERTY keyboard, and floppy drive.

This pile of trash actually hides a stunning portrait

What looks like a random steaming pile of trash is actually a clever piece of art that combines to create a stunning portrait. Made by artist Benard Pras, each item in the pile is strategically placed so that if you look at it from the right perspective, it looks like a painting.


北京、上海、广州、深圳和青岛2014年7月1日电 /美通社/ -- 最近美国移民局对非房产类美国投资移民EB-5项目的特快审批,引起中美移民界和广大投资者的关注。

HTC finally returns to profit despite poor revenue from new smartphones

The HTC One M8 and other lower cost handsets could do little to stop the company posting a poor set of revenue figures that came despite a positive net profit.Read more:

DSG 顿挫很严重吗?


Up Close with Ring: Maybe Smart, Definitely Gigantic 

In the wide world of crowd-funding unicorns, smart rings have been hustling for the top of the heap. Among them is Ring, a gesture device that promised to let you someday control your own home with a series of arcane finger wags.

2015中国国际铝工业展览会将于7月举行 亮点提前看

北京2015年4月15日电 /美通社/ -- “工业4.0”时代即将来临,“创新”、“转型”、“应用”逐渐成为铝工业的关键词。铝工业的前沿信息、铝材应用的发展前景和未来方向究竟在哪里?亚洲铝工业盛会将为您一一解答。



新浪微博财报:2015年Q2新浪微博净营收1.078亿美元 同比增39%


Xcode7.1与iOS9之坑 (持续更新) - Dev了个

前几天升级OS X EI Capitan 10.11.1, 以及Xcode7.1,正好赶上公司新产品上线,要做iOS9的适配,遇到各种坑,各种查资料,随之记录总结一下遇到的坑.先说下要适配iOS9要做的事:1.更改http为https 两种方案:一.公司后台服务器更改;二.作为开发者,

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