Dixons Carphone reveals major data breach

Customer payment info was leaked in the breach though chip-and-pin protection prevented the cards from being used fraudulently.

China accused over Marriott data breach

The Chinese are denying everything.

Dell set to go public again

Multi-billion dollar deal is expected to pass before 2019 kicks off.

Super Micro says no evidence of malicious hardware in its products

Hardware giant employed third-party investigation firm to look into accusations.

Google CEO denies political bias and plans for China search engine

Project Dragonfly was an 'internal' project, Sundar Pichai says.

Trump says he could intervene in Huawei CFO case

President says he will do 'whatever was good for the country'.

Consolidation, competition, and cloud communications: Creative destruction or creative disruption?

Now is a perfect time to understand why companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon are fiercely trying to beat CSPs at their own game.

Survival of the fittest: Are you still plagued by CRM dinosaurs?

New research has established that the average salesperson experiences 20 lost sales each year because of problems associated with poor use of CRM systems.

Major Apple macOS security flaw detected

Okta researchers uncover vulnerability that could affect all macOS users.

Qualcomm says it won't quit data centre market

Qualcomm shifts data centre chip focus to large cloud computing companies.

Intel is launching its own GPUs for the data centre

Can the chipmaker compete against Nvidia and AMD in the GPU market?

China Tests Autonomous Smog-Busting Drone

As the air pollution situation in China worsens,


上市之前,阿里巴巴继续紧锣密鼓地跑马圈地。 今天下午,优酷土豆集团宣布,与阿里巴巴集团建立战略投资与合作伙伴关 […]

Whitepaper: Top 10 reasons federated deduplication is the right data protection strategy

With data stores doubling in size every 12 months and consistent increases in virtual server footprints, virtual machine density and throughput requirements, IT teams are understandably concerned.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Microsoft Kills Vendor Program That Offered To Pay People To Write About IE

Repeat after me: Don’t pay people to write about your thing. Repeat after me: Don’t offer to pay people to write about your thing. Repeat after me: People will write about your thing if they think that your thing is cool, or newsworthy, so build things that are cool, or newsworthy.

How a Solar Storm Two Years Ago Nearly Caused a Catastrophe On Earth

schwit1 writes: On July 23, 2012, the sun unleashed two massive clouds of plasma that barely missed a catastrophic encounter with the Earth's atmosphere. These plasma clouds, known as coronal mass ejections (CMEs), comprised a solar storm thought to be the most powerful in at least 150 years.


ZDNet 至顶网服务器频道 11 月 11 日编译  时至今日,软件技术的发展正呈现出不可阻扼的态势,随着软件定义系统所带来的广泛灵活性其影响范围涵盖了存储到网络的整个经济体系由此引发的颠覆性效果已经动摇了整 ... ...


B2B营销人员必须在整合数据以理解消费者方面取得较大进展,根据LinkedIn 和 Salesforce Marketing Cloud在2014年9月的调查,美国B2B企业高级营销人员中只有19%的人表示他们的企业完全整合消费者数据,还有同样多的人表示他们的企业完全没有整合数据;同时,62%的受访者表示部分整合消费者数据。

189城+20万用户 大数据透视中国房产市场

企鹅智库在全国189个城市同步展开“消费者住房需求”调查,共征集到20余万用户的问卷反馈。通过系统甄别,得到有 […]





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