Xbox One users given 60 days of AnimeLab Premium for free

Australian and New Zealand anime streaming service, AnimeLab, is offering new users the chance to experience their Premium subscription service for free for two months on their Xbox One console. AnimeLab is available to use for free however the Premium upgrade, which usually costs AU$6.97 a month,

Windows 10 news recap: Microsoft Store preparing for Windows Core OS apps, Feedback Hub gets changes

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Microsoft Store is reportedly getting ready to accept apps targeting Windows Core OS Microsoft is quietly working on a different operating system,

Microsoft news recap: 5th largest PC manufacturer, Office Insider apps re-opens sign-ups, and more

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Microsoft becomes the 5th biggest maker of PC hardware Microsoft, for the first time,

Microsoft releases an update to resolve audio issues on Windows 10

Yesterday we reported on users experiencing issues with audio playback after being sent a driver update over Windows Update for Intel Audio Controller, in which Microsoft commented and provided a guide on how users can uninstall the update. Now, Microsoft has gone ahead and released an actual fix.

Windows 10’s October 2018 update brings audio issues, Microsoft explains the cause

Microsoft’s latest major update for Windows 10 has been plagued with problem after problem, from deletion of files during the update process, to UWP apps not being able to access an internet connection, and the list goes on.

Microsoft heads to the arctic circle to bring STEM skills to girls in Lapland

co-hosted the recent Arctic Girlz in Tech event for some odd 50 girls between the ages of 15 and 16.

Microsoft sets October 24th for 1st qtr earnings release, gets some good news after a tough week in

If you follow the US stock market (and recently I do, a little bit too closely), you’ll know that this was a tough week for stocks, especially tech ones. Microsoft, before rebounding slightly today, took quite a hit for the week, dropping from an early high of 112.97 to a low of 105.46,

Tune it to the Windows Insider webcast this morning at 10:30AM PDT

The Windows Insider webcast is making a comeback this Friday, and you can tune in on the dedicated Mixer channel starting at 10:30AM PDT

Microsoft Rewards program now available in 21 countries worldwide

Microsoft Rewards is now available in 21 countries worldwide including Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Hong Kong, Japan and more.

Microsoft “accidently” forced upgrades on Windows 10 1703 machines set to block updates

Reports of an update that pushed devices from the build 1703 to 1709 began pouring in as users who were justifiably upset began taking to Twitter and forums

Here’s all the news from this weekend’s Inside Xbox episode

The very first episode of the monthly “Inside Xbox” webcast premiered without a hitch as Team Xbox talked about everything Xbox. Inside Xbox delved into Sea of Thieves, PUBG, Far Cry 5, and more in the inaugural episode. Just in case you missed it,

LivingSocial财报:2014年Q1 LivingSocial营收降至7,700万美元


谷歌宣布谷歌眼镜在美公开发售 售价1500美元

谷歌宣布谷歌眼镜在美公开发售 售价1500美元2014年05月14日 08:44 来源:凤凰科技 凤凰科技讯北京时间5月14日消息,据《华尔街日报》网络版报道,谷歌周二宣布,谷歌眼镜面向美国消费者公开发售,售价1500美元。



Watch this Lego RC Baja truck sling grass in true off-road fashion

I have learned that just about everything that Sariel makes is golden. His prowess in Technic builds is completely evident after just spending a few moments looking at all the great constructions that he's done over the years. Armed with SBrick,

SQL Server调优系列玩转篇(如何利用查询提示(Hint)引导语句运行) - 指尖流淌

前言前面几篇我们分析了关于SQL Server关于性能调优的一系列内容,我把它分为两个模块。

其实 VR 很简单,你换个壳就行

但是,要一直手持真的“大丈夫”?#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。 爱范儿 |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博

扎扎族福利 仙人球大头针帮你整理桌面

当强迫纠结症遇到洁癖该如何治理,下面这个东西可能会帮你药到病除,来自Nick Lerwill的创意,这款桌子上的木头仙人球,看起来有点怪异,但实际上他的确不是一个仙人球。而是一个仙人球造型的便签整理器。


【媒体报导】华为P9什么时候发布?对于自家的P系列,一直是华为官方在每年春季的一个重头戏,被粉丝期待了许久的华为P9发布会,已经确定4月6日在英国伦敦发布。此次华为P9被官方称作是和德国徕卡进行合作推出的第一 ... ...

lol幸运召唤师5月地址 lol5月幸运召唤师抽奖技巧及一折皮肤

lol幸运召唤师4月地址lol幸运召唤师5月地址 lol5月幸运召唤师抽奖技巧及一折皮肤 ,5月幸运召唤师今天开启,来看看lol幸运召唤师5月地址 lol5月幸运召唤师抽奖技巧及一折皮肤 。活动地址及步骤:1.打开网址:htt ... ...

Now you can avoid VidCon FOMO by livestreaming the convention

LOS ANGELES — Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) at VidCon may be a thing of the past.On Wednesday, VidCon and YouTube (the event's title sponsor) announced the conference's first ever livestream. 

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