Salon’s Monero mining project might be crazy like a fox

In the age of altcoins, at least one news site is taking a novel approach to making ends meet. Salon announced today that it would give readers a choice between turning off ad-blocking software or “allowing Salon to use your unused computing power” in order to access their content.

Web host Hostinger says data breach may affect 14 million customers

Hostinger said it has reset user passwords as a “precautionary measure” after it detected unauthorized access to a database containing information on millions of its customers. The breach is said to have happened on Thursday.

Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Red Sea Diving Resort’ awkwardly mixes fiction and reality

“The Red Sea Diving Resort,” a new film on Netflix, is based on the true story of Mossad agents who took over an abandoned holiday resort in Sudan to smuggle Jewish Ethiopian refugees out of the country. As we explain in the latest episode of the Original Content podcast,

The risks of amoral A.I.

Kyle Dent Contributor Kyle Dent is a Research Area Manager for PARC, a Xerox Company, focused on the interplay between people and technology. He also leads the ethics review committee at PARC. Artificial intelligence is now being used to make decisions about lives, livelihoods,

Crypto means cryptotheology

Cryptocurrencies are a religion as much as they are a technology. They almost have to be, given their adherents’ gargantuan ambition of fundamentally changing how the world works. This means they attract charlatans, lunatics, frauds, and false prophets,

Week in Review: Google rips out its sweet tooth

Hey. This is Week-in-Review, where I give a heavy amount of analysis and/or rambling thoughts on one story while scouring the rest of the hundreds of stories that emerged on TechCrunch this week to surface my favorites for your reading pleasure. Last week,

Uber tries to reassure customers that it takes safety seriously, following NYTimes book exerpt

It’s hard at times not to feel sorry for Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, given all that he inherited when he became the ride-share giant’s top boss back in April 2017. Among his many to-do items:

Y Combinator Demo Day, revenue-based VC funding, Pivotal, Dell, Tumblr, WeWork, and more

Editor’s note Due to bad travel logistics (thanks SFO), I wasn’t able to get the mid-week edition of the Extra Crunch roundup newsletter out. Sorry about that. Instead, here is everything we published this week on Extra Crunch in one fell swoop — and my, we covered a lot of ground.

SpareMin Headliner turns podcast clips into shareable videos

One of the great thing about podcasts is the opportunity to discuss things in-depth, without having to squeeze it all down into a 30- or 60-second sound bite. But that creates a subsequent challenge: What’s the best way to promote those longer conversations on social media?

Twitter’s Dorsey downplays acquisition possibilities, sees “strength to our independence”

If you’re a Twitter shareholder wondering if the company is about to get acquired, co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey doesn’t want you to get that impression. “There’s a lot of strength to our independence,” he said, at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday.

Time Warner will be fine even if the AT&T acquisition doesn’t go through

Time Warner will be fine even if the government blocks the bid from AT&T to buy the company. That’s the word from John Martin, the free-wheeling chief executive of Time Warner subsidiary, Turner Inc.,who was speaking at the Code Media conference in Huntington Beach. For the record,

Watch The Nymi Heartbeat Identification Wristband Personalize Its Wearer’s PC

Toronto-based hardware startup Bionym gave a special public demo of their Nymi ECG authentication and identification wristband at the monthly We Are Wearables event yesterday, and talked a bit about their product in more detail, now that it’s well on its way to production.

American Surveillance Victim Is Not Surprised The NSA Was Spying

Hooshang Amirahmadi feels like a celebrity.That’s what happens after Glenn Greenwald publishes your name, with consent of course, as one of five identified Muslim-Americans monitored by the National Security Agency and the FBI. Read More


虎嗅注:原淘宝旅行今日推出独立品牌“去啊”。不料,发布会上一句并不奇葩的表述,竟然引来了中国整个在线旅游圈的戏 […]




昨晚 vivo X5 Pro 发布后,朋友圈的同行们几乎都在晒那个“眼球识别”功能。通过扫描眼球静脉图案,用户可对手机内部分应进行加/解密操作,除此之外 vivo 并未提及“眼球识别”的更多用途。

Microsoft is moving from the Windows Phone Support Twitter page over to Lumia Help

Microsoft will be discontinuing its Windows Phone Support Twitter page in favor of its new Lumia Help twitter page. Event though Microsoft’s Windows Phones are increasing in marketshare in various international markets, the company has...

A visual history of James Bond: Every villain, woman, car and gadget

Share this story Share Tweet IllustratorBob Al-GreeneArt DirectorDustin Drankoski Read more...More about James Bond, Entertainment, and Film

This 13-Year Old Girl Hunts Bears

Kerigan Disorda wants to become a wildlife biologist when she grows up, in order to learn more about her favorite animal: the black bear. Follow along as she hunts one of those in Vermont.Read more...


创见干货: 一款连接了互联网的电冰箱有什么用处呢?有些人觉得不值一哂,认为这是商家搞出来的吸引人们眼球的噱头罢了。但其实,「互联网冰箱」真的有着买买买的理由!(图注:上图拍摄于 2014 年拉斯维加斯召开的 CES 大会,三星向大家展示了智能互联网电冰箱) 在 2000 年的时候,LG 就推出了一款数字智能电冰箱 Digital DIOS。它具备了视频通讯功能,你能在冰箱上给自己的家人留下简讯,从此在电冰箱市场上开辟出一个新的领域。 尽管这一类冰箱的销量都不怎么理想,但很多厂商并没有放弃努力。松下在 2010 年的时候展示了它的概念型冰箱,这款产品配备了分析功能,能够预知你的生活作息。



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