Extremely rich dude Tim Cook just doesn't understand the need for money

Money, who needs it?Not extremely rich dude and Apple CEO Tim Cook, apparently. Sure, Cook's estimated net worth is around $666 million, but, as he explained while waxing philosophic during Apple's annual shareholder meeting on Feb. 13, that doesn't mean he likes the stuff in its current form. 

Is that fancy smart gadget a privacy nightmare? A new guide has answers.

These days, even your teddy bear might be out to get you. As the inevitable creep of "smart" features and products continues to turn everything from your refrigerator to your thermostat into a connected device,

Facebook held back on Trump and Russia so Republicans wouldn't get angry

Community first, eh?A New York Times report published Wednesday is full of bombshells about how Facebook has handled (and mishandled) its last two years of turmoil. Amidst allegations of pettiness and tales of public relations coups,

Throw some cheese on your dog because the internet said so

Most internet challenges are bad, but Dog Cheese is good.Dog Cheese, since you asked, is a fun game where you throw a piece onto your dog and see what happens. There are very few rules: the cheese must land on the dog, certainly, but we understand that what occurs next is outside your control.

Mark Zuckerberg ordered staff to use Android phones after Apple CEO criticized company, report claim

Tech CEOs, beware: If you piss off Mark Zuckerberg, he might order his employees to stop using your company's products.The Facebook founder was reportedly so enraged by criticism from Apple CEO Tim Cook that he personally instructed executives to stop using iPhones in favor of Android devices.

Ford self-driving cars shift from pizza delivery to Walmart order pickup

Read more...{"player":{"description":"Robot cars bring your Walmart groceries to your door.","image":"https://i.amz.mshcdn.com/PH8M5amFSjXF_ucBIuVVGHTG3So=/https%3A%2F%2Fvdist.aws.mashable.com%2Fcms%2F2018%2F11%2F1b0fac24-26ef-6379%2Fthumb%2F00001.jpg","mediaid":"DLnVqK5X0k","preload":false,"title":

Save $20 when you spend $100 on select toys on Amazon (and it's not even Black Friday!)

It was a sad day in the world when Toys 'R' Us officially closed it's doors in the U.S. For all we know it could come back in one form or another someday, but it probably won't be the same and neither will Geoffrey. (Poor Geoffrey.)But if you're looking for a new one-stop toy shop,

Shop online, change the world: Shop For Good Sunday helps you find gifts that give back

Trivia time: Which is bigger?1. The amount of money the U.S. government spent on K-12 education in 2017or....2. The amount of money Americans spent on holiday shopping in 2017Prepare to let out a big, fat "yikes." In 2017, the U.S. budget for education was $69.4 billion. Meanwhile,

'Black Panther' has highest Rotten Tomatoes score of any live-action superhero movie

Excited for Black Panther? So are we. Which is why we're rolling out obsessive coverage with Black Panther Week.T'Challa reigns supreme over movie reviews, where Black Panther has the highest Rotten Tomatoes score of any live-action superhero movie. As for superhero movies in general?

Fall in love with this tasty mountain of shredded ice

'The Little Ones' dessert shop is a sweet cafe in New York City serving authentic Japanese treats. Kakigōri is a mound of shredded ice with fruit, other flavors, and treats inside. Their limited edition Valentine's Day special is pink and perfect for sharing! Even better, it's dairy free. 

What is Team OAR and why are they in the Olympics?

With the Olympics underway, there's already hot competition and more than a little confusion. Commentators keep mentioning Russian athletes, but weren't they banned? And who is this Team OAR that keeps cropping up and winning medals? What's the deal? SEE ALSO:

How to Handle Internet Indecision

There are 6,245 restaurants on Seamless in New York City. Sometimes deciding between a roast beef sandwich and a pepperoni pizza is an impossible choice. But this is not an isolated dilemma—the question of what to watch, what to eat,

【Maker Voice】一个百度系智能硬件创业者遇到的那些坑




SQLSERVER中如何快速比较两张表的不一样 - 桦仔


华硕短片暗示新 ZenFone 配备后置式音量按键

临近 CES 开幕,新一波手机推出潮又要开始。ASUS 则在 Facebook 上载一段耐人寻味的宣传短片,在极暗的画面里有着一台手机,当中闪过几个特写镜头。


無人機的用途愈來愈廣泛,除了網購送貨,還可以運鞋、送餐。現在更有外國公司打算發展無人機救護項目。它可取代救護車,將救護人員第一時間到達現場,方便第一時間將傷者送到醫院做進一步治療。The post 救急扶危!

A raging wildfire is threatening the iconic Glacier National Park

The West's wildfire woes have spread to one of America's most iconic, and endangered, national parks: Glacier National Park in Montana. The park is already considered extremely vulnerable to global warming,

本周最佳壁纸: iPhone 6s 专供的静态新壁纸

威锋网讯,或许你还对 iPhone 6s 上的动态壁纸-栩栩如生的金鱼印象深刻,很可惜的是,当前的 iPhone 即使更新到 iOS 9,也无法获取这些动态壁纸,动态壁纸必须要满足 2 个条件:iOS 9 和 iPhone 6s 的硬件支持。

将人类逼上绝路!人工智能 AlphaGo 在围棋上已经实现超越?

之前大家预测计算机能否赢一盘,现在大家预测人类能否赢一盘。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。爱范儿 |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博

We Still Barely Understand Anything About Pluto

On July 14th 2015, millions of two-legged mammals watched with bated breath as a piano-sized spacecraft of their own making pulled up to an icy rock three billion miles away. Through the eyes of New Horizons, we got our first good look at Pluto , and what we saw astonished us.

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