Mafia II and the 2006 Prey game are now backward compatible on the Xbox One

Two new Xbox 360 games are joining the Xbox One Backward Compatibility list today, the open world action game Mafia II and the 2006 FPS Prey.

Windows 10 news recap: Microsoft Store preparing for Windows Core OS apps, Feedback Hub gets changes

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Microsoft Store is reportedly getting ready to accept apps targeting Windows Core OS Microsoft is quietly working on a different operating system,

Microsoft news recap: 5th largest PC manufacturer, Office Insider apps re-opens sign-ups, and more

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Microsoft becomes the 5th biggest maker of PC hardware Microsoft, for the first time,

Microsoft releases an update to resolve audio issues on Windows 10

Yesterday we reported on users experiencing issues with audio playback after being sent a driver update over Windows Update for Intel Audio Controller, in which Microsoft commented and provided a guide on how users can uninstall the update. Now, Microsoft has gone ahead and released an actual fix.

Windows 10’s October 2018 update brings audio issues, Microsoft explains the cause

Microsoft’s latest major update for Windows 10 has been plagued with problem after problem, from deletion of files during the update process, to UWP apps not being able to access an internet connection, and the list goes on.

Microsoft heads to the arctic circle to bring STEM skills to girls in Lapland

co-hosted the recent Arctic Girlz in Tech event for some odd 50 girls between the ages of 15 and 16.

Microsoft sets October 24th for 1st qtr earnings release, gets some good news after a tough week in

If you follow the US stock market (and recently I do, a little bit too closely), you’ll know that this was a tough week for stocks, especially tech ones. Microsoft, before rebounding slightly today, took quite a hit for the week, dropping from an early high of 112.97 to a low of 105.46,

Tune it to the Windows Insider webcast this morning at 10:30AM PDT

The Windows Insider webcast is making a comeback this Friday, and you can tune in on the dedicated Mixer channel starting at 10:30AM PDT

Rare opens up about PC specs for upcoming Sea of Thieves release

The game studio detailed six different sets of specs for the PC version of Sea of Thieves, going from the “Cursed” 540p at 30FPS to the “Mythical” 4K at 60FPS.

Microsoft acquires Chalkup, plans to expand Teams

Microsoft today announced they have acquired the collaboration software startup, Chalkup. The acquisition is part of the company's plans continued investment to help save teachers time, build collaborative classrooms

Run Cortana on Android’s Microsoft Launcher in any country with this little trick

There is now a neat little trick which can help you enable Cortana on Android regardless of your country.

分享相機美麗照片的便利選擇, Eye-Fi Mobi 無線記憶卡動手玩

手機、平板結合行動網路盛行,現在社群網站、網路相簿,有大量的照片都是由手機、平板所拍攝,不過仍有不少消費者不滿足於手機相機拍攝的效果,但又覺得相機拍攝的照片無法及時上傳,除相機廠商開始在相機導入 WiFi 供手機連接外,無線記憶卡也是另一種選擇,其中最老字號的就是 Eye-Fi ,他們最近也針對手機推出 Mobi 卡,跳轉開始介紹。

UK opens roads to Google's robocar

Planned changes to the Highway Code look set to unleash Google's new driverless car, as the UK attempts to keep up with US regulations.Read more:

BI:2014年全球最佳智能手机 iPhone 6/Plus包揽冠亚军

Business Insider 网站评选出了全球最佳智能手机,这些排名根据各种不同的因素决定,包括设计、软件、硬件功能、内容选择、运营商支持和价格。


每年12月,科技专家会花几小时时间预测下一年行业的进化。每一年这些预测会在世界上最大的消费性电子产品展销会——消费电子产品展览会(CES)之前发 布。而针对我们的媒体-科技预测,我们计划先等到CES开始后再谈。


威智网2月2日消息,Snapdragon 810 64 位处理器是高通公司目前最新最强大的旗舰级移动系统芯片,而这款芯片将会搭载在微软即将到来的新一代 Lumia 旗舰设备上。

杭州第二家Apple Store将于本月底盛大开业

还记得春节前那一波零售店纷纷开业的狂潮吗,在经过一段时间的相对沉寂后,苹果在中国大陆的开店步伐依然在继续。今天根据威锋网从苹果官网了解,杭州的第二家AppleStore(万象城店)将会在4月24日星期五上午9点 ... ...

投资Sensewhere,腾讯正为室内 O2O 做准备

坐拥 6 亿活跃用户的腾讯,对技术的追求没有停止。刚刚它又投资了国外一家专攻室内 GPS 定位的技术公司,Sensewhere。

快递员感冒十天未愈坚持工作 突发心肌炎猝死

感冒十天未愈,还硬扛着工作,没想到竟突然倒地不起,被同事送到医院后也没能挽回快递员年轻的生命。今年 36 岁的小谢是黄陂人,两年前来到武昌区杨园街某快递公司当快递员,由于马上就是双十一购物节,小谢每天 ... ...

iPhone 5s对比iPhone 5se 苹果新品有哪些提升?

【媒体报导】传闻苹果今年会推出一款4英寸屏幕新手机几乎所有的消息都指向了今年春季新品发布会。从供应链、分析机构、内部人士等多方面爆料来看,苹果这款新手机将会命名为iPhone 5se,可以是作为iPhone 5s的升级版 ... ...



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