Fitbit buys Twine Health in bid to become a more serious health care tool

Fitbit’s been on a bit of a acquisition spree over the last couple of years, as the company’s looked to grow its business inside the stagnating wearables category. This morning, the hardware maker announced plans to pick up Twine Health, a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based health management platform.

Bowery, an indoor farming startup, raises $90 million more, including to counter a SoftBank-funded r

When in July of last year, Softbank’s Vision Fund led a whopping $200 million round in the Silicon Valley startup Plenty, investors behind a competing indoor farming startup across the country, New York-based Bowery, were left reeling.  Just one month earlier,

Changing consumer behavior is the key to unlocking billion dollar businesses

In the summer of 2012, I had just learned of a new service where a driver would pick you up in their own car, not a taxi or licensed town car. You’d be able to recognize the car by the pink mustache strapped to the front. I quickly downloaded the new app called Lyft and, […]

Fortnite developer Epic Games to release SDK for cross-platform profiles

Epic Games unveiled plans for a new developer framework for online services. This framework will let other game developers add cross-platform support into their games. The SDK will be free and roll out in multiple parts over 2019.

Senators aim to give internet companies doctor-like duties to protect our data

Consumers are increasingly entrusting online services with all kinds of personal data — but that trust has been repeatedly abused or taken for granted. If a doctor or a lawyer did that, they’d be kicked to the curb, because they have a legally defined duty to protect privileged data.

Farfetch bets on sneakers with $250M Stadium Goods acquisition

Luxury fashion marketplace Farfetch will tap into the sneaker resale economy with its latest transaction.

Oracle is suing the U.S. government over $10B Pentagon JEDI cloud contract process

Oracle filed suit in federal court last week alleging yet again that the decade-long $10 billion Pentagon JEDI contract with its single-vendor award is unfair and illegal. The complaint, which has been sealed at Oracle’s request, is available in the public record with redactions.

Confirmed VPN wants to bring transparency to the VPN industry

The VPN industry sucks. Dozens of companies promise you the impossible dream of perfect privacy. But it’s simply a big lie. A company called Confirmed VPN wants to change that by holding VPN companies accountable. WTF is a VPN?

Facebook pushes for more personal updates with launch of new Lists feature

Facebook’s status update box is getting a new feature called Lists, which begins rolling out today. This is the first major update to the entry field since the launch of colored backgrounds just over a year ago, and also serves as a way to encourage Facebook users to share more personal content.

Amazon greenlights the fifth season of Bosch

Amazon Prime Video’s longest running hour-long original series is back for yet another season.The company has greenlit Season 5 of Bosch, the Emmy-nominated series based on Michael Connelly’s detective/crime fiction novels.

Uber launches a new lower-priced service called Chap Chap in Nairobi

Uber has launched a new, lower-cost service in Nairobi called Uber Chap Chap. Made possible by using a fleet of fuel-efficient budget sedans, Uber Chap Chap (Swahili slang for “hurry, hurry”) is currently available in several areas of the Kenyan capital, including its central business district.


苹果 Mac OS 桌面软件经过多年来不断推陈出新,它的外观和感觉已经和最初大有不同,但它的经典图标在今天看来却依然不落俗套。  


Facebook Wins FTC Approval for Oculus VR Acquisition

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has given Facebook the go-ahead to acquire Oculus VR, the agency said on WednesdayFacebook announced on March 25 that it had entered into an agreement to acquire Oculus, a virtual reality startup, for $2 billion in cash and stock.

全球最大太陽能發電廠每年殺死近 28,000 雀鳥


低配版HTC Desire 820亮相:1G内存+1.2GHz主频四核处理器

据此前报道HTC将于近期推出低配版Desire 820。今天根据工信部最新公布的数据低配版正式亮相,该机型号为“HTC D820mu”,支持TD-LTE/LTE FDD/TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/GSM制式,应该是一款联通4G版手机,支持双卡双待,运行Android 4.4.4操作系统。

電池出問題!Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 爆炸彈開差點擊中女學生

我們經常都會聽到因為電池過熱而令手機發生爆炸的事件,而近日又有類似的情況發生。日前一名加拿大學生的 Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 莫名其妙地發生爆炸,並一分為二彈開起火,幸好並沒有造成人命傷亡。


为了鼓励更多网站实现有效的HTTPS加密,Chromium开发团队在网站上公布了一份计划,准备将HTTP标记为不安全。Chromium是Chrome浏览器的开源版本。根据这份计划,Google Chrome安全团队表示他们的意图是让Web上的数据传输变得更安全。


昨天下午17点,工信部向中国电信和中国联通正式发放LTE FDD运营牌照。加上此前早已发放的中国移动LTE TD牌照,至此,4G网络正式全面开放。  

传 Apple Pay 四月进入中国:15 日宣布,28 日开通

二月中旬 MacX 曾经报道,Apple Pay 入华产生众多变数,和银联谈判陷入僵局。

Google 推出 Data Saver 擴充 節省流動數據變相慳錢

Android 和 iOS 版本的 Chrome 瀏覽器一早已經配備了 Data Saver 功能,這個可以為用戶節省數據用量的功能日前正式登陸電腦版 Chrome,不過 Google 並非將功能像手機 App 般內置,而是通過擴充工具形式推出。

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