Aereo Loses: Supreme Court Finds for Broadcasters in Streaming Television Case

Aereo, the startup that threatened to upend traditional television broadcasting by capturing over-the-air TV signals and streaming them on the Internet,

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Aereo Loses: Supreme Court Finds for Broadcasters in Streaming Television Case

Aereo, the startup that threatened to upend traditional television broadcasting by capturing over-the-air TV signals and streaming them on the Internet,

Aereo Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Aereo, the streaming TV service that let users watch near-live TV on any internet-connected device, has today announced that the company is filing for Chapter 11 reorganization in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York. The company has appointed Lawton Bloom, from Argus,

Is Aereo the New Betamax? The Supreme Court Weighs the Future of TV

Today the Supreme Court will hear arguments in American Broadcasting Companies v. Aereo. It is a case which reportedly has entertainment industry executives wearing out their Xanax prescriptions, as they contemplate the destruction of the entire economic foundation of the television industry.

Aereo Shutters Its TV Streaming Service… For Now

In less than an hour the streaming TV service Aereo will “pause” its operations. In an email sent at 9 AM Eastern Saturday, Chet Kanojia informed customers that because of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling earlier this week , the company would temporarily halt its operations at 11:

Aereo Says That SCOTUS Ruling “Sends A Chilling Message To The Tech Industry”

Aereo has issued a formal response to the decision passed down today by the Supreme Court, ruling that Aereo is illegal because the service is considered a public performance under the Copyright Act. In the response, Aereo calls this decision a “massive setback for the American consumer.

Copyright Office Deems Aereo Not A Cable Company

More bad news for Aereo.US copyright officials do not consider Aereo a cable company under the terms of copyright law, CNBC is reporting. Read More

Aereo Says A Win For Broadcasters Would Have “Chilling” Consequences To Cloud Computing

Aereo has today filed its response brief with the Supreme Court in a case that will make or break the streaming TV startup. So far, we're in the preliminary stages of this particular case, with the broadcasters filing their initial briefing in March,

Broadcast Stocks Trade Higher In Wake Of Aereo Ruling

This morning the United States Supreme Court ruled against Aereo, a startup that employed myriad, tiny antennas to bring broadcast television to consumers digitally, saying that it operates in violation of the Copyright Act. The startup,

Life After Aereo: TV Startups Continue With Little Worry

The Supreme Court's Aereo decision didn't kill the online TV business, or even add a chilling effect. If anything, it's business-as-usual for these busy startups.Numerous companies that spoke with Mashable each said the ruling on Aereo, in particular its relatively narrow language,

Aereo's sad bankruptcy auction brings in less than $2 million

Streaming television startup Aereo has been sold off for parts in a bankruptcy auction, with TiVo getting control of the company's trademark and customer listIn total, the auction netted less than $2 million, according to Aereo. The company had been funded to the tune of almost $100 million.

Why the Apple Fifth Avenue cube is more than just an interior design revamp

To most everybody, iconic Apple's Fifth Avenue store is just a store — a physical retail space to sell shiny new iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and more.Its grand reopening on Sept. 20 — timed with the launch of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro — at 8 a.m. ET is nothing to get excited about.It's a store,

Faraday Future's new CEO promises FF91 production next year

They're not dead yet!Faraday Future, the embattled electric car company that could, has a new CEO and fresh promises about when to expect its long anticipated first vehicle, the FF91.At a media summit held at Faraday Future's headquarters in Gardena, CA on Thursday,

ASUS VivoBook laptops are only $259 at Walmart — and have free shipping

TL;DR: Get performance on the go with a compact ASUS VivoBook that doesn't skimp on the details. Get it now at Walmart for only $259 — normally $399, that's a stunning 35% off. Laptops have come a long way in a short time in terms of providing stellar graphics and high-octane computing power.

Day before climate walkout, Amazon says it's buying 100,000 electric delivery trucks

The day before employees plan to walk out over climate change, Amazon announced a new "Climate Pledge" — which includes buying 100,000 electric vans from Rivian. Not only could the move help gloss over the company's poor climate change record, it could be very profitable.

Twitter now allows U.S. users to hide replies to their tweets

Twitter is finally rolling out a major new feature it teased earlier this year.The microblogging platform announced Thursday that U.S. users will now be able to hide replies to their tweets. Twitter previously tested the feature in Canada. Twitter users in the U.S.

This AI chessboard may checkmate you in under 5 moves

By simply purchasing the chessboard and downloading the app, you can play with people around the world or the algorithm itself! Read more...More about Tech, Games, Mashable Video, Artificial Intelligence, and Chess

Amazon’s Alexa will allow users to donate to presidential candidates

The feature is planned to be released soon, with the option only available to U.S. presidential candidates upon release. Read more...More about Tech, Politics, Amazon, Mashable Video, and Alexa

Diane Sawyer Steps Down From 'ABC World News'

ABC News has announced that Diane Sawyer will step down as the lead anchor of ABC World News, the network's flagship evening news program.Sawyer, 68, will be replaced by David Muir, who will also become managing editor of the program, starting on Sept. 2. George Stephanopoulos,

Marissa Mayer Apologizes for Being Late to Cannes Meeting

Marissa explained it all.In an exclusive interview with Bloomberg, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said she didn't mean to slight ad execs who she left waiting for two hours during the Cannes Lions ad festival last week. “I think the dinner is unfortunate how much attention it’s gotten. I was late.

Barnes & Noble Will Split Into Two Companies

Barnes & Noble is about to start a new chapter.The bookstore chain announced Wednesday that its board has approved a plan to split into two separate public companies: one for Barnes & Noble's retail operations and another for its Nook efforts.

Are You or Is Someone You Love Still Using Windows XP?

In just a few short hours, Microsoft will be halting any and all support for its fervently-clung-to Windows XP operating system. Which—as far as we can tell—is going to leave quite a few people vulnerable to the internet's many ills. Read more...

How HP supports cloud IT management

This HP whitepaper explains how companies can benefit from improved cloud IT management to enable them to thrive from the business benefits the cloud offers. Read more:

A Shape-Shifting Colander You Can Get Excited About

Ten years ago, London-based designer Ran Merkazy starting an unusual project. He started designing a better colander. Inspired by geometry and origami, Merkazy eventually came up with a folding, hanging, pouring, steaming, straining device that your kitchen needs.Read more...


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美个性拼车服务 Sidecar 获 1500 万美元融资

Sidecar 与 Uber 的不同之处在于,它允许司机自行设定搭车价格,而顾客也会预先得知每辆车的价格,从而根据车辆、司机、附加服务等多种因素自由选择想搭的车。

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车辆指示灯谁没见过?不过相信很多人啊,都会有这么一个阶段:开着车突然看见某个灯亮了,哎呀我去!咋回事儿!咋回事儿!是不是我的车出什么问题了?!怎么办?怎么办?其实仪表盘上所分布的提示灯并非都是指故障灯 ... ...



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