Turn your yucky tap water into delicious mineral water

If you're one of those people that insists water has a taste and are picky about it, Mitte might be the solution to your nasty tap water problems. It's a home water system that purifies and mineralizes tap water, making it healthier and tastier to drink. Read more...More about Tech, Home, Water,

Is that fancy smart gadget a privacy nightmare? A new guide has answers.

These days, even your teddy bear might be out to get you. As the inevitable creep of "smart" features and products continues to turn everything from your refrigerator to your thermostat into a connected device,

Facebook held back on Trump and Russia so Republicans wouldn't get angry

Community first, eh?A New York Times report published Wednesday is full of bombshells about how Facebook has handled (and mishandled) its last two years of turmoil. Amidst allegations of pettiness and tales of public relations coups,

Throw some cheese on your dog because the internet said so

Most internet challenges are bad, but Dog Cheese is good.Dog Cheese, since you asked, is a fun game where you throw a piece onto your dog and see what happens. There are very few rules: the cheese must land on the dog, certainly, but we understand that what occurs next is outside your control.

Mark Zuckerberg ordered staff to use Android phones after Apple CEO criticized company, report claim

Tech CEOs, beware: If you piss off Mark Zuckerberg, he might order his employees to stop using your company's products.The Facebook founder was reportedly so enraged by criticism from Apple CEO Tim Cook that he personally instructed executives to stop using iPhones in favor of Android devices.

Ford self-driving cars shift from pizza delivery to Walmart order pickup

Read more...{"player":{"description":"Robot cars bring your Walmart groceries to your door.","image":"https://i.amz.mshcdn.com/PH8M5amFSjXF_ucBIuVVGHTG3So=/https%3A%2F%2Fvdist.aws.mashable.com%2Fcms%2F2018%2F11%2F1b0fac24-26ef-6379%2Fthumb%2F00001.jpg","mediaid":"DLnVqK5X0k","preload":false,"title":

Save $20 when you spend $100 on select toys on Amazon (and it's not even Black Friday!)

It was a sad day in the world when Toys 'R' Us officially closed it's doors in the U.S. For all we know it could come back in one form or another someday, but it probably won't be the same and neither will Geoffrey. (Poor Geoffrey.)But if you're looking for a new one-stop toy shop,

Shop online, change the world: Shop For Good Sunday helps you find gifts that give back

Trivia time: Which is bigger?1. The amount of money the U.S. government spent on K-12 education in 2017or....2. The amount of money Americans spent on holiday shopping in 2017Prepare to let out a big, fat "yikes." In 2017, the U.S. budget for education was $69.4 billion. Meanwhile,

YouTubers from this country are killing it, thanks to the rest of the world

It's no surprise that having a popular YouTube channel can be lucrative — but just how much has always been a source of curiosity.The video platform has released a report detailing how much creators earn on the site, with more than 100 Australian channels earning over A$100,000 (US$76,

Think Facebook is the only company watching you? Think again.

Napster founder and Facebook investor Sean Parker recently shared how Facebook optimizes its user experience around certain psychological vulnerabilities.Now, I want to brighten the mood and tell you that everyone is capable of using your information to tweak how you engage with their app.SEE ALSO:

NASA took the 1st, astonishing aerial photos of the giant new Antarctic iceberg

Each Antarctic spring and summer, NASA flies special aircraft over the continent to keep tabs on how global warming is altering the landscape. The agency does the same in the Arctic each summer, for a project known as Operation IceBridge. Just a few days ago,

HP forced to recall 6m laptop cords after reports of burns and property damage: Customers advised to

Following 29 reports of the cords overheating and melting, around 5.6 million are being recalled from the US and a further 446,000 from Canada. Read more: http://www.itproportal.


新加坡、安特卫普产能扩张将提高特种流体供应量,以满足日益增长的需求 新增产能将于2015年中期投产 配制适用于多种消费类应用的特种流体,提供卓越性能   休斯敦--(美国商业资讯)--埃克森美孚化工公司(ExxonMobil Chemical)将通过其新加坡和安特卫普工厂的产能扩张项目,使其高性能烃类流体增产10%左右。

50 ways that Superman could beat Batman in a fight

Batman may be infinitely cooler than Superman but let's not kid around here, a Batman vs Superman fight isn't even a contest. Pound for pound, power for power, Superman would destroy Batman. So instead of making a full Batman vs Superman movie,



Instagram 终于开始放视频广告了,我们应该开心还是失望

念叨了快一年,Instagram 才真正开始放出视频广告。我们到底应该为 Timeline 里即将出现视频广告而难过,还是应该为终于能见到官方精选的视频为好友满是噪点的随手拍作范本而开心?  继在 Timeline 中插入赞助 ... ...




香港2015年3月5日电 /美通社/ -- 完成重大收购及再融资,成就意义重大的一年 每基金单位分派总额按年上升9.0%,可观分派收益率达6.




@黄Michael 回答得很详细,举了很多非常有代表性的案例。我这里就这些案例作简要的补充,也说说如何处理的问题。这两个案例中都出现了孩子装病装出真病了。我接触到的案例也有很多类似的情况。

Snapchat update puts news before stories from your friends

Snapchat just made its news content a lot more difficult to ignore.In the update, which rolled out to the iOS app on Monday, the company redesigned the stories section of its app to emphasize content from its media partners.See also: Snapchat's big change:

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