Turn your yucky tap water into delicious mineral water

If you're one of those people that insists water has a taste and are picky about it, Mitte might be the solution to your nasty tap water problems. It's a home water system that purifies and mineralizes tap water, making it healthier and tastier to drink. Read more...More about Tech, Home, Water,

'You're The Worst' Season 5 invites you to hurtle toward destruction

It may be entering its final season, but there's never been a better time to catch up on You're The Worst. FXX's caustic comedy about has always stood separate from its exhausted genre. If TV shows about friends muddling through early adulthood gathered at a party,

8 of the best soundbars for your TV and home theater

As great as TVs are today, the audio leaves a lot to be desired. Most speakers are built into the back or bottom of a flatscreen, which aren't ideal locations for quality audio.That's why you need to invest in a soundbar.Besides delivering generally better audio,

Netflix's Fyre Festival documentary is even more disturbing than we had imagined

"Desperate people do desperate things."Whether you witnessed that flood of orange tiles on Instagram or saw the toast and cheese pic that lit up Twitter, most social media users remember the infamous fail that was the 2017 Fyre Festival. Netflix's new documentary, Fyre:

Blame a wobbly polar vortex for why you're so damn cold

It's coming.The polar vortex — a spinning mass of winter-chilled Arctic air — has become wobbly and weak. It's expected to slosh down and blanket a considerable part of the East Coast and Midwest with frigid polar air beginning this weekend, bringing sub zero temperatures to some Midwestern places.

6 of the best gaming laptops that cost less than $1,000

My first gaming laptop cost $1,500 ten years ago, and that was considered affordable. It wasn't a top-of-the-line model, but it wasn't a slouch either, sporting one of the better mid-tier graphics cards and a reliable processor/RAM combination.  But my, how things have changed.Today,

4 apps to help your Mac run better

"To be, or not to be?" Sorry, Hamlet — that's not the question anymore. In this digital day and age, it's more like, "Why doesn't Apple offer better solutions for cloud storage, data synchronization, and video downloading on Macs?" The solution to that pressing issue, dear reader,

Ryan Reynolds' birthday message to Betty White is as wonderful as you'd expect

On Thursday, actor/comedian Betty White celebrated her 97th birthday.White is nothing short of a legend in the industry, and as a result she had no shortage of messages from fans.SEE ALSO:

YouTubers from this country are killing it, thanks to the rest of the world

It's no surprise that having a popular YouTube channel can be lucrative — but just how much has always been a source of curiosity.The video platform has released a report detailing how much creators earn on the site, with more than 100 Australian channels earning over A$100,000 (US$76,

Think Facebook is the only company watching you? Think again.

Napster founder and Facebook investor Sean Parker recently shared how Facebook optimizes its user experience around certain psychological vulnerabilities.Now, I want to brighten the mood and tell you that everyone is capable of using your information to tweak how you engage with their app.SEE ALSO:

NASA took the 1st, astonishing aerial photos of the giant new Antarctic iceberg

Each Antarctic spring and summer, NASA flies special aircraft over the continent to keep tabs on how global warming is altering the landscape. The agency does the same in the Arctic each summer, for a project known as Operation IceBridge. Just a few days ago,

IRS Declares Bitcoin Is Property and Must Be Taxed As Such

With April 15 looming, plenty of bitcoin barons have been wondering how to treat their newfound crypto-fortunes. Does it count as capital gains? Is it taxed like a currency? Is it taxed at all? Well, on Tuesday,

Lumia 730相机拍照样张及视频录制片段展示

今年9月初,微软移动同时发布了两款全新的WP8.1 GDR1手机:Lumia 830和Lumia 730。其中,主打自拍特色的Lumia 730令人期待,外媒NPU日前分享了这款全新拍照手机的前/后置镜头拍照图片以及简单的视频测试。  


广州2014年10月28日电 /美通社/ -- 以创新和制造惊喜为其发展动力的“欧洲胡同”买手店,携手其代理的数十个国际“隐形冠军”品牌,每年都会推出数百计的新、奇、特、优、酷的高品位男士精品。

The USAF Thunderbirds in a perfect formation

If this hadn't been published by the US Air Force, I would think it's a fake and those F-16s from their Thunderbird exhibition team weren't real but cloned and perfectly aligned in Photoshop to form a delta formation.




什么是马术心理疗法?马术心理疗法(Equine-assisted Psychotherapy)是近年来西方兴起的一种关系导向的体验式动物辅助疗法,并作为一种新兴前沿疗法在西方逐渐受到广泛的重视。

Windows Store latest update comes with settings and visual improvements

Microsoft has pushed out an update to the Windows Store jumping from version 8.12.1 to 8.25.1. This update adds a few interesting features and enhancements. First thing customers will likely notice is the updated...


自拍棒已經是年輕人出門旅遊必備的基本配備,長長的棒子在自拍時有可能會因為沒注意,所以打到路人的事件也滿常發生的,所以很多像是迪士尼那類的地方都禁止攜帶入園,但是腳架就不在被禁止的侷限內,日本網站最近推出了很棒的拍照小物 “寶特瓶自拍棒裝置”,只要將裝置安裝在裝了液體的寶特瓶上,就能無處不拍照了!

Shell Concedes That Drilling Off the Alaskan Coast Is a Really Bad, Really Expensive Idea

After spending $7 billion drilling for oil and gas in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska, oil giant Shell announced today it will cease all drilling due to “a clearly disappointing exploration outcome.” This means there might be zero drilling off Alaska’s Arctic coast in the near future.Read more...

Fires in Indonesia are Emitting More Carbon Than All Americans Combined

The United States may be the second largest carbon emitter on the planet, but it’s got a new rival: Forest fires. Indonesia is in the midst of a devastating fire season, one that’s kicking up more greenhouse gases than the entire US economy.Read more...

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