'Final Fantasy VII Remake' is a solid lesson in how to update a genre-defining classic

I have not played Final Fantasy VII.Up until recently, all I knew of the 1997 PlayStation game was that there’s a spikey-haired man named Cloud who carries a comically oversized sword and fights Sephiroth, a “one-winged angel” who loves leather and hates hair ties. Accompanying Cloud is Tifa,

The 9 best (and weirdest) Quibi series to catch on the service's launch day

My streaming brethren, the Quibissance is upon us! After months of unbelievable press releases and baffling marketing maneuvers, Quibi — the "quick bites" streaming service optimized for mobile content — has launched. Starting today,

John Oliver's deep dive into One America News Network is scary, scary stuff

If someone were to mention a right-wing, American news organisation that occasionally dabbles in coronavirus misinformation, your first thought might well be Fox News.But apparently, there's one growing outlet that's even more extreme.Introducing One America News Network (OAN),

Politician has BBC Dad moment in live TV interview and it's truly a sign of the times

It's a sign of the times we're living in. Whether it's your child toddling into the background of your video call, or your semi-clothed roommate sauntering through a Zoom meeting, BBC Dad moments are a dime-a-dozen while many of us are staying home.We are, of course,

Eliminate gross smells around your home with this portable air cleaner

TL;DR: Let the spring cleaning begin with this portable rechargeable ozone generator for $24.99, a 24% savings as of April 6.Whether you have a closet that smells weird for some unknown reason, an old fridge that could really use a cleaning,

Get lifetime access to this social media manager, on sale for 91% off

TL;DR: Get a lifetime subscription to the Socialii Social Media Manager pro plan for $49.99, a 91% savings as of April 6.Even if you've been suddenly blessed (or burdened) with more free time these days, managing your social media presence is difficult.

Upgrade your Netflix setup with this wallet-friendly projector

TL;DR: Snag the Prima 1080p HD Pocket Projector for $279.99, a 64% savings as of April 6.If you've been hunched over your laptop for the past few weeks watching every Netflix original, you're probably starting to feel it in your shoulders, neck, and back. Now that you're confined to your home,

Learn how to build a freelance empire with these online courses

TL;DR: Learn how to profit off your freelance career with the Become A Solopreneur Expert Bundle for $39, a 97% savings as of April 6.Pivoting from traditional employment to freelancing is not as easy as people make it out to be.

Apple is donating 20 million masks and producing face shields to help fight coronavirus

Apple has sourced 20 million masks through its supply chain in an effort to help healthcare professionals around the world fight the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced in a video posted on Twitter on Sunday. "This is a truly global effort,

India’s Swiggy raises $43M to expand to new businesses

Indian food delivery startup Swiggy said on Monday it had secured an additional $43 million as it looks to expand to new businesses. Ark Impact, Korea Investment Partners, Samsung Ventures and Mirae Asset Capital Markets provided the capital,

WHO Africa hosts hackathons, offers seed funds to fight COVID-19

The World Health Organization in Africa is holding virtual hackathons and offering up to $20,000 in seed-funds to finalists with digital solutions to stem COVID-19. The regional office of the UN agency completed its first challenge earlier this month and will host a second,

Kuwaiti investment company commits up to $100 million to Startup Battlefield alum Pure Harvest

Pure Harvest Smart Farms, a startup developing technology-enhanced greenhouses for agricultural developments across the Middle East, has received a commitment of up to $100 million from Wafra, Kuwait’s national investment company.

Open banking fintech Yapily raises $13M Series A

Yapily, one of a number of fintech startups that offer an opening banking API to let enterprises, such as financial service providers and merchants, connect to banks, has raised $13 million in Series A funding. Leading the round is Lakestar, which is also a backer of fintech unicorn Revolut.

Quibi launches its mobile streaming service in the middle of the quarantine era

Quibi, the much-hyped mobile app promising to deliver “quick bites” of video entertainment, is finally here. The company has been in the headlines for more than two years,


直播电商,你除了可以获得心灵上的自我安慰以外,还可以通过支付一般等价物获得相应的商品,这个时候,下意识你会觉得 […]


笔者对美图产品的产品经理面试题进行拆解,阐释了拿到题目之后的思考方向,分享给大家~~ 美图产品/运营一道面试题 […]

Quibi's tech lives up to the hype. The shows? That's up to you.

If you have an unquenchable thirst for streamed content and a few bucks to spare each month, Quibi would like a moment of your time.An actual moment, in this case. The short-form video app is launching Monday in the U.S.

John Krasinski, Lin-Manuel Miranda surprise a 'Hamilton' superfan with a special full-cast performan

John Krasinski's YouTube show Some Good News is only in its second week, but has just pulled off one of the most heartwarming Zoombombings of the coronavirus era (not that hard, considering some of the shockers we've already seen).Aubrey, a 9-year-old Hamilton megafan,


电商可不止C2C、B2C、B2B这几种,本文作者对常见的10种比较成熟的电商模式进行了梳理盘点,并介绍了相应的 […]


当微博播放完一个短视频后,会自动跳转到下一个推荐视频。而抖音播放完当前视频后,会继续循环播放。是什么导致了它们 […]


医美行业是发展增速快、市场规模与前景巨大的一个领域,不过医美行业中同样存在着营销费用被浪费,做不到高效营销等情 […]


无论是从商机角度还是老年人的需求,养老都已经成为资本竞相追逐的新“风口”。 中国社会科学院的研究报告指出,到2 […]


当现代技术能够随时随地让消费者尝到那一口“鲜”之后,问题也随之而来,尤其是海鲜产品,人们不仅要求“鲜”,更要求 […]


罗永浩的直播带货首秀虽然从营销效果上看绝对是硕果累累,但是整个直播过程堪称是车祸“史诗级”现场。那么,现场到底 […]


2020年的疫情催熟了直播行业,各大直播平台不断推陈出新,想要趁着发展的浪潮占据自己的一席之地。本文将从直播行 […]

Apple has sourced over 20 million protective masks, now building and shipping face shields

As it mobilizes its supply chain, employees, and partners to provide personal protective equipment to medical workers and others working to stop the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, Apple has sourced over 20 million face masks and is now building and shipping face shields,

Tesla shows how it’s building ventilators with car parts

Tesla is among a group of automakers retooling facilities to build ventilators for the COVID-19 crisis. In the following video, the company provides a behind-the-scene look at its ventilator design process. Like Ford and General Motors,

Internet of Elephants launches Wildeverse, an AR game about endangered animals and conservation

On Friday, the Kenyan augmented reality game developer Internet of Elephants launched its latest game in partnership with the conservation science experts from the Borneo Nature Foundation, Goualougo Triangle Ape Foundation, Zoo Atlanta and Chester Zoo. The new game, called “Wildeverse”,

GrubHub/Seamless’s pandemic initiatives are predatory and exploitative, and it’s time to stop using

Times are exceptionally hard, especially for local restaurants, which were always in a precarious business even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. But when times are hard, people pull together, right?

Queen Elizabeth II delivers very British social distancing solidarity speech

The Queen has spoken.Queen Elizabeth II took decidedly rare action Sunday, delivering a televised speech to the United Kingdom and British Commonwealth.

The need for online privacy is finally resonating with video chat

The public's generally blasé attitude towards online privacy finally seems to have met its match — in video chatting. On Friday, New York City banned its schools from using Zoom after determining the platform wasn't private and secure enough. Like organizations and individuals around the world,

Tech for good during COVID-19: Texts for frontline workers, a crisis prevention hotline and more

What do a heating filter company, a robotics startup and an architecture startup have in common? Usually, nothing. But right now, as COVID-19 sweeps the world and jeopardizes the lives of millions, companies are shifting operations to make N95 masks and ventilators for healthcare workers.

New York City bans Zoom in schools, citing security concerns

As schools lie empty, students still have to learn. But officials in New York City say schools are not permitted to use Zoom for remote teaching, citing security concerns with the video conferencing service. “Providing a safe and secure remote learning experience for our students is essential,

Skype reminds everyone it still exists with Zoom-like video chat option

In the aughts and early 2010s, Skype dominated the world of video calling. But amid the recent boom in FaceTimes, HouseParties, and Zooms thanks to coronavirus-necessitated social distancing, it's been nowhere.On Friday, Skype kindly reminded the world of its existence with a tweet.

Striking street art around the world reflects coronavirus impact

As the coronavirus drastically alters our day-to-day, at least for the time being, many have observed that life on Earth will never be the same. The impact of the virus and social distancing measures is apparent worldwide, and street artists are reflecting this new reality with their work.

R&D Roundup: Ultrasound/AI medical imaging, assistive exoskeletons and neural weather modeling

In the time of COVID-19, much of what transpires from the science world to the general public relates to the virus, and understandably so. But other domains, even within medical research, are still active — and as usual,

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